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CPNE urges Punjab govt to play role in resolving financial crisis of media industry. Mar 3, 2021 351
CPNE urges govt to consult stakeholders before formulating new press laws. Mar 2, 2021 308
Roadmap out of virus lockdown is welcomed by MPs; Prime Minister Boris Johnson described his roadmap for the lifting of lockdown measures across England as 'a one-way road to freedom'. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark got the reaction to the plan from Devon's MPs and council officials. Daniel Clark Feb 25, 2021 1751
Journalists must also be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines Go. Feb 17, 2021 534
Senate 'horse-trading' scandal: Committee to call journalist who released video. Feb 15, 2021 371
Reps To Debate Bill To Protect Journalists Against Non-Payment Of Salaries. Feb 10, 2021 423
Atwoli warns journalists off people's wives. Feb 9, 2021 193
Sobejana faces first task as new AFP Chief and it's about red-tagging. Feb 5, 2021 688
SNJT condemns repeated attacks against journalists in Parliament. Feb 4, 2021 155
Anambra 2021: Brown Envelope Journalists Have Been Conscripted To Cause Confusion, Rancour- Odili. Jan 31, 2021 908
National Party Congress will guarantee present and future of Viet Nam: Cuban journalist. Jan 24, 2021 569
Everyone is a 'House' reporter now. Jan 18, 2021 2079
Dissident politician and journalist severely beaten in Ankara. Arab News Jan 15, 2021 623
Ghana: West African Parliamentary journalists call for sanction. Jan 15, 2021 471
PPP urges substantive legislation for journalists' protection. Jan 10, 2021 350
Senate asks govt to ensure journalists' safety. Khwaja Basir Fitri Jan 3, 2021 288
Foreign officials persecuting journalists barred from US. Dec 29, 2020 367
Lorenzana slams leftist solons for assailing judge who ordered arrests of activists, journalist. Dec 18, 2020 397
Routine but important recognition Memorial to fallen journalists would recognize role of free press in a free society. Dec 10, 2020 457
Senate President, APC Governors, Ministers, Others To Discuss Internal Contestation At Journalists' Conference. Conference news Dec 9, 2020 374
Media groups denounce red-tagging of journalists. Dec 3, 2020 412
Life and times of former journalist and MP Mustafa Idd. Nov 25, 2020 542
Scottish independence: Claim that Prince Andrew told newspaper editor Queen would 'intervene' in vote; Fresh concerns have been raised about the Queen's involvement in political affairs, following new suggestions that she was part of an orchestrated campaign to discourage Scots from voting for independence in 2014. Craig Paton Nov 22, 2020 450
Alleged N2bn bribe: Senate President Lawan, Senator Musa write Sahara Reporters, demand apology. Nov 20, 2020 425
WILL HAYWARD; Will Hayward is a tortoise-owning journalist, sports coach, history fan and all-round nerd. He is also the current Western Mail political editor (maternity cover). Nov 14, 2020 1348
Journalist Protection Bill to be tabled in parliament soon: Faraz. Nov 10, 2020 444
Lawmaker, Useni, Gontori calls for protection of Journalists. Nov 6, 2020 533
Reps Committee Chairman Charges Journalists On Balanced Reporting. Nov 6, 2020 434
Senior journalist Syed Saud Sahir laid to rest in Islamabad. Nov 4, 2020 263
Journalists briefly kicked out of MP's assault case. Nov 3, 2020 584
KIIR seeks UN interventions to end persecution of HR activists, journalists. Nov 3, 2020 654
US presidential election: what can we expect? Young Reporter. Grant Clark Nov 3, 2020 704
NGOs: Stop oppressing journalists and limiting free speech. Nov 3, 2020 764
Rise and fall: Anti-Semitism puts Corbyn's political future in jeopardy; Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is the political outsider now left out of his party. Here, PA reporters assess his fall from grace... Oct 30, 2020 1392
Burden placed on councils to pay for free school meals after vote by MPs; After voting down an extension to the free school meals programme, the Government's answer to the subsequent public outcry was to dump the problem onto cash-strapped local councils. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark reports. Oct 29, 2020 2217
Lack of quorum halts passing of working journalists' jobs protection bill. Oct 27, 2020 284
Lack of quorum halts passing of working journalists' jobs protection bill. Oct 26, 2020 200
Journalists rallying to denounce draft amendment to law on audiovisual sector. Oct 20, 2020 478
Journalist attacked at DP Ruto event in Meru. Oct 18, 2020 377
Journalists' union: Wider parliamentary coverage will put stifled press worries to rest. Oct 18, 2020 501
JIFORM To Sign MoU On Training Of Migration Reporters. Oct 14, 2020 486
Exhibition '75 years of BH Journalists Association' opens at BiH Parliament. Oct 12, 2020 411
Media Council wants IEBC to bar from polls politicians who incite public against journalists. Oct 7, 2020 373
Menon seeks special allowance for elderly journalists. Oct 2, 2020 407
Journalist to probe loss of 'Red Wall' to Tories. Jonathan Walker Political editor @jonwalker121 Sep 27, 2020 736
SNJT's 5th Congress: UGTT will endeavour to improve journalists' working conditions (Taboubi). Sep 19, 2020 342
CHR probes ambush-slay of Sorsogon online journalist. Sep 17, 2020 364
Check Activities Of Fake Journalists a Kogi NUJ. Sep 12, 2020 474
Police assault 'Nation' journalist during Ng'eno homecoming. Sep 11, 2020 435
House reporters air concern on media coverage ban. Sep 3, 2020 696
Rajshahi MP: Journalists involved in crime should be beaten. Aug 29, 2020 452
Will Hayward is a tortoise-owning journalist, sports coach, history fan and all-round nerd. He is also the current Western Mail political editor (maternity cover). WILL HAYWARD Aug 22, 2020 1516
PTI Faisal Javed says he is committed to solving issues faces by the journalist community. Aug 22, 2020 308
PTI Faisal Javed says he is committed to solving issues faces by the journalist community. Aug 22, 2020 157
Journalists' forum tasks FG on fight against human trafficking. Aug 21, 2020 310
'Post-Brexit trade plan for UK is an attack on devolution' The UK and Welsh governments are at loggerheads over plans to create a'UK Single Market'. Chief reporter Martin Shipton unravels their differences and calls for more respect from Westminster... Aug 21, 2020 999
Information Ministry asked to conduct workshop for parliamentary reporters on best practices. Aug 20, 2020 448
Committee kicks out journalists from Matiang'i, Mutyambai grilling on arrest of senators. Aug 19, 2020 244
PM's pointless trip to Orkney sealed case for independence - Lesley Riddoch; Last week, when Boris Johnson made his trip north, the soul of a nation was laid bare. But not Scotland's. The most unremittingly hostile coverage of Mr Johnson's Orkney jaunt came from the English media who, with a few exceptions, panned the Prime Minister's message, motives and choice of relatively remote and solidly unionist locations. Indeed, southern journalists and broadcasters were quick to observe that the Union's jacket is sitting on a gey shoogly peg and many rejoiced in that fact. Lesley Riddoch Jul 27, 2020 983
UN Human Rights Office Concerned About Arrests of Zimbabwe Journalist, Opposition Leader. Jul 24, 2020 622
Farmers at risk as standards and rights threatened by Trade Bill; The UK Government's Trade Bill will lower food standards and remove protection for our farming industry - whatever the government says, argues chief reporter Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Jul 23, 2020 926
Three journalists sustain injuries during confrontation with police, rowdy youths at Gimose's home. Jul 18, 2020 345
Journalists need to respect privacy in cases of ill health. Jul 17, 2020 837
Look out Mr Johnson, this man is shrewd and full of surprises; Here, Chief reporter Martin Shipton profiles Julian Lewis - the Swansea-born MP who could cause Prime Minister Boris Johnson massive problems after his election this week as chairman of the security and intelligence committee. Jul 17, 2020 940
Plaid's shrewd and subtle move could have wider significance; Plaid Cymru is due to hold a Senedd debate tomorrow calling for the devolution of any future decision on a Welsh referendum vote. Is this self-indulgent or a legitimate demand? asks Chief reporter Martin Shipton. Jul 14, 2020 852
'It's unfortunate' - GJA demands arrest of NPP MP's bodyguard for assaulting journalist. Jul 14, 2020 685
Senate reporters slam rejection of ABS-CBN's application for franchise. Jul 12, 2020 501
Journalists rap House as 'enemy of democracy' for not renewing ABS-CBN franchise. Jul 11, 2020 255
Palace reporters slam denial of ABS-CBN's franchise renewal. Jul 11, 2020 348
Filipino journalists up in arms over Congress' killing of ABS-CBN franchise bid. Jul 10, 2020 670
'The UK Government needs to be held to account over arms sales' Former MP Ann Clwyd believes the confirmation of new military arms sales to Saudi Arabia shows parliamentary scrutiny has broken down, as chief reporter Martin Shipton reports. Ann Clwyd Jul 9, 2020 905
ALL SHOOK COP; 8 Sunday Mail July 5, 2020 email CORONA CRISIS ELVIS IMPERSONATOR OFFICER FLOUTS LOCKDOWN RULES TO ENTERTAIN GUESTS AT BIRTHDAY PARTY Blundering PC rapped by bosses after belting out The Wonder of You as he made mockery of Covid-19 guidelines. John Ferguson / Political Editor Jul 5, 2020 857
COVID-19: Why We Asked Some Reporters To Leave Public Hearing Venue-Rep Member. Jul 4, 2020 801
COVID-19: Why Some Reporters Were Asked To Leave Public Hearing Venue -Hon Olajide. Jul 4, 2020 821
Oyo Lawmaker Turns Bouncer, Chases Journalists Out Of COVID-19 Probe. Jul 3, 2020 575
Downing St to house White House-style televised press briefings; Downing Street has revealed plans to televise daily press briefings with Westminster journalists in a major change to its communications strategy. Harriet Line Jul 3, 2020 504
Financial support of press clubs, deserving journalists government's priority: Shibli. Jun 30, 2020 408
Financial support of press clubs, deserving journalists government's priority: Shibli. Jun 29, 2020 358
Financial support of press clubs, deserving journalists government's priority: Shibli. Jun 29, 2020 408
India: UK journalist Laura Spinney drawn into Kerala political spat, responds on Twitter. Evangeline Elsa, Deputy Social Media Editor Jun 21, 2020 450
Red star over Hong Kong; We've all seen the protests in Hong Kong highlighting the protection of 'one country, two systems' and the 'erosion' of democracy via a series of new laws from China. But these protests also spill out on to the football pitch, finds journalist and broadcaster Tim Hartley... Tim Hartley.. Jun 20, 2020 2011
Veterans canvasse special salary scale for journalists. Jun 11, 2020 259
House Of Reps: Chasing Journalists Away From Hearing Shameful -CUPP. Jun 11, 2020 439
House bars journalists from Infectious Diseases Bill public hearing. Jun 10, 2020 203
Marcoleta labels ABS-CBN reporter 'un-Filipino' for basing story on public records. Jun 8, 2020 490
'Fresh start' hopeful inspired by Kennedy; Politics: Skye and Lochaber MP was reason she joined party With an eye on the past and another to the future, Liberal Democrat leadership hopeful Layla Moran tells Westminster reporter Dan O'Donoghue how she plans to revitalise her party's fortunes. Jun 8, 2020 715
Where now for Brexit Party and Ukip as UK prepares to leave EU? As a no-deal Brexit looms, chief reporter Martin Shipton asks whether the Brexit Party and Ukip are facing oblivion in next year's Senedd election. Jun 4, 2020 895
A turning point in support for Tories or just a flash in the pan? After Dominic Cummings'extraordinary press conference on the lawn of No. 10 on Monday, Chief reporter Martin Shipton asks if the senior aide's saga will prove to be a turning point in the public's perception of Boris Johnson's government? Conference news May 27, 2020 853
Canceled plan to attend NA session after reporters, senators test positive for COVID-19: Fawad. May 16, 2020 195
Canceled plan to attend NA session after reporters, senators test positive for COVID-19: Fawad. May 16, 2020 197
Senate reporters urge House to act immediately on ABS-CBN's franchise renewal. May 11, 2020 280
Palace reporters to NTC: Honor vow to issue ABS CBN provisional permit. May 6, 2020 601
Syed Nasir Hussain Shah says jobs and timely payment of salaries to the working journalists provided security through people media support program. May 6, 2020 403
Info Minister says govt taking steps to ensure betterment of journalist fraternity. May 5, 2020 346
Govt taking steps for journalists'b etterment: Shibli. May 5, 2020 269
Global: Crackdown on journalists weakens efforts to tackle COVID-19. May 1, 2020 1402
Need for effective harmony between politicians and journalists. Apr 30, 2020 794
Journalists come under coronavirus wrath. Apr 19, 2020 811
Turkey's new amnesty law excludes dissident journalists and politicians. Arab News Apr 15, 2020 693
Lord Elis-Thomas vows not to stand at election; Here, Chief reporter Martin Shipton profiles politician Dafydd Elis-Thomas who has announced he won't contest next year's Senedd election. Apr 13, 2020 860
Ex-journalist and Labour MP dies. Obituary Apr 1, 2020 194
Ex-journalist and Labour MP dies. Obituary Apr 1, 2020 194
Deporting black radicalism: Claudia Jones' deportation and policing blackness in the cold war. Lynn, Denise Mar 22, 2020 8799
Dr Paul Williams on tackling coronavirus; Life on Teesside has changed completely due to the coronavirus. Local Democracy Reporter Alex Metcalfe spoke to former Stockton South MP Dr Paul Williams about key health advice, questions and dealing with the current pandemic. Alex Metcalfe Dr Paul Williams Mar 20, 2020 1087
I'm back in, so where's my ballot paper gone? Some members of the Labour Party are still waiting for the ballot paper they need to vote in the leadership election. Chief reporter Martin Shipton considers their frustration. Obituary Mar 12, 2020 860
A City of Champions: Guardian US highlights community leaders in latest project. Mar 1, 2020 544
Channel 4 boss who called PM a 'liar' warns people are losing faith in democracy; Veteran journalist Dorothy Byrne, the channel's head of news, said she was concerned about people's "low opinion" of politicians among the general public. By, Alex Green Mar 1, 2020 768
Efs welcomes draft bill seeking journalists safety. Feb 27, 2020 422
EfS welcomes journalists' safety bill; urges cabinet for its approval. Feb 27, 2020 428
EfS hails HR Ministry's draft bill for journalists' safety. Feb 27, 2020 427
CPNE urges govt against diluting journalists' safety bill. Feb 27, 2020 409
Cabinet stops short of okaying bill for journalists protection. Kalbe Ali Feb 26, 2020 927
The Welsh firebrand who was Labour's left-wing conscience; Anewbiographyofthelegendaryminers'LEADERANDMERTHYRTYDFILMPSODAVIEs has been published. Chief reporter Martin Shipton talked to its author, Rob Griffiths. Rob Griffiths Feb 21, 2020 1532
Political storm as Labour AMs fight to save hospital's A&E unit; A number of backbench Labour AMs have joined a cross-party group to campaign against the closure of a hospital A&E unit. But the issue has far wider implications, explains chief reporter Martin Shipton. Feb 7, 2020 1068
Pakistani journalists get a taste of French system of governance Climate protection strong pillar of Macron diplomacy. Feb 7, 2020 470
'If you have nothing in your life but politics, you're a sad soul...' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks with Lee Waters, a former journalist who is now the Labour Assembly Member for Llanelli and Deputy Minister for Economy and Transport. Feb 5, 2020 1166
Journalists walk out after Number 10 bars outlets from Brexit briefing. Feb 3, 2020 292
Consultations on 'Journalists Protection Bill' in progress: Firdous. Jan 30, 2020 438
Are politicians in process of altering face of politics? The latest ideas from Adam Price and Sir Keir Starmer suggest that something strange is happening to our politics, argues chief reporter Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Jan 28, 2020 1244
Senators come out in support of journalists not getting salaries. Jan 28, 2020 357
MP wants Commons job in bid to end licence fee; Former journalist in call for end to BBC 'poll tax'. Jonathan Walker Political Editor Jan 23, 2020 517
'Labour just couldn't envisage a woman doing the job of an MP' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks with Baroness Anita Gale of Blaenrhondda, who as general secretary of Welsh Labour helped introduce measures to ensure her party fielded more women candidates. Jan 22, 2020 1265
Congress corporator Vikrant Chavan's creates ruckus at metro station, abuses journalist. ANI Jan 17, 2020 450
Assembly overshadowed as the new political year gets under way; A new political year has got under way. But with no election due until May 2021, what does 2020 hold for those interested in Welsh politics, asks chief reporter Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Jan 7, 2020 860
Politicians, religious parties leaders & journalists pay glowing tribute to religious & nationalistic services of Qazi Hussain Ahmad. Jan 7, 2020 315
Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari talks to the journalists at the National Assembly of Pakistan - Press Release issued by Pakistan People's Party. Jan 3, 2020 1012
Opening the floodgates to the dangerous forces of populism; The past 10 years have seen some political earthquakes. Chief reporter Martin Shipton looks back over a turbulent decade and asks if we are now stuck with populist politics. Dec 28, 2019 1200
Experienced journalist Osama Heikal leads reinstated information ministry. Egypt Today staff Dec 22, 2019 377
'Stop Brexit Man' stands down after gatecrashing news broadcasts for 847 days; Steve Bray, from Port Talbot, Wales, was known for haranguing news reporters and politicians. He was once called a 'w***er' by former cabinet minister Damian Green. By, Matthew Dresch Dec 19, 2019 330
'I was the only one at the meeting who hadn't murdered anybody' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to Lord Paul Murphy, the former Labour MP for Torfaen and Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland. Dec 18, 2019 1193
Dewsbury; It's a General Election that no-one really wanted but voting day is finally here tomorrow. The results in Kirklees could help determine who controls Parliament and what happens to Brexit. Examiner social affairs reporter NICK LAVIGUEUR offers his view on what to expect in Huddersfield, Colne Valley and Dewsbury. LAVIGUEUR NICK Dec 11, 2019 280
AM wants public money use in Wales to be based on standards; In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to Pontypridd Labour AM Mick Antoniw about the Welsh Government's plans for a new law aimed at improving pay and conditions in firms contracted to the public sector. Dec 11, 2019 914
Brazen economy with the truth debases our democratic politics; Currently there is nothing to stop politicians from lying about their opponents' policies and promises. Chief reporter Martin Shipton considers whether the law should be changed to make such lies illegal. Martin Shipton Dec 10, 2019 907
HRP gives journalists access to plenary hall. Dec 7, 2019 149
'Be independent': Journalists ask Congress to pass ABS-CBN franchise renewal bill. Dec 6, 2019 331
Rule of law: MEPs travel to Malta to meet with government, NGOs and journalists. Dec 2, 2019 480
Formidable and forensic: Journalist's lifelong, relentless pursuit of politicians; PROFILE. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Dec 1, 2019 350
Ugenya MP to be family lawyer in journalist Oloo's murder case. Dec 1, 2019 397
Voice for the Valleys, a changed man who's seen life's tough side; In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter's guest is Richard Taylor, the Brexit Party candidate for Blaenau Gwent, seen as the party's most winnable seat in Wales... Nov 27, 2019 1158
SNJT denounces Al-Karama Coalition MP's incitement to violence against journalists. Nov 26, 2019 321
MP asks Chairman of Customs Service if journalist investigation by Azattyk was true. Nov 25, 2019 257
50 Per Cent Of Journalists Will Be Jailed If Hate Speech Bill Becomes Law a Hon Bagos. Nov 25, 2019 613
Tollesby shops, West Lane Hospital and Tees AMP: Andy McDonald is seeking re-election; The 61-year-old politician answers questions from Local Democracy Reporter James Cain in this lengthy interview. James Cain Nov 24, 2019 3122
Ambitious Plaid focuses on families and the NHS; The General Election provides Plaid Cymru with an opportunity to send more MPs to Westminster than ever before. Chief reporter Martin Shipton reviews the party's manifesto. Nov 23, 2019 826
Labour 'would reform pension-fund plunder' One promise tucked away in Labour's manifesto represents a commitment to end what many former miners see as a long-standing injustice, writes chief reporter Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Nov 22, 2019 492
Reps Send Journalists Out As CBN Defends N1.3trn Budget Estimates. Nov 20, 2019 445
Immigration debate should be decided on facts, not prejudice; The Conservatives have again called for a reduction in immigration - something not delivered by Theresa May. Chief reporter Martin Shipton looks at what immigration means for Wales... Theresa May Nov 16, 2019 847
This pact's a damp squib... what we need is electoral reform; Chief reporter Martin Shipton on the implication of the election pacts. Nov 8, 2019 557
'Tighten up the campaign rules for a fair election' Will the general election be fought openly and honestly - or will dark forces be able to bypass the law to manipulate voters? asks Chief reporter Martin Shipton. Martin Shipton Oct 31, 2019 757
IDEG trains Journalists, CSOs on December 17 referendum. Oct 31, 2019 891
After Pakistan, US Congress members also urge India to allow journalists and diplomats in IoK. Oct 28, 2019 443
US lawmakers seek access of foreign journalists to IOK - Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service. Oct 26, 2019 454
US lawmakers seek access of foreign journalists to IOK - Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service. Oct 26, 2019 454
Labour and Lib Dems spat shows election is on the way; The Liberal Democrats have been castigated by Labour after abstaining in a vote which condemned the privatisation of the NHS. Chief reporter Martin Shipton looks at the background to the row. Oct 25, 2019 958
Senate Committee Walks Out Reporters From Budget Defence Session. Oct 25, 2019 675
US Congress calls on Tajik leader to restore accreditation of Radio Ozodi journalists to work in Tajikistan. Oct 17, 2019 311
MP Arnaut requests that journalists have unhindered access to BiH PA building. Oct 10, 2019 205
Expanded Sotto Law: Protecting journalists from legal and security threats. Sep 27, 2019 362
Online, broadcast journos now protected from baring sources. Sep 25, 2019 585
British Embassy Ashgabat supports Turkmen journalists. Sep 20, 2019 415
Why are they passing a law for politicians instead of protecting journalists? Sep 18, 2019 322
MPs from/Saeroun/praise the high performance of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate. Sep 5, 2019 164
Honoring Truth Seekers: Lawmakers introduce bill to build memorial for fallen journalists. Mateos, Evelyn Sep 1, 2019 294
'I've never known a nation to be so divided politically' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks with Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney Labour AM Dawn Bowden, who was once one of the youngest trade union officials in the country. Aug 28, 2019 913
Association of Journalists supports initiative against defamation lawsuits. Aug 27, 2019 224
PEMRA bars channels from inviting Indian politicians, journalists on shows. Aug 10, 2019 251
Men of God and Journalists and the Imminent Arab Spring. Aug 8, 2019 1872
'Big blow for the opposition': Journalists, politicos react to Sanjrani's shock victory in no-trust vote. Aug 1, 2019 709
'Westminster isn't the place to make decisions about Wales' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks with Jonathan Edwards, who has been the Plaid Cymru MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr since 2010, about Brexit and Welsh independence. Jul 31, 2019 1256
Odisha: Woman journalist who accused BJD MP of assaulting her meets Cuttack DCP. Jul 30, 2019 198
We must get MSPs back to stop this silent massacre action man Labour's Findlay Drugs crisis is now national emergency; 28, 2019 email for parliament recall on deaths RISE. Jul 28, 2019 1241
BILDERBERG'S "RULING CLASS JOURNALISTS": Journalists in Big Media are hiding their active participation in bringing about a world government, through selectively reporting stories at the behest of the globalist entities they belong to. Jasper, William F. Jul 22, 2019 1191
'Young Farmers gave me the confidence to be a politician' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets... podcast, our chief reporter talks to Conservative MP for Montgomeryshire and former AM Glyn Davies. Jul 17, 2019 1479
BJP MP raises in RS issue of alleged misbehaviour with woman journalist. Jul 17, 2019 458
Mismatch between FIR and receiving copy, alleges journalist who complains against BJD MP. Jul 14, 2019 202
Journalist blames Parliament Speaker of trying to claim his rhyme. Jul 8, 2019 108
CFWIJ urges Pak govt to ensure safety of journalist Asma Shirazi. Jul 8, 2019 330
No empty rhetoric will diminish anger caused by a no-deal Brexit; Theresa May's speech in Stirling laid the foundations for huge battles in the future, argues chief reporter Martin Shipton. Jul 5, 2019 1352
'To defend a Welsh way of life social justice must prevail' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to Liz Saville Roberts, Plaid Cymru's London-born Westminster leader and MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd. Jul 3, 2019 1241
Who Replaces Adedayo Among Nigerian Journalists? Jun 26, 2019 272
Journalist accuses MP Otto of assault. Jun 19, 2019 492
The Tory leadership battle and the Brexit saga are marching on; The Conservative Party leadership contest has replaced Brexit as the main focus of political news coverage. But, as chief reporter Martin Shipton has discovered, plotting continues behind the scenes... Jun 10, 2019 846
Bahrain Journalists Association to attend IFJ congress in Tunis. Jun 9, 2019 709
MP Mombekov says a customs-gate broke out in Kyrgyzstan after journalist investigation into Matraimovs' wealth. May 30, 2019 239
In the presence of the Head of the Journalists .. Al-Halbousi meets the editors of newspapers, networks, satellite channels and media personalities. May 26, 2019 227
Could tactical voting deny the Brexit Party an electoral coup? Polls show the Brexit Party cruising to victory in the European Parliament election. But could their triumph be mitigated by tactical voting? Chief reporter Martin Shipton weighs the options. May 23, 2019 855
RSF urges Nepalese Government to drop probe against journalists on Dalai Lama news. May 19, 2019 508
'Our democracy is operating under a broken voting system' The latest opinion polls are predicting some potentially wild outcomes at future elections. Chief reporter Martin Shipton argues that the case for electoral reform is gathering pace by the day. May 14, 2019 960
Senate hopeful ex-journalist draws ire of fellow candidates for his anti-corruption stand. May 7, 2019 450
Al-Halbousi: We will work to provide a suitable environment for the work of journalists and their legitimate right to access information. May 4, 2019 328
A political party calls for laws and regulations to protect journalists. May 3, 2019 238
Parliament Speaker honours journalists. May 3, 2019 219
MPs task government to explain UCC orders on journalists. May 3, 2019 644
Tories in turmoil as grassroots doubt leader can deliver Brexit; As the Welsh Conservatives gear up for the start of their annual conference tomorrow, chief reporter Martin Shipton examines the sorry state of a party in existential crisis. Conference news May 2, 2019 1003
'Nation can learn from Lyra' Politics: Journalist's death should not be in vain, says N Ireland secretary. Apr 27, 2019 444
The excuses need owe it to Lyra to to end... we reach a deal; PARTIES GETTING AROUND TABLE TO TRY & RESUSCITATE ASSEMBLY Politicians told to break the deadlock for slain reporter. Apr 27, 2019 1090
ABSOLUTE MADNESS; politicians on all sides condemn killing LAST TWEET OF BRAVE JOURNALIST LYRA, 29, SHOT DEAD BY DISSIDENTS. Apr 20, 2019 759
A young, vibrant life has been destroyed by a senseless act of violence.. LYRA MCKEE 1990-2019: TRIBUTES; TO BRAVE JOURNALIST; Anger at murder of a talented writer; Colleaguesunitein grief over killing. Apr 20, 2019 931
A young, vibrant life has been destroyed by a senseless act of violence.. lyra mckee 1990-2019: tributes TO BRAVE JOURNALIST; Anger at murder of a talented writer; Colleaguesunite in grief over killing. Apr 20, 2019 919
Mayor Joe slams terrorist killers of Lyra McKee as 'cowards' and calls for politicians to step up; Acclaimed young journalist and author Ms McKee was covering riots in Derry when she was struck by a bullet. Apr 19, 2019 492
A democratic travesty or a game-changing development? Could the UK's participation in the 2019 European Parliament election change the dynamic of the Brexit debate, asks chief reporter Martin Shipton. Apr 12, 2019 1101
RUTH MOSALSKI; Ruth is a Yorkshire-born journalist who is proud to have made Wales her home. Apr 6, 2019 801
Bahrain draft law would protect journalists. Apr 4, 2019 649
Brexit now a quagmire as MPs wonder who will succeed May; From Meaningful Vote to Meaningless Vote: the Westminster Brexit show goes from bad to worse, says chief reporter Martin Shipton. Mar 29, 2019 778
LS Polls: Congress fields journalist Supriya Shrinate from Maharajganj. Mar 29, 2019 323
Focus on core issues will have more resonance than rhetoric about referendum; Chief reporter Martin Shipton gives his verdict on this week's Plaid Cymru conference e. Conference news Mar 23, 2019 476
'Some politicians will talk to me rather than their party colleagues' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks with Daran Hill, managing director of Positif Politics, about lobbying in Wales. Mar 20, 2019 1019
Another referendum is the only way out of this appalling mess; Will Speaker John Bercow's dramatic intervention to stop the Prime Minister putting forward her deal for a third time mark a return to good sense in Westminster? Chief reporter Martin Shipton reports. Mar 19, 2019 910
'People would say they didn't trust the Lib Dems any more...' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter speaks to Jane Dodds, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, about her background and the party's future prospects as it struggles to find a voice without parliamentary representation. Mar 13, 2019 1123
Young politicians are on the hunt for votes; EXPRESS REPORTER. Mar 9, 2019 552
Zakharova puts Armenian journalist in his place. Mar 1, 2019 546
More from that ol' revolving door. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 136
RCI rejects reporter's revocation. Feb 27, 2019 731
Conservative defectors stick to their guns but may be signing political death warrants; Chief reporter Martin Shipton considers the defection of three Conservative MPs to The Independent Group and wonders whether more'One Nation'Tories will follow them into what could become a new party of the centre... ders. Feb 21, 2019 329
A politician of rare integrity who refused to climb the greasy pole; Chief reporter Martin Shipton argues that Newport West MP Paul Flynn, who has died at the age of 84, should be viewed as a perfect role model by the next generation of politicians. Obituary Feb 19, 2019 1093
Why EU Parliament indifferent to death of Armenian journalist? Jan 29, 2019 366
US House calls on Myanmar to release Reuters journalists. Dec 16, 2018 513
Why would anyone want to abolish the Assembly? With Westminster politics turning the UK into an international laughing stock, our National Assembly deserves respect, says chief reporter MARTIN SHIPTON. Dec 13, 2018 1156
'I'm more determined than ever that we press ahead with Brexit' Monmouth Conservative MP David Davies - his party's most prominent Brexiteer in Wales - expected Brexit negotiations to go more smoothly than they have. He tells chief reporter Martin Shipton why he thinks that's happened. Dec 13, 2018 964
'I nearly quit politics after death of my close friend Carl Sargeant' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to Wales' Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport Ken Skates... Dec 12, 2018 1211
Journalists Union candidates united on failure of past councils, divided on politics. Dec 6, 2018 589
Plots to cancel NUJ election spark tension among journalist in Bayelsa. Dec 5, 2018 648
MP quits in row over her son's drug bust; Threat to smash reporter's face claim. Dec 2, 2018 189
MP quits in row over son drug rap; Politician also accused of abusing journalist. Dec 2, 2018 328
'Devolution vital for revolution' as Yes for Wales victory revisited; In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to Professor Kevin Morgan, of Cardiff University, who chaired the Yes for Wales referendum campaign in 1997 and is an eminent social scientist. Pr. Nov 28, 2018 1100
Lawmaker, journalist face probe. Nov 16, 2018 641
'The Welsh language was politicised - which was damaging' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter speaks to veteran MP Paul Flynn, who has said he will step down from his seat for health reasons, about his time in Parliament and about the political scene in Wales. Nov 14, 2018 1361
Parliament, Youth Ministry receive memoranda over Zamalek journalists' assault. Nov 14, 2018 328
Media orgs call an end to practice of including journalists as witnesses in drug ops. Nov 9, 2018 426
Parliament Minister receives journalist. Nov 7, 2018 131
Journalists stage 'pakora protest' outside Pak Parliament. Oct 30, 2018 265
An EU insider's perspective on the twists and turns of Brexit; Welsh Labour MEP Derek Vaughan spoke to chief reporter Martin Shipton in Brussels about the continuing uncertainties surrounding Brexit. Oct 12, 2018 1389
Asking the expert... how far has Wales come since devolution? In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter meets leading political academic Professor Roger Awan-Scully, who gives his views on Wales today. Oct 10, 2018 1388
Price hits the ground running - his party must now catch up; Chief reporter Martin Shipton reflects on Plaid Cymru's successful annual conference in Cardigan - and says the party needs to maintain momentum. Conference news Oct 8, 2018 920
'Brexit was a vote against London as much as it was against Brussels' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to Professor John Tomaney of University College, London, one of the foremost campaigners for devolution in England... Oct 3, 2018 1371
Prosperity Fund 'a gross betrayal of devolution' Chief reporter Martin Shipton argues that plans for a 'UK Shared Prosperity Fund'to replace EU aid programmes represents the biggest threat to devolution since the National Assembly was set up... Oct 2, 2018 768
Reporters meet their match... Sep 30, 2018 128
House Speaker Receives Head Of The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate. Sep 30, 2018 228
Meet Plaid's new leader, a man of ideas and fearless ambition; Chief reporter Martin Shipton examines the background and intellectual achievements of Plaid Cymru's new leader, Adam Price. Sep 29, 2018 840
Stark choice for Wales as Brexit could mean end of the Union; As a no-deal Brexit could soon be thrust upon the UK, chief reporter Martin Shipton looks at the political dynamics that could catapult Wales to independence. Sep 27, 2018 1041
'Cancer could take me anytime, but I make the most of each day' Plaid Cymru AM Steffan Lewis, his party's Brexit spokesman, was diagnosed with stage-four cancer last December. Still making a powerful contribution at the Senedd, he spoke to chief reporter Martin Shipton about his coping strategy... Sep 26, 2018 1385
Press Syndicate accuses MP Agina of insulting journalists. Sep 18, 2018 402
Will curbs on politicians owning media target proxies too? Journalists' group asks. Sep 11, 2018 623
The rise and decline of Plaid's Leanne Wood; Hustings for the Plaid Cymru leadership are under way. Chief reporter Martin Shipton looks at Leanne's career, and why her party has so little faith in her. Sep 6, 2018 1133
Sisi ratifies National Press Authority law. Aug 31, 2018 667
Could Drakeford and Wood form a radical left coalition? Could Mark Drakeford and Leanne Wood negotiate a new Labour-Plaid Cymru coalition if they win their respective leadership races? Chief reporter Martin Shipton assesses the possibility... Aug 29, 2018 807
Notable reporters. Aug 11, 2018 400
CYPRUS: Green Party considers Turkish Cypriot journalist on Euro MP ballot. Aug 6, 2018 304
CPJ warns MPs against threatening journalists over corruption reports. Aug 4, 2018 473
Rajya Sabha MPs concerned over unabated attacks on journalists. Aug 3, 2018 212
MPs push People Daily journalists' grilling over bribery story to August 14. Aug 2, 2018 351
POLITICS: Cyprus calls on EU to defend Turkish Cypriot journalists. Aug 2, 2018 261
Editors' Guild condemns summoning of reporters by MPs. Aug 2, 2018 411
No access to Parliament lobby again if leeway abused, Speaker tells journalists. Jul 24, 2018 609
De Lima pushes greater protection of campus journalists. Jul 15, 2018 464
Journalists boycott Senate proceedings. Jul 13, 2018 339
'2021 could be Plaid's time... if we can show what we're made of' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter speaks to former Plaid Cymru President Lord Dafydd Wigley, under whose leadership the party had its greatest electoral success. Jul 11, 2018 1002
De Lima urges insurance coverage for journalists. Jul 9, 2018 493
'I pulled up my socks and got in political ring for young people' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks to Wales' youngest MP, Ben Lake, about getting elected unexpectedly, political churn and the daunting responsibility of his role... Jul 4, 2018 900
The leading Welsh politician who keeps his public office hidden from the public; Chief Reporter Martin Shipton went in search of Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies' constituency office in the Vale of Glamorgan. Jun 26, 2018 897
Politicians, journalists vow to play role for freedom of expression. Jun 13, 2018 704
New media laws introduce some journalists' rights, ignore others. Jun 12, 2018 1078
New media law bans questioning journalists for their opinion: Heikal. Jun 10, 2018 556
Follow the Money: National Post reporter creates database of political contributions in Canada. Interview Jun 1, 2018 457
The Heavy with Hannah Jones podcast: Carolyn Harris MP talks trolls, bullies and dressing for Parliament; Heavy is presented by journalist Hannah Jones, who has been overweight her entire life and just had weight loss surgery. May 29, 2018 361
The Arizona Capitol Times wins more than dozen press club awards. May 22, 2018 1079
APC condemns attack on journalists in Ondo State. May 21, 2018 470
Prankster thrusts pink dildo in politician's face during live TV interview - and his reaction is priceless; Ukrainian politician Maksim Nevenchannyi was speaking with reporters at a WWII memorial event when the x-rated incident occurred. Obituary May 11, 2018 266
Why Wales is 'hobbled by a system that distorts voting' Welsh Labour's current way of electing a leader is a stain on democracy, Professor Kevin Morgan, the academic who led the campaign for Welsh devolution, tells chief reporter Martin Shipton. May 10, 2018 762
'I once thought feminists had won the arguments... how naive was I?' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter speaks to Cerys Furlong, chief executive of Chwarae Teg, the Welsh charity working to support the economic development of women. May 9, 2018 1224
Inquiry blames capital admin for manhandling of journalists. May 5, 2018 607
IFJ urges world Gov'ts to back proposal for a convention on journalists' protection. May 3, 2018 264
World Press Freedom Day: Journalists facing threats from 'invisible actors'. May 3, 2018 736
'We have politicians who are simply not listening to Whitehall' Gina Miller has become a heroine for many who oppose Brexit. But her court victory on the need for a parliamentary vote came at a price. During a visit to Cardiff she spoke to Chief Reporter Martin Shipton. Apr 26, 2018 1388
'Carwyn's authority in his party didn't evaporate with the Brexit vote... it was lost because of the death of a man he called his friend' Martin Shipton has known Carwyn Jones since the National Assembly was established in 1999. In the wake of the First Minister's decision to stand down later in the year, our chief reporter assesses his contribution Welsh politics and his legacy... on to s y... Apr 25, 2018 1429
DILG plans to develop village spies, reporters. Apr 24, 2018 699
EP calls for thorough investigation of Kuciak's murder. Apr 19, 2018 773
'Plaid and the UK must work in harmony to regroup post Brexit' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter speaks to Plaid Cymru grandee Cynog Dafis about the party's relationship with Brexit and the rest of the UK. Apr 18, 2018 926
Journalist's eyes opened wide after visit to Saudi Arabia. Apr 10, 2018 412
'If you think you're right and you're helping people, stick to it' In his latest'Martin Shipton Meets'podcast, our chief reporter speaks to former Bridgend council leader Jeff Jones, a politician rarely far from controversy. Mar 28, 2018 1639
Plaid 2030, where the sun shines and 2018 reality doesn't intrude; Chief reporter Martin Shipton reflects on the state of Plaid Cymru following the party's Spring conference in Llangollen. Does its imagined Wales in 2030 amount to visionary thinking or fantasy politics? Conference news Mar 26, 2018 938
'The very survival of the country was at stake' In his latest'Martin Shipton Meets'podcast, our chief reporter speaks to John Osmond, who has written a monumental novel about Wales'battle for self-government. Mar 21, 2018 1118
Veteran journalist: Gov't officials peddling fake news must be held to higher standard. Mar 15, 2018 548
'Parties were literally at war with each other in the years we fought' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter speaks with former Labour MP Gwynoro Jones about his epic battles with Plaid Cymru's first MP Gwynfor Evans - and how Brexit has made him open to an independent Wales. Feb 28, 2018 872
EU referendum swayed by 'cultural attitudes' Fresh insights into why supporters of Brexit won the referendum in 2016 emerged at a conference held at Leicester University this week. Chief reporter Martin Shipton was there to hear the evidence. Conference news Feb 23, 2018 868
Roque: Reporter 'rude guest' evicted by President. Feb 23, 2018 506
Sky Blues fan groups table questions for Parliament; By FIONNULA HAINEY News Reporter Feb 21, 2018 913
Trillanes slams order to bar reporter from covering Malacanang. Feb 21, 2018 333
Journalists urged to resist alleged attempts to 'dictate' the press. Feb 20, 2018 299
'I regret not voting No to the National Assembly for Wales' Rachel Banner, Wales' most prominent devolution sceptic, tells chief reporter Martin Shipton why she thinks we don't need the National Assembly. Feb 14, 2018 1072
'A breath of fresh air needed to bring diversity TOWELSH politics' In our latest'Martin Shipton Meets...'podcast, our chief reporter speaks to Jess Blair, director of Electoral Reform Society Cymru, on why politics needs more women... Feb 7, 2018 1065
It's concessions all the way as UK bows to the Brexit beast; In his latest podcast, Chief reporter Martin Shipton talks to MEP Derek Vaughan about the state of Brexit talks and what their outcome will mean for Wales and the UK. Jan 31, 2018 1078
Senate's body forwards journalists protection bill to information ministry. Jan 30, 2018 357
Senate's body forwards journalists protection bill to information ministry. Jan 30, 2018 357
Senate panel sends Journalists Welfare, Protection Bill 2017 to Information Ministry for input. Jan 30, 2018 677
Senate panel finalises bill on safety of journalists. Jan 30, 2018 665
Jubouri Confirms To Arab And Iraqi Media Journalists The Responsibility To Contribute To The Stability. Jan 28, 2018 157
No-deal Brexit? No problem for the UK, insists David Davies MP; Here, in the latest of our new podcast series 'Martin Shipton Meets...', our Chief Reporter talks to outspoken MP and Brexiteer David Davies. Jan 24, 2018 611
Turkey Detains 91, Including Politicians, Journalists, Over Syria Comments. Jan 24, 2018 501

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