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United States : Governor Carney Signs Legislation to Ban Plastic Bags, Reduce Litter in Delaware. Jul 30, 2019 672
Mexico,United States : Human rights breaches in Hong Kong, Russia and at the US-Mexican border. Jul 18, 2019 502
Scores of fishermen protest Penang artificial islands project outside Parliament. Jul 11, 2019 593
Lift mangrove logging ban, conservationist urges state. Jun 26, 2019 644
Catholics see hope in Green New Deal goals: Faith-based environmentalists examine ambitious climate plan. Roewe, Brian Jun 14, 2019 1915
Activist takes litter haul to Scottish Parliament. Jun 12, 2019 477
Energy bosses urge government to ensure key international climate talks are held in UK; If successful, the move would be a strong signal of the UK government's determination to retain its role on the world stage after Brexit. Jun 1, 2019 613
Energy bosses urge government to ensure key international climate talks are held in UK; If successful, the move would be a strong signal of the UK government's determination to retain its role on the world stage after Brexit. Jun 1, 2019 613
Energy bosses urge government to ensure key international climate talks are held in UK; If successful, the move would be a strong signal of the UK government's determination to retain its role on the world stage after Brexit. Jun 1, 2019 613
Energy bosses urge government to ensure key international climate talks are held in UK; If successful, the move would be a strong signal of the UK government's determination to retain its role on the world stage after Brexit. Jun 1, 2019 613
Energy bosses urge government to ensure key international climate talks are held in UK; If successful, the move would be a strong signal of the UK government's determination to retain its role on the world stage after Brexit. Jun 1, 2019 613
MP says capitalism can save the planet. May 31, 2019 375
Only capitalism can save the planet, claims Tory MP Guy Opperman; MP says more action is needed to stop climate change and we 'need capitalism to save the day'. May 31, 2019 504
Senate body, environmental activists raise concerns over sanitation, garbage disposal methods. May 28, 2019 520
Advocates urge passage of coal ash removal bill Legislation would put financial protections in place in case of environmental disaster. May 24, 2019 604
Advocates urge passage of coal ash removal bill. May 24, 2019 384
Bagging pollution. Apr 15, 2019 2141
Congress manifesto recognises air pollution crisis. Apr 3, 2019 334
GENERATION CHANGE: 21 youths have challenged the US government's endorsement of fossil fuels with a landmark civil lawsuit. Around the world, young people are mobilising with direct and disruptive demands for action on climate change. Tomorrow's voices have had enough and are no longer content to be seen and not heard. Welcome to... Maynard, Matt Apr 1, 2019 2202
Rehabilitate Manila Bay sans reclamation projects. Feb 22, 2019 1135
Senate body calls media to play active role in green endeavours. Feb 2, 2019 681
Government presents Akamas management plan (updated). Nov 23, 2018 780
Air 10 times more polluted than permitted level, Senate body told. Nov 16, 2018 568
Green councillor condemned by May for 'pandering to racism' PM HITS OUT AFTER SOLIHULL MP CLAIMS PARTY TRYING TO 'ATTRACT AND TRICK' BNP VOTERS. Oct 18, 2018 389
Fury over Green Party attempts to win votes from BNP supporters; Tories submit official complaint after Green activists are given advice about canvassing BNP supporters. Oct 15, 2018 720
Locals fear for Coral Bay if developer's plan goes ahead. Oct 14, 2018 896
Romania's bear hysteria pits hunters against conservationists. Oct 3, 2018 903
MPs, activists mobilize on new waste law. Sep 29, 2018 836
Wrong way Street plays to gallery on Clean Air Zone. Sep 27, 2018 610
Mayor 'losing his nerve on Clean Air Zone plan'. Sep 26, 2018 547
Australian politician pledges support for Kashmiris' right to self-determination. Sep 4, 2018 332
Sec. Roy Cimatu risks getting P100 budget for DENR. Aug 8, 2018 389
Chester Zoo organises Westminster summit to tackle deadly damage to rainforests; Chester MP Chris Matheson hosting first event of its kind. Jun 13, 2018 658
House resolution aims to honor state conservationist Vanderpoel -BYLN- Submitted by the office of state Rep. Nick Sauer. Jun 9, 2018 409
Sauer, IL House Honor Life of Celebrated Conservationist Tom Vanderpoel. May 19, 2018 419
Accidental Environmentalists: The Adherence of Brazilian Political Parties to the Green Liberalism/Ambientalistas acidentais: a adesao dos partidos politicos brasileiros ao liberalismo verde/Ambientalistas accidentales: la adhesion de los partidos politicos brasilenos al liberalismo verde. de Barros, Antonio Teixeira Apr 1, 2018 10915
Alvarez defends Boracay casino project from green groups, church attacks. Mar 22, 2018 587
Indonesia embarks on Herculean project to clean world's most polluted river. Mar 4, 2018 583
Peyia development sparks environment protest. Feb 28, 2018 779
Pakistan calls for strong regional alliance and integration. Jan 31, 2018 741
Senate: (ECO member states coop imperative for shared prosperity: Rabbani). Jan 31, 2018 153
Chairman senate wants ECO more vibrant body. Jan 31, 2018 339
Conservationists slam government's Akamas plan. Jan 15, 2018 405
Australia Day back in political spotlight as Greens vow to push for date change. Jan 15, 2018 713
Most nuke reactors' quake-proof capacities not confirmed. Nov 21, 2017 451
Former MP says turtle fracas exaggerated, event brought millions. Sep 8, 2017 439
Celebrated return. Jul 31, 2017 1127
Conservationists urge MPs to reject controversial hunting law bill. Jun 29, 2017 577
Cape Town Hosts Ninth International Penguin Congress (IPC9). Sep 3, 2016 391
United Kingdom : Only a third of public support fracking despite cash payments. Aug 16, 2016 273
Incumbents, ex-senators pay tribute to Benitez. Jul 19, 2016 733
GE Gave Big Money To New York Lawmakers. May 4, 2016 957
Labour's 'political cliques' have run North East politics for too long, says Natalie Bennett; The Green leader says her party is targeting a number of seats across the country when the local council elections arrive in May. Feb 7, 2016 458
Meet the climate realists: not only is it a myth that there's 97-percent consensus among scientists on catastrophic global warming, climate realists are among the most conscientious scientists. Terrell, Rebecca Jan 4, 2016 3141
Analysis: polarized politics dictated Obama keystone call. Werner, Erica Dec 1, 2015 1476
Senators hail extradition of Reyes' brothers to Philippines. Sep 22, 2015 244
Not enough scrutiny, not enough rebels and too many party patsies; GREENS LEADER ON HOLYROOD COMMITTEES. Aug 30, 2015 837
'Deceived by the government' on bird hunting. May 16, 2015 812
Battle lines drawn by key parties to win local votes; GREENS AND VALLEY INDEPENDENTS. May 4, 2015 970
Greens are redder than red; Is the Green Party the real party of the Left? With a manifesto that demands multi-billion pound levels of borrowing should they rightfully overtake Labour as the country's foremost Left challenger? And is the party comfortable with its latest re-brand? KAte Proctor reports. Apr 20, 2015 1655
Senate Votes to End Renewable Energy Programs. Apr 14, 2015 898
Campaign updates. Oct 1, 2014 1227
Victory in Chile. Sep 22, 2014 428
Erdoy-an slams German Greens leader: Know your limits. May 27, 2014 723
GOP: Limit endangered species law. Brown, Matthew Feb 5, 2014 680
Cypriot parties begin preparations ahead of EP elections. Feb 4, 2014 200
Water Funding Proposition Makes Unusual Allies. Oct 14, 2013 756
Sri Lanka : SRI LANKA ENVIRONMENTALISTS turns government to formulate sustainable visitor management plan for NATIONAL PARKS. Aug 22, 2013 310
Environmentalists attack Hinkley N-station go-ahead; RENEWABLES BETTER THAN TOXIC LEGACY THEY CLAIM. Mar 20, 2013 992
The Saga Of Ram Sethu: Indian Government Plan To Develop Shipping Lanes To Sri Lanka Angers Hindus And Environmentalists. Feb 27, 2013 615
Households to pay for bid to cut emissions. Nov 24, 2012 657
Dear EarthTalk: Besides the presidential election, what other electoral races are environmentalists keeping an eye on this coming November? Sloan, Matt Oct 14, 2012 578
Bulgarian MPs Drop Most Controversial Forestry Act Text. Jul 12, 2012 597
Dear Earthtalk: who are the "Clean Air Ambassadors" and what are they trying to accomplish? Coughlin, Brenda Jun 24, 2012 555
Citizens say, no fracking way. Asop, Julia Jun 22, 2012 841
Conservationist Defends Science, Stewardship and Endangered Species Act in Congressional Hearing. Jun 21, 2012 339
Using section 111 of the Clean Air Act for cap-and-trade of greenhouse gas emissions: obstacles and solutions. Enion, M. Rhead May 19, 2012 20278
Winning. Mark, Jason Editorial Mar 15, 2012 531
Plaid MP questions police infiltration of parties. Nov 7, 2011 336
Rogue naturalist: the forgotten legacy of a driven, self-taught environmentalist. Rodgers, Bob Essay Oct 1, 2011 2596
'STRONG GREEN VOICE IS NEEDED' Caroline Lucas became the UK's first Green Party MP last year. On the eve of the party's conference in Cardiff, political editor DAVID WILLIAMSON spoke to the Green leader about her targets in South Wales. Conference news Feb 25, 2011 636
All groundwater is local: California's new groundwater monitoring law. Patashnik, Josh Jan 1, 2011 5601
Energy Boost. Dec 14, 2010 1230
Conspiracy watch: Al Gore's carbon warfare. Sheppard, Kate Brief article Nov 1, 2010 263
Cubing the Kyoto Protocol: post-Copenhagen regulatory reforms to reset the global thermostat. Ferrey, Steven Sep 22, 2010 18107
Mikisew Cree activist garners international attention. Thompson, Isha Aug 1, 2010 605
Marxists, Congress lock horns over park. Jul 17, 2010 252
Oil sand activists take message to Montana. Narine, Shari Brief article Jul 1, 2010 135
Devolving environment: A challenging task ahead. Jun 30, 2010 1901
The scientific basis for the regulation of nanoparticles: challenging Paracelsus and Pare. Goldstein, Bernard D. Jun 22, 2010 9041
Can urban university expansion and sustainable development co-exist? A case study in progress on Columbia University. Hirokawa, Keith H.; Salkin, Patricia E. Apr 1, 2010 27942
An update on property rights compensation law for appraisers. Allen, Marcus T.; Carter, Charles C. Mar 22, 2010 7464
The case against the fiscal stimulus. Miron, Jeffrey Mar 22, 2010 3729
Government urged to back 'Robin Hood Tax' campaign with Budget. Mar 19, 2010 266
How green is your ICT? Mark Sayers of 4C Strategies ( explains recent legislation designed to address the issue of climate change and identifies some of the steps that can be taken to fulfil a commitment to reduce carbon emissions. Feb 1, 2010 2142
Jurassic fallout in Mexico. Ross, John Jan 1, 2010 2249
Challenges and opportunities for regulating greenhouse gas emissions at the state, regional and local level. Doyle, Jim Dec 22, 2009 6267
Green entrepreneurship (GE) and Green Value Added (GVA): a conceptual framework. Ndubisi, Nelson Oly; Nair, Sumesh R. Dec 1, 2009 4841
Rumble in the jungle: timber or tourists? Environmentalists are fighting each other over how best to protect forests in Guatemala. Stoll, Michael Sep 22, 2009 3608
Old king coal. Moss, Doug Editorial Sep 1, 2009 493
"If an (endangered) tree falls in the forest, and no one is around ....": resolving the divergence between standing requirements and congressional intent in environmental legislation. Carter, Preston Jul 1, 2009 20399
Cross-Canada action for progressive Social change. Mackintosh, Karen Jul 1, 2009 918
Pursuing environmental justice: obstacles and opportunities - lessons from the field. Kang, Helen H. Jun 22, 2009 14394
Priests, urge government to cancel canal. Apr 17, 2009 407
Push to reduce greenhouse gases would put a price on emitting pollution. Mar 16, 2009 1019
The death of environmentalism global warming politics in a post-environmental world. Shellenberger, Michael; Nordhaus, Ted Jan 1, 2009 12836
A looming policy disaster: a sustained, critical look at climate change economics and science is long overdue. Johnston, Jason Scott Sep 22, 2008 5808
Citizens push for clean air. Nguyen, Ngoc Sep 19, 2008 999
Environmentalists' call to up pollution target. Sep 11, 2008 500
Climate camp for power station: Kingsnorth to be focus of 2008 campaign as protesters dismiss 'science-fiction' CCS. Jun 25, 2008 357
Environmentalists suggest public hearings in Parliament to assess drinking water reserves in Kyrgyzstan. Mar 13, 2008 330
Not of national significance: failed national park proposals in California. Dilsaver, Lary M. Mar 1, 2008 10773
Resor will not seek re-election to Senate; Environmental efforts lauded. Feb 7, 2008 908
Moving beyond coal in New England: Maine community defeats power plant. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 294
Travel Health & Environment Watch. Nov 19, 2007 1087
What a gas! The current politically correct promotion of ethanol and hydrogen to power vehicles overlooks the serious drawbacks of those fuels and the huge potential of natural gas. Hiserodt, Ed Oct 1, 2007 1731
Checklist for activist success. Sullivan, Dan Oct 1, 2007 475
Coalition petitions SEC to force corporate climate disclosure. Scheer, Roddy Brief article Sep 24, 2007 277
Big enviro groups holding back anti-warming movement. Tady, Megan Sep 22, 2007 1334
An inconvenient food: the connection between meat and global warming. Wolfson, Marisa Miller Sep 1, 2007 1988
Breathless in Brooklyn: when they found one of the world's largest oil spills beneath New York City, state, federal, and oil company officials did the only logical thing: they passed the buck. Koughan, Frank Sep 1, 2007 1803
McKibben slates November 3 for "Step It Up 2" rally. Scheer, Roddy Aug 17, 2007 310
Contest for political space: a case study from community development programme in Nepal. Pokharel, Binod Case study Jul 1, 2007 11264
The role of settler in Indigenous struggles: questions arising from the Six Nations land reclamation. Amadahy, Zainab May 1, 2007 1154
Longtime activist seeks Smith's U.S. Senate seat. Apr 19, 2007 597
Harnessing energy dollars; DiMasi bill stirs up questions, opposition. Apr 4, 2007 950
Clean energy congress. Mar 22, 2007 275
'Green' Bush rejects fuel-economy plan. Jan 25, 2007 271
Pope and patriarch both speak out on environment. Allen, John L., Jr. Jan 12, 2007 997
Victory at Pear Tree Bottom. Frisch, Marie Dixon Jan 1, 2007 543
Environmental citizenship: a model linking ecology with social justice could lead to a more equitable future. Latta, Alex Jan 1, 2007 1292
On leaving the Green Party. Kamleiter, Mark Jan 1, 2007 834
Guerrilla gardening: neglected, uncared for parts of the city are targets for creative trowels. Johnson, Lorraine Dec 1, 2006 1583
Environmentalists weigh goals. Nov 26, 2006 981
The green pendulum. Editorial Nov 17, 2006 568
Environmentalist tries politics. Brief article Jul 1, 2006 237
New bond package to support California's water and parks. Behrens, Heather Brief article May 1, 2006 195
Changing forestry in B.C. Lazare, Sarah Mar 1, 2006 1033
Call for formation of a Green committee for Democracy and Independence. Jan 1, 2006 709
The importance of a green left. Hill, Forrest; Chretien, Todd Essay Jan 1, 2006 1259
Agreement reached in dispute over chemicals. Nov 18, 2005 411
The road to Detroit is green. Sep 1, 2005 342
Beyond boycotts. Hertsgaard, Mark Mar 7, 2005 1080
Industrial longline fishing: a war on fish. Steiner, Todd Jan 1, 2005 1708
Our hand in the future: what can be done to avert mass extinction on a scale not seen since the age of the dinosaurs. Noble, Kenneth Apr 1, 2004 1436
How the reef was won: the true story of a remote reef, a reclusive writer, and a dedicated bunch of rabble rousers who took on the big end of town. Winton, Tim Oct 1, 2003 4218
Pedro Arrojo-Agudo was recently awarded a Goldman Environmental Prize for his efforts to halt the construction of 120 dams and the diversion of Spain's last wild rivers. Mannering, Robin Aug 1, 2003 638
Getting out the vote: with polluters holding the upper hand in Congress, a green electoral strategy is gaining traction. Motavalli, Jim May 1, 2003 4274
Kudos for club's high achievers. (The Sierra Club bulletin news for members). Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 203
Businesses praised but gently chided. (From the Publisher). McCorkle, Vern C. Column Oct 1, 2002 542
Oil and the Bush administration. (Energy). Palmer, Mark J. Sep 22, 2002 2512
The promise of the commons. (culture). Rowe, Jonathan Sep 22, 2002 3042
DOE drops plutonium transport plan. Brief Article Sep 22, 2002 465
Take the ecoterror litmus test. (Voices). Clarke, Chris Brief Article Sep 22, 2002 921
Why environmentalists should be concerned: humans have dangerously destabilized the Earth's ecological system. If we now begin altering our evolved interdependence with nature, we will only accelerate the destabilization. (Environmentalists). McKibben, Bill Jul 1, 2002 1368
Courting the Earth. (Europe). Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 148
A `green' referendum in Russia? Contribution to the study of the birth of a civil society. Jeannier-Groppo, Armelle Jun 22, 2002 7080
Big sky greeens. Laidman, Dan Jun 1, 2002 2591
Teamsters and turtles in (temporary?) tiff. (Networks). Brief Article Apr 8, 2002 517
The blood of dolphins. (An Eyewitness To Japans' Drive Fishery Hunt). Heseltine, Annabel Mar 22, 2002 1105
Overview: globalization and environmental harm. Shank, Gregory Mar 22, 2002 5414
Positive Notes. Dec 22, 2001 1089
A word from the executive director. (green views). Henry, Don Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 489
Road construction halted. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 115
Nostalgists. Brief Article Jun 22, 2001 101
Lipponen apologises for statement about Bellona. Brief Article Mar 21, 2001 175
Ready, Aim, Agitate. HAMILTON, BRUCE Mar 1, 2001 1110
Water Grab in the Mojave. Snell, Marilyn Berlin Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 421
A Run on the Banks. WOODARD, COLIN Mar 1, 2001 3369
Fighting for mother nature: a retired teacher takes up the fight to preserve Wisconsin's natural resources from becoming just another shelf of bottled waters. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 309
Taking on Corporate Power. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 719
Taking on Toxics I: Stopping POPs. Cray, Charlie Jan 1, 2001 1572
Sony: Surveil, Coopt. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 193
The Green Menace. Rauber, Paul Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 1107
When Corporations Can't Rule the World. Ayres, Ed Jul 1, 2000 1402
Show Me the Documents. Levy, Robert A. Apr 1, 2000 1644
TURTLES AND TEAMSTERS. Rauber, Paul Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 117
Un Confirms Journal's Jets-and-Climate Story. Dec 22, 1999 203
Ten races to watch: '98 elections. Nichols, John Biography Nov 1, 1998 3526
PETER GARRETT: FROM THE TOP. Ray, Louise Aug 1, 1998 1119
Fast-track backtrack. Brief Article Dec 1, 1997 709
Tracking shot. Cockburn, Alexander Column Dec 1, 1997 974
Protecting her kids from toxic dumps. Duckworth, Carolyn Aug 1, 1997 749
The federal chain-saw massacre: Clinton's Forest Service and clear-cut corruption. Roberts, Paul Cover Story Jun 1, 1997 9275
A powerful voice for public lands. Tennesen, Michael Apr 1, 1997 714
PODER to the people. Cusac, Anne-Marie Mar 1, 1997 429
Where is the left? Cockburn, Alexander Jul 1, 1996 2103
Cleaning house. Bergman, B.J.; Trudeau, Garry Mar 1, 1996 696
Politics of persistence. Wilson, Amy Mar 1, 1996 711
How the West is won: astroturf lobbying and the "wise use" movement. Sanchez, Samantha Mar 1, 1996 3484
Redefining native politics. Goldberg, Kim Column Dec 1, 1995 591
Canyonland conservative. Wilson, Amy Sep 1, 1995 707
The education of a lobbyist. Wilson, Amy May 1, 1995 701
Young club activist dispels "Generation X" myth. Wilson, Amy Biography Mar 1, 1995 428
Read it an weep. Mardon, Mark Bibliography Jul 1, 1994 760
Green politics in France: the impasse of non-alignment. Szarka, Joseph Jul 1, 1994 4381
Parking costs: government ownership reduces every land-use decision to a power play. Lochhead, Carolyn Jul 1, 1994 1246
Worried mom cleans up. Countryman, Carol Feb 1, 1993 522
Visions of the range of light. Hamilton, Joan May 1, 1992 3362
Greens, gas and capital. Cockburn, Alexander column Feb 26, 1990 1094
The attraction is chemical. Schwab, Jim Oct 16, 1989 2571

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