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Particle measurement gets smarter. (Analytical Instruments Light Scattering Time-of-Flight). Dec 1, 2002 2284
Securing intellectual property: organizations focus, above all, on keeping it safe. (Security Policy). Dec 1, 2002 687
Page revs up Google's engine: the Google search engine is virtually a household name among computer users, and Larry Page, its developer, was voted R&D's Innovator of the Year for bringing it to fruition. Not only is Google a powerful finder, its spinoffs may change computing history. (Innovator Of The Year). Nov 1, 2002 1160
Smoothing the wafer processing flow: the processes required to produce silicon wafers--the foundation for integrated circuits--are varied, complex, and enormously expensive. The efficiency and throughput of the manufacturing process are constant industry concerns. A new challenge that wafer manufacturers must contend with is the move from 200 mm to the larger 300 mm size. (Keywords * Semiconductors * Bottlenecks * Automation). Oct 1, 2002 2651
Joining the third generation: the highly advertised third generation of wireless communications technology adds high-speed data and many features to the cellular network. The technology is poised for deployment, but the available bandwidth is scanty and user acceptance varies from country to country. It's a technology and service with growing pains. (Wireless Telecom Bandwidth). Aug 1, 2002 1425
Making your lab secure: varying degrees of safety are a permanent part of working conditions in laboratories, and in many other facilities occupied by sensitive materials, projects, and equipment. (Laboratory Security). Aug 1, 2002 1197
Surface study meets its match--the microscope. (Microscopy Semiconductor Defect Detector). Jul 1, 2002 2843
How to choose an air compressor. (Lab Equipment). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 726
How to select a high-temp heater. (Lab Equipment). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 125
How to choose the proper chiller. (Lab Equipment). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 154
How to do SFE. (Lab Equipment). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 238
How to do sputter coating. (Micro/Nano). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 183
How to apply cryogenics. (Vacuum Tech). Brief Article Jun 1, 2002 153
Old is new again: it's the "new wine in old bottles" theory--but raised to another order of magnitude. (Renovated Special Mention Award: 2002 lab of the year). Brief Article May 1, 2002 615
A laboratory's lifelines are its utilities: plumbing and fire protection in a laboratory facility are not just toilets and sprinklers, but complex systems that must be considered and planned for before the first earth is turned. (Building The Perfect Lab). May 1, 2002 1275
Cleanrooms change form, but not function; they are of vital importance to a wide range of industries, they are often government-regulated, frequently expensive, flexible and often mobile, and host to enormous numbers of potentially nasty, even dangerous life forms. They are cleanrooms--critical environments for many industries, and they're evolving. (Laboratory Design). Industry Overview May 1, 2002 2012
Smarter robots: sending machines to do hazardous work is one rationale, but current considerations put robots in applications where superhuman accuracy and speed is the goal. (Automation & Robotics). Apr 1, 2002 1370
Making accurate microarrays: "how to" variations in microarray manufacturing depend on need, speed, and customer flexibility. (Automation & Robotics). Apr 1, 2002 1328
A longer reach for data and voice; speed, cost, reliability, and security are touchstone issues, but tradeoffs exist and system developers face choices tightened by rapidly changing technology and competition. (Telecommunications). Mar 1, 2002 1311
Analytical instruments go interactive: pharmaceutical and chemical applications benefit from automation technologies that increase efficiencies of analyses and provide increasingly user-friendly interfaces. (2002 Pittcon Preview). Feb 1, 2002 2171
Lab-on-a-chip technology gains ground: not only is this miniaturization vastly cheaper and more efficient, the processes are beginning to trickle down to related sciences. Results while you wait impacts a host of testing processes. (Analytical Instruments). Feb 1, 2002 1913
Technology with a super-fast eye: product flaws? Alignment problems? You can't see them, but an imaging system can and the technology continues to improve. (Automation & Robotics). Industry Overview Jan 1, 2002 2044
Robots, sensors keep technologies moving: precision movement, vital to industrial and biomedical applications, make systems work and help eliminate human error. (Automation & Robotics). Jan 1, 2002 1215
The method is the message: varieties of technological methods are being tapped to respond to thin film characterization needs, both in research and in industry. (Thin Film Research). Dec 1, 2001 1911
Prioritizing materials needs for US defense: the Dept. of Defense has begun identifying materials that can contribute to national security, and has organized some high-powered assistance to help the search. (Materials Research). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 536
Making materials fit the future: accommodating relentless technological requirements means researchers must recreate and reconfigure materials, frequently challenging established laws of physics, while keeping an eye on Moore's law. (Materials Research). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 738
Imaging systems: pictures worth a thousand words: systems that serve segments as diverse as molecular biology, telecommunications, and automotive must capture and produce information accurately and fast. It's not easy. (Electro-Optic Research). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 916
Cleaner than clean: an evolution in cleanroom filtering has changed the way these technologies are regarded. Standard systems operate effectively, but the pressures of electronic and related manufacturing have pushed cleanroom system requirements to new levels. (Laboratory Monitoring). Nov 1, 2001 2279
Particle sizing gets serious: uniform particle sizes are critical to industries that depend on systems to identify high quality slurry batches and flag the deviants. (Analytical Instruments). Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 681
Gate-Based System Tracks Product Development. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 509
Compressor Basics: Reviewing the Options. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 536
Thin Film is What You Make It: New Angles on Deposition. Aug 1, 2001 5251
CVD Integrates Inorganics. Jul 1, 2001 1404
Testing Ultra-Thin Films Non-Destructively. Jul 1, 2001 1231
Finding--and Keeping--Technical Staff. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 732
Surrounding Take on New Laboratory Role. May 1, 2001 1324
Monitoring Thin-Film Deposition: The Workhorse Sensor Crystal. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 714

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