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The president's budget as a source of agency policy control. Pasachoff, Eloise Jun 1, 2016 36373
The president's budget as a source of agency policy control. Pasachoff, Eloise Jun 1, 2016 7633
The president's budget as a source of agency policy control. Pasachoff, Eloise Jun 1, 2016 7137
Recent C.D. Howe Institute publications. Table May 8, 2016 425
Political entrenchment and public law. Levinson, Daryl; Sachs, Benjamin I. Nov 1, 2015 10990
Political entrenchment and public law. Levinson, Daryl; Sachs, Benjamin I. Nov 1, 2015 24477
Peace-building and state-building challenges in the republic of Kosovo. Abdullai, Jonuz; Brovina, Ngadhnjim Essay Oct 1, 2015 5419
Which way to nudge? Uncovering preferences in the behavioral age. Goldin, Jacob Oct 1, 2015 19927
Results of President Obama's Race to the Top. Howell, William G. Report Sep 22, 2015 4323
Are non-government policy actors being heard? Assessing new public governance in three Canadian provinces. Evans, Bryan; Sapeha, Halina Essay Jun 1, 2015 7650
Regulating for rationality. Schwartz, Alan Jun 1, 2015 20151
A reverse form of welfarism: some reflections on Australian housing policy. Jacobs, Keith Essay May 10, 2015 6673
Using frameworks to set priorities for health policy. Abstract May 1, 2015 326
A muted voice? Red tape and Latino political participation. Saldivar, Karina Moreno Report Mar 22, 2015 9395
"Captive of a scientific-technological elite": Eisenhower and the nuclear test ban. Greene, Benjamin P. Essay Mar 1, 2015 8937
A good year for public affairs: The Optical Confederation's deputy head of public affairs, Ben Cook, provides some of the year's highlights from the Public Affairs team. Cook, Ben Oct 31, 2014 522
"Studying the effects of policy making networks on efficiency and effectiveness of policy". Daneshfard, Karamollah; Rajaei, Zahra; Baklu, Sarah Sheikh Report Oct 1, 2014 3089
Psychological jurisprudence and the power of law: a critique of North Carolina's Woman's Right to Know Act. Arrigo, Bruce A.; Waldman, Jessica L. Sep 22, 2014 16361
Four decades strong: the 1990s: the best and the worst. Kurtz, Karl Sep 1, 2014 1450
A peak of partisanship: in legislatures across the nation, a growing ideological divide is getting harder to bridge. Weiss, Suzanne Jul 1, 2014 2438
The nice legislature: here's a different take on how state legislatures should be compared, rated and ranked. Rosenthal, Alan Jul 1, 2014 2434
Reducing inequality on the cheap: when legal rule design should incorporate equity as well as efficiency. Liscow, Zachary May 1, 2014 14319
Agency oversight as "whac-a-mole": the challenge of restricting agency use of nonlegislative rules. Shapiro, Stuart Mar 22, 2014 11302
Speaking what truth to whom? The uneasy relationship between practitioner and academic knowledge in public administration. Gow, J.I.; Wilson, V. Seymour Report Mar 1, 2014 8307
Think tanks, funding, and the politics of policy knowledge in Canada. McLevey, John Report Feb 1, 2014 8159
Where's the evidence? Prewitt, Kenneth Jan 1, 2014 524
Living in a material world. Wernick, Iddo K. Jan 1, 2014 2157
When all models are wrong: more stringent quality criteria are needed for models used at the science/policy interface, and here is a checklist to aid in the responsible development and use of models. Saltelli, Andrea; Funtowicz, Silvio Jan 1, 2014 4836
Greater-or-nothing constitutional rules. Fee, John Sep 22, 2013 12397
Advancing evidence-based policymaking to solve social problems. Liebman, Jeffrey B. Sep 22, 2013 6668
Building policy capacity at the Ukrainian centre: the policy units project. Brown, M. Paul; Bezo, Larissa; Nanivska, Vira Essay Sep 1, 2013 9589
Person-centered policymaking: is it an answer to improving health and healthcare in Tennessee? Myers, Carole R. Jun 22, 2013 1017
Awareness, actions, drivers and barriers of sustainable construction in Chile. Serpell, Alfredo; Kort, Jorge; Vera, Sergio Report Jun 1, 2013 6454
How important are general equilibrium models for small open economies--a case of Croatia. Skare, Marinko; Stjepanovic, Sasa Report Jun 1, 2013 7030
Unilateral presidential policy making and the impact of crises. Young, Laura Jun 1, 2013 12828
FEI's approach to developing public policy priorities. Kramer, Robert May 1, 2013 1558
The evolution of regulation: twentieth century lessons and twenty-first century opportunities. Mayo, John W. Apr 1, 2013 16993
Law. Mar 22, 2013 1031
Regime complexes: a buzz, a boom, or a boost for global governance? Orsini, Amandine; Morin, Jean-Frederic; Young, Oran Report Jan 1, 2013 5445
Regime complexity and policy coherency: introducing a co-adjustments model. Morin, Jean-Frederic; Orsini, Amandine Report Jan 1, 2013 4351
The regime complex for food security: implications for the global hunger challenge. Margulis, Matias E. Report Jan 1, 2013 6703
Regime complexity and international organizations: UNHCR as a challenged institution. Betts, Alexander Report Jan 1, 2013 4920
United States : Singapore and UNDP enter a new era of cooperation -- establish Global Centre for innovation and research in public service. Sep 26, 2012 375
Make economics policy relevant: depose the omniscient benevolent dictator. Holcombe, Randall G. Essay Sep 22, 2012 5071
The limits of learning: policy evaluation and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. Sharaput, Markus Report Jun 1, 2012 8931
Presidential leverage and the politics of policy formulation. Ponder, Daniel E. Essay May 18, 2012 11867
Be part of the public policy challenge. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 191
The John Holmes Memorial Lecture: global governance in a Copernican world. Jentleson, Bruce W. Report Apr 1, 2012 7378
Hayatullah [Hayatul@Ukm.My]the importance of the Maqasid Al-Shari'Ah in the process of governing and policy making. Omar, Anwar Fakri; Nor, Amir Husin Mohd; Alias, Muhammad Nazir; Samsudin, Adib; Ibrahim, Ibnor Azli; Apr 1, 2012 4755
Editor's introduction. Quirk, Paul J. Editorial Mar 1, 2012 3463
The wages of competence: Obama, the economy, and the 2010 midterm elections. Weatherford, M. Stephen Essay Mar 1, 2012 17421
Presidents, parties, and the business cycle, 1949-2009. Comiskey, Michael; Marsh, Lawrence C. Report Mar 1, 2012 8760
Persistent leadership: presidents and the evolution of U.S. financial reform, 1970-2007. Woolley, John T. Report Mar 1, 2012 10372
Professional policy work in federal states: institutional autonomy and Canadian policy analysis. Howlett, Michael; Wellstead, Adam M. Report Mar 1, 2012 5806
It's not over yet: last winter's tumultuous partisan battles continue to echo in legislative chambers. Walters, Steven Feb 1, 2012 1377
Political culture and policy-making after the fall of Communism in Macedonia. Abdullai, Jonuz; Sinani, Luan Report Jan 1, 2012 4578
The state of evidence-based policy evaluation and its role in policy formation. Davies, Philip Jan 1, 2012 8436
Editorial: evidence-informed policy and practice: a more feasible nomenclature? Senior, Paul Editorial Dec 22, 2011 2976
Committing to a new approach to policymaking. Myers, Carole R. Dec 22, 2011 1222
A coevolutionary revision of decision making processes: an analysis of port extensions in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Gerritts, Lasse Case study Sep 22, 2011 8389
Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) in public policy analysis: an extensive review. Rihoux, Benoit; Rezsohazy, Ilona; Bol, Damien Report Sep 22, 2011 14329
The perfect officer. Bering, Henrik Aug 1, 2011 7897
Assessing policy capacity in canada's public services: perspectives of deputy and assistant deputy ministers. Baskoy, Tuna; Evans, Bryan; Shields, John Report Jun 1, 2011 6766
Rethinking policy capacity in Canada: the role of parties and election platforms in government policy-making. Flynn, Greg Report Jun 1, 2011 7783
Departmental audit committees and governance: making management and accountability the priority from the top down. Shepherd, Robert Report Jun 1, 2011 11182
Washington think tanks had better start thinking harder-and fast. Weidenbaum, Murray May 1, 2011 1814
La capacite d'analyse des politiques au gouvernement du Quebec : resultats du sondage aupres de fonctionnaires quebecois. Bernier, Luc; Howlett, Michael Report Mar 1, 2011 3707
What's the problem with gender-based analysis? Gender mainstreaming policy and practice in Canada. Paterson, Stephanie Sep 1, 2010 8602
Some observations on the state of lobbying in Canada. Thurlow, W. Scott Column Jun 22, 2010 2346
Science's uncertain authority in policy. Marburger, John Jun 22, 2010 2572
Introduction: evidence-based policy: a concept in geographical and substantive expansion. Frey, Kathrin; Ledermann, Simone Report Jun 22, 2010 4667
Adversarial policies and evidence utilization: modeling the changing evidence and policy connection. Monaghan, Mark Report Jun 22, 2010 11344
Evidence, learning and intelligent government: reflections on developments in Scotland. Sanderson, Ian Report Jun 22, 2010 9656
In the shadow of federalism: dilemmas of institutional design in Australian rural and remote regional governance. Brown, A.J.; Bellamy, J.A. Case study May 1, 2010 11800
Townsville: a regional development case study. Tyrell, Les; Mellor, Peter; Monypenny, Richard Report May 1, 2010 4993
Local infrastructure investment, maintenance and renewal: a comparative analysis of contemporary Australian and New Zealand local government. Dollery, Brian; Mounter, Stuart Report May 1, 2010 6716
The psychology of regional development. Sorensen, Tony Report Jan 1, 2010 5963
Democracy in global governance: the promises and Pitfalls of transnational actors. Bexell, Magdalena; Tallberg, Jonas; Uhlin, Anders Report Jan 1, 2010 8644
Politics as usual for the professoriate: career scholars are routinely tapped for high-level policymaking jobs in government. Lum, Lydia Dec 24, 2009 776
Institutional studies 'should' be given higher priority. Brief article Oct 1, 2009 178
Ranking regions--revisiting an index of relative indigenous socio-economic outcomes. Biddle, Nicholas Report Sep 1, 2009 10387
Maximising the benefits of development in Australia's far north. Stoeckl, Natalie; Stanley, Owen Survey Sep 1, 2009 9726
Pathways to the use of health services research in policy. Gold, Marsha Report Aug 1, 2009 8519
Commentary: understanding the underlying politics of health care policy decision making. Blendon, Robert J.; SteelFisher, Gillian K. Aug 1, 2009 2815
Policy change and the politics of ideas: the emergence of the Canada/Quebec pension plans. Babich, Kristina; Beland, Daniel Viewpoint essay Aug 1, 2009 8421
Jon Voight slams Obama of being "false prophet". Brief article Jun 10, 2009 110
Public Affairs renamed to reflect members' interests. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 83
Insights for policymakers from a medicine price survey in Rajasthan. Kotwani, Anita; Gurbani, Nirmal; Sharma, Sangeeta; Chaudhury, R.R. Report Apr 1, 2009 2176
Responding to the demand for quicker evaluation findings. Nunns, Heather Report Apr 1, 2009 4905
The perils of forgetting fairness. Dorff, Michael B.; Ferzan, Kimberly Kessler Mar 22, 2009 11594
Do crises help remedy regulatory failure? A comparative study of the Walkerton water and Jerusalem banquet hall disasters. Schwartz, Robert; McConnell, Allan Mar 1, 2009 8926
Residential intensification in a suburban fringe local government area, Casey, Melbourne Metropolitan area, Australia. Phan, Thu; Peterson, Jim; Chandra, Shobhit Report Jan 1, 2009 6760
Men and gender mainstreaming: prospects and pitfalls of a European strategy. Scambor, Christian; Scambor, Elli Report Sep 22, 2008 6649
Teaching policy analysis as research: consideration and extension of options. O'Connor, Mary Katherine; Netting, F. Ellen Report Sep 22, 2008 6146
Two complementary views of peacemaking: the Palestinian-Israeli case. Handelman, Sapir Essay Sep 22, 2008 5263
Clearing hurdles: key reforms to make small business more successful. Tomlin, Ben Report May 15, 2008 8220
House prices in the measurement of inflation in the euro area. O'Sullivan, Roisin Apr 1, 2008 11911
Partnership and participation: contradictions and tensions in the social policy space. Keevers, Lynne; Treleaven, Lesley; Sykes, Chris Report Mar 22, 2008 6908
Professionalizing policy analysis in Canada. Clark, Ian D. Report Mar 1, 2008 3938
Co-production in a Maori context. McKenzie, Donna; Whiu, Te Atarangi; Matahaere-Atariki, Donna; Goldsmith, Keryn; Kokiri, Te Puni Report Mar 1, 2008 5315
A qualitative study of letters to President Kennedy from persons with mental illness and their families: using the research poem in policy oriented research. Furman, Rich; Shukraft, Allison Dec 1, 2007 4544
On the role of government in transition: the experiences of China and Russia compared. Miller, Jeffrey B.; Tenev, Stoyan Dec 1, 2007 10250
Reconstructing the wall of virtue: maxims for the co-evolution of environmental law and environmental science. Ruhl, J.B. Sep 22, 2007 9238
Data-driven policy. Lansky, David; Bass, Gary D.; Ayres, Ian; Benson, Larisa; Radin, Beryl A. Sep 22, 2007 2558
Policy advice during a crisis. Kimenyi, Mwangi S.; Mwabu, Germano Report Sep 22, 2007 5905
Reengineering of local governance in the post-conflict situation in Nepal. Adhikari, Damodar Report Jul 1, 2007 10651
An estimated DSGE model for the United Kingdom. DiCecio, Riccardo; Nelson, Edward Jul 1, 2007 7587
Commentary. Fukac, Martin; Pagan, Adrian Report Jul 1, 2007 5000
The Worcester Regional Research Bureau: promoting a healthier, more prosperous climate for the region's citizens and businesses, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of government operations, and identifying trends to improve management. Jun 22, 2007 2934
The lessons of a very political life/ Lecons tirees d'une vie consacree a la politique. Pawley, Howard Report Jun 22, 2007 10910
The promise of data-driven policymaking: the federal government is only scratching the surface in its use of information technologies to collect, analyze, and use data in innovative ways. Esty, Daniel; Rushing, Reece Jun 22, 2007 3185
Social policy at the 2004 election. Duckett, S.J. Mar 22, 2007 5448
Introduction. High, Steven Mar 22, 2007 7705
Cooperation in human service contracting: effective public managers build cooperative relationships to negotiate agreements with diverse parties. Gooden, Vincent Mar 22, 2007 2315
Controlling the levers of power: how advocacy organizations affect the regulation writing process. Hoefer, Richard; Ferguson, Kristin Mar 1, 2007 7566
Necessary knowledge for communications policy: information asymmetries and commercial data access and usage in the policymaking process. Napoli, Philip M.; Seaton, Michelle Mar 1, 2007 16221
Education reform. Brief article Feb 8, 2007 167
United Nations Ratings Remain at Lowest Ebb; Still, Americans want U.N. to contribute to international policy making. Survey Feb 8, 2007 697
Integrating the principles of sustainable development into public policy oriented curricula and syllabi [paragraph]. Dogo, Harun; Jaganjac, Azra Report Jan 1, 2007 1623
Understanding Environmental Policy. Weible, Christopher M. Critical essay Dec 1, 2006 750
Madrid Forum Aims to Help EU Populations Be Heard. Hideg, Gergely; Naurath, Nicole Survey Oct 26, 2006 496
Improving public policy communication in Belgium: government managers can better inform citizens of proposed policies by ensuring their information is complete, timely, and accurate. Gelders, Dave Sep 22, 2006 1989
Tribunals and guidelines: exploring the relationship between fairness and legitimacy in administrative decision-making. Houle, France; Sossin, Lorne Sep 22, 2006 12355
Policy organizations: an insider's view. Schuyler, Michael Sep 22, 2006 777
In need of nuance: what the academy can teach. Barnett, Michael Jun 22, 2006 3116
Access to power: research in international policymaking. Willinsky, John Jun 22, 2006 2461
Practicing theory: management in HIV intervention. Ramakrishnan, Aparajita; Alexander, Ashok Jun 22, 2006 2288
Introduction: think tanks in Austria, Switzerland and Germany--A recalibration of corporatist policy making? Jochem, Sven; Vatter, Adrian Jun 22, 2006 3308
Brazil and Peru consult with their people to set health agenda. Brief article May 1, 2006 249
Policy governance is critical to success. Israel, Lisa Apr 1, 2006 1477
Resultant fury: affecting the strategic battlespace with effects-based public affairs. Faggard, David Mar 22, 2006 1742
Rules for monetary policy. Woodford, Michael Mar 22, 2006 4648
The dynamics of faith-based policy initiatives: a roundtable symposium. Moreno-Riano, Gerson Mar 22, 2006 2552
Faith-based public policy: a defense. Rush-Sisterhen, Krista; Stalker, Ryan Essay Mar 22, 2006 3314
The faith-based initiative and the freedom of the church. Veltri, Stephen C. Essay Mar 22, 2006 5705
Recent C.D. Howe Institute publications. Bibliography Feb 1, 2006 601
Policy makers in the making: Cornell Capital Semester; Interns in the Cornell Capital Semester are truly battle tested in the workings of the nation's most complex state government--and they come through with flying colors. Winter, Metta Aug 1, 2005 566
Congressional research reports free online. Brief Article Jul 8, 2005 173
Altering state policy: interest group effectiveness among state-level advocacy groups. Hoefer, Richard Jul 1, 2005 5389
Advocacy and argumentation in the public arena: a guide for social workers. Lens, Vicki Jul 1, 2005 5185
Making space for planning debates in Canada/Faire place aux debats sur l'amenagement au Canada. Skelton, Ian Jun 22, 2005 1588
Rethinking place in planning: opportunities in Northern and Aboriginal planning in Nunavut, Canada. Nilsen, Erik Borre Jun 22, 2005 4848
Policy makers' preferences, party ideology, and the political business cycle. Mendez, Fabio Apr 1, 2005 8591
Classroom games: candidate convergence. Wilson, Rick K. Apr 1, 2005 5034
Exporting governance: Lithuania adapts a Canadian policy management model. Evans, Gordon Mar 22, 2005 10756
What is a life worth? Despite its prima facie callousness, determining the value of a human life is necessary for good public policy. Brannon, Ike Dec 22, 2004 3777
Renegotiating Kyoto: a computer-aided role play. Courard-Hauri, David Dec 22, 2004 3022
ACF policy review. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 139
Forget politicizing science. Let's democratize science! Science advising in government is unavoidably political, but we must make a concerted effort to ensure that it is democratic. Guston, David H. Sep 22, 2004 2398
Science, politics, and U.S. democracy: unless scientists and policymakers learn to work together effectively, both domains will suffer. Branscomb, Lewis M. Sep 22, 2004 4245
Can Policy Drive Change? Eight insights that future policy developers should consider on how emerging e-government policy and operations are beginning to effect change at the federal level. McGoff, Chris Sep 22, 2004 968
Network security policy: best practices. Illustration Sep 1, 2004 2502
Debunking life-balance myths. Denes, Shary Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 260
HHS cites progress on homelessness. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 263
Say what? Leche, Paul Jun 1, 2004 363
Third way social governance: where is the state? Reddel, Tim May 1, 2004 5855
Issues of method in analyzing the policy response to emergencies. Tushnet, Mark V. May 1, 2004 5452
Emergencies and political change: a reply to Tushnet. Posner, Eric A.; Vermeule, Adrian May 1, 2004 1658
Board of Directors adopts plan to strengthen NLC policy process, link policy to advocacy. Becker, Christine Dec 22, 2003 872
The predictability of FOMC Decisions: evidence from the Volcker and Greenspan Chairmanships. Laksanasut, Surachit Oct 1, 2003 9374
Intersections of diversity. Donaldson, Ian; Jedwab, Jack Editorial Sep 22, 2003 3620
Advancing a perspective on the intersections of diversity: challenges for research and social policy. Wilkinson, Lori Sep 22, 2003 6111
"Good governance": the metamorphosis of a policy metaphor: "governance" quickly became a household word, but as is often true of buzzwords, there has hardly been a consensus as to what it means, and even less of an idea as how it could be applied more concretely. Doornbos, Martin Sep 22, 2003 7212
Local and global: international governance and civil society: it is inconceivable that any Northern donor or international NGO could begin to match the diversity of experience and knowledge already extant within the Third World. Fisher, Julie Sep 22, 2003 9889
Humanities for policy--and a policy for the humanities: scientists have been asked to demonstrate their value to policymakers; now humanists must show what they have to offer. Frodeman, Robert; Mitcham, Carl; Pielke, Roger, Jr. Sep 22, 2003 2564
National, regional, and global governance: one phenomenon or many? Krahmann, Elke Jul 1, 2003 9056
Coalition applauds mayor's vision. Jan 1, 2003 440
Defining U.S. foreign policy in a post-post-Cold War world. Haass, Richard N. Jan 1, 2003 4252
Hong Kong's CyberPort: do government and high tech mix? Ostrov, Benjamin C. Sep 22, 2002 7954
Bounded evaluation: cognition, incoherence, and regulatory policy. Coglianese, Cary Jun 1, 2002 10992
The White House counsel's office. (Articles). Borrelli, Maryanne; Hult, Karen; Kassop, Nancy Dec 1, 2001 11727
Congressional support of the president: a comparison of foreign, defense, and domestic policy decision making during and after the Cold War. Prins, Brandon C.; Marshall, Bryan W. Dec 1, 2001 9593
The two presidencies, 1984-98: a replication and extension. (Research Note). Schraufnagel, Scot; Shellman, Stephen M. Dec 1, 2001 3149
From "Iron Triangles" to "Golden Pentangles"? Globalizing the Policy Process. Cerny, Phil Oct 1, 2001 5126
A Framework to Compare Environmental Policies. Fullerton, Don Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 14950
The Fed's Depression and the Birth of the New Deal. ROBERTS, PAUL CRAIG; STRATTON, LAWRENCE M. Aug 1, 2001 5985
Worldwide Changes in Policy Research. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 260
No doubt, you need clout. Cherrin, Daniel Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 592
Administration. Brief Article Mar 22, 2001 846
Source Material: Presidents and Polling: Politicians, Pandering, and the Study of Democratic Responsiveness. SHAPIRO, ROBERT Y.; JACOBS, LAWRENCE R. Mar 1, 2001 9138
The New Washington Agenda. MORSE, NEIL J. Mar 1, 2001 3909
THE PESTICIDE PROBLEM. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 89
Filling the Policy Vacuum Created by OTA's Demise. CHUBIN, DARYL E. Dec 22, 2000 1216
Public Policy Fellowships Available in New Zealand. Brief Article Nov 20, 2000 223
Colleges, Localities Explore Public Administration Partnerships. Anderson, Sharon D. Brief Article Nov 13, 2000 672
`The Promise of Policy Governance': Model Emphasizes Empowerment, Visioning for Staff, Citizens. Conduff, Michael A.; Rose, Kandy B. Brief Article Jul 17, 2000 750
Science Advocacy and Scientific Due Process. ANDERSON, FREDERICK R. Jun 22, 2000 3662
Exploring the Depths of Policy Analysis. Brief Article Jun 22, 2000 491
Utilitarian Decisions in the Environmental Health Sciences. Joseph, Timothy W. Oct 1, 1999 3240
Military Supremacy And How We Keep It. THOMPSON, LOREN B. Oct 1, 1999 7802
Precautionary tale. Bailey, Ronald Apr 1, 1999 3194
The Presidency as a Learning Organization. PONDER, DANIEL E. Mar 1, 1999 8435
Environmental health policy decisions: the role of uncertainty in economic analysis. Phelan, Michael J. Dec 1, 1998 3453
How Minnesota adopted workers' compensation. Kantor, Shawn Everett; Fishback, Price V. Mar 22, 1998 9930
The comparative study of public economies. Ostrom, Elinor Mar 22, 1998 9877
Policy entrepreneurs: the third dimension in American foreign-policy culture. Khan, M.A. Muqtedar Sep 1, 1997 7445
Canada's policy research capacity: observations from the public policy forum. Kmiecic, Eva Mar 22, 1997 1604
Reinventing the governance in government: the next frontier for city councils. Carver, John Jan 27, 1997 779
Reflections on consumer sophistication and its impact on ethical business practice. Titus, Philip A.; Bradford, Jeffrey L. Jun 22, 1996 8204
Fledgling policymakers tackle tough issues. Jul 1, 1994 444
Do legislators vote their constituents' wallets? Vandoren, Peter M Oct 1, 1993 7197
Reducing poverty in developing countries--some basic principles for policy design ([dagger]). de Tray, Dennis Lecture Dec 22, 1989 11858

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