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Policy deals with problem behaviour.

The Community Services Department is looking at a new policy to deal with badly behaved children at camps, swim times, and other programs.

In an Apr. 7 report, Darin Ayres, Interim Director of Community Relations, noted that prior to the initialization date, there was no clear policy in place to deal with situations and that program leaders, coordinators, and directors handled incidents based on past experience.

Ayres proposed that staff now use a staged disciplinary process to deal with miscreants and judge cases according to severity. The policy will allow staff to follow guidelines in a clear and consistent way, Ayres said, and takes away some of the uncertainty with a judgment call.

Behaviour offences include rude comments, not following rules, stealing, vandalism, violent acts, and degrading, harassing or bullying another participant.

Here is the proposed protocol:

* Mild or moderate cases of misbehaving are coded yellow and receive three verbal warnings before parents are notified, and a yellow form is sent home to be signed by parents and returned to staff.

* Code Orange cases involve consistent bullying, harassing, inappropriate slurs, racial threats, swearing, or a continuation of the same bad behaviour that was warned against in a previous Code Yellow situation. The violations are designated moderate to severe. An orange form is sent home with the child and returned to staff signed by the parent.

* Code Red discipline cases involve hitting, punching, biting, or attacking other participants or staff, or the continuation of the same behaviour from previous Code Yellow and Orange incidents. The caregiver will be contacted immediately and the child sent home and banned from that specific program.

Children can be barred from programs from between one to several months to indefinitely.

Children who are removed from programs because of bad behaviour will not be reimbursed their registration costs.

Since Jul. 1, 2013, the initiation of the test phase of the new policy, three children out of several hundred have been ejected from programs.

Council will consider final approval of the policy at its Apr. 29 meeting.
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Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Apr 28, 2014
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