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Police whingers; You Say

IHEARa lot ofwhingeing by senior and junior police officers and their representative bodies about howit''s unfair that they get criticised if they use too much force or too little force to deal with situations.

The issue is not about an absolute use of force but a proportionate use of force in each circumstance. It''s this that they keep on getting wrong.

There has been too much force and aggression on the student, G-20 and countryside demonstrations - treating everybody as a probable rioters.

At the same time there has been too little when people were actually rioting.

theECHOis holidays to (Aug 16).

If they can''t understand this then they shouldn''t be in the job, let alone insist that they are professionals. Until the police and the IPCC complaints organisation are reformed we will be subject not just to riots getting out of control and innocent people being kettled for many hours but further deaths at the hands of the police such as those of Tomlinson and De Menezes.

ECHOplease to the good Hunts Cross Mark Bill, L12
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 20, 2011
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