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Police were right to go after evil Clifford; LETTERS.

PS100 Letter

History cannot diminish the horrors of the past, as we learnt from Sharon Elliot's shocking account of being sexually assaulted by Max Clifford.

Much criticism has been heaped upon the Crown Prosecution Service and the police for what's described as an over-the-top reaction to decades-old allegations.

There are times when raking over old coals isn't appropriate - but not where monsters like Clifford are concerned. He is proof that these cases - however far in the past - are always worth investigating.

For victims like Sharon Elliot they bring much-needed closure.

Sue Durrant Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

A lot of people don't come forward sooner for fear of not being believed. The Jimmy Savile case has given these people the confidence to speak up now. I hope she [Sharon Elliot] can move on with her life now x

Sarah Owen

For victims of Max Clifford, the pain and anguish is never likely to go away.

Sharon Elliot has had 30 years of torment because of the actions of this wicked individual.

For Clifford there is light at the end of the tunnel. He will be free in no time and his mansion, flashy cars and wealth will still be there

I applaud Judge Anthony Leonard for sentencing Clifford to eight years. But the reality is he will only serve a fraction of this time - and even that will be within the walls of one of our softer prisons.

Rocky Webster Taunton, Somerset

Your report on the carer who manhandled an elderly dementia sufferer and ignored her screams truly shocked me.

She should have been prosecuted.

Carers are supposed to log their patients' behaviour when they refuse their shower, not mistreat them in this way.

This could be happening up and down the country but unless there are hidden cameras the so-called carers will get away with it.

Margaret White Edinburgh

Not all carers are the same. Yes, there are some bad people out there who shouldn't be allowed to work in care and it's disgusting what they do.

I'm a carer myself and I would never dream of hurting anyone that way. I'm there to help look after them. They have worked hard all their lives and some have helped defend our country.

I like to think that I can help look after them in their older years and make their lives that bit easier. Emma Margaret I loved reading your story last week about Gary Barlow turning up to surprise Louise Francis on her wedding day.

He seems like a nice guy. Even nicer is Louise's bridesmaid Emily Alcorn who staged a year-long Twitter campaign to get him there. Well done Emily, you're a great friend.

C Walters, by email

I'd rather remember the day for marrying the love of my life than remembering it because my fave pop star sang to me... Eurgh! It's a wedding not a pop concert!

Lola Wyn Jones

As you reported last week, Judge Erik Salmonsen refused to jail pervert James Cole for amassing Britain's biggest collection of vile child porn.

He said it was in the public's interest that Cole should be put on a treatment programme instead.

I'm sure I speak for decent members of the public everywhere in opposing Judge Salmonsen's claim that he's speaking for us.

What the public does want is children protected by a justice system which favours THEM rather than sick b*****ds like Cole. And this case shows that system is still a long way from getting its priorities right.

Billie Jo Gibson West Denton, Tyne and Wear

The justice system is a laughing stock! The judge should be removed from his position.

Gillian Turner

Denise Hardwick admits people will think she is the stupidest woman in Britain. As you reported last week she got a second Gambian toyboy months after divorcing her previous one because she realised he only wanted her money and a UK visa.

It's clear that these men only want her for what she can give them. I hope she comes to her senses and finds a man who loves her for who she is.

Natasha Carr Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

I pity her 11-yearold son. He should come first not her foolish middle aged whims.

Caroline Roberts

My heart goes out go Cheryl Mitchell, who suffers from trichotillomania (TTM), which makes sufferers pull out their own hair. As you reported last week, she now fears her daughter might have it too.

Not enough is known about TTM. There is no cure and people who have never had it find it very difficult to understand. I hope Cheryl, her daughter Claire and the many other sufferers of this awful illness find a way to beat it for good.

Marie Greenhalgh Burnley, Lancashire

So supermarkets are slashing prices but - as you revealed last week - many products on offer cost the same or were CHEAPER last year.

Do these supermarkets take us for mugs? I'm aware of which supermarket sells the products I want at the best price. My bills went down PS40 a week when I switched supermarkets three years ago.

Stephanie Bryn Liverpool


Scarred: victim Sharon. Inset: Clifford
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Date:May 11, 2014
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