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Police warning after bike thief strikes.

POLICE are warning bike owners to be on their guard after an experienced thief was caught on camera in Coventry.

The three minute clip - posted on YouTube a few days ago - shows a thief sauntering up to a property in Earlsdon before spotting the bike.

He quickly removes a pair of bolt cutters from his jacket before getting to work on the bike lock.

After 90 seconds of straining to cut through the lock the thief hears someone nearby and quickly stashes the bolt cutters before casually leaning on a nearby wall as two women walk past.

He even gestures towards the pedestrians and pretends to smoke, before returning to the bike.

The thief spends another minute wrestling with the lock before cutting through it and grabbing the bike, putting it on the pavement and cycling away.

A spokesman for Coventry Police said the footage would be passed to force CID as the bike thief appears to be an experienced criminal. The spokesman suggested that the Earlsdon theft could be linked to others at Canley train station.

The uploader who posted the video - who uses the name Bike Theef - only identifies the area as Coventry.

The bike was pinched at 11.50pm on Sunday, September 29.

The thief was wearing a white cap and white jumper, covered in a black waterproof, black trousers and trainers. Police are working to cut bike crime across Coventry - even using "tracker bikes" to catch criminals.

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MAKING OFF: The thief as he appears on YouTube
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
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Date:Oct 5, 2013
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