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Police search 10 locations in connection with Shigenobu.

TOKYO, Dec. 20 Kyodo

Police said Wednesday they searched 10 locations believed to have links with Japanese Red Army founder Fusako Shigenobu, who is alleged to have used forged passports in violation of the Passport Law.

Police seized some 30 items while searching the locations in Tokyo and five other prefectures, including the home of a ward assemblywoman in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward, a printing company in Tachikawa, western Tokyo, and the office of the People's Newspaper in Osaka's Minato Ward.

Metropolitan Police Department officials said the search covered places used by people involved in the People's Revolution Party, an organ the terrorist group set up in Syria in 1991.

It was the fourth time the police have carried out searches in connection with Shigenobu's alleged violation of the Passport Law.

Prosecutors are expected to indict Shigenobu, 55, on Friday, when her period of police detention expires.

Shigenobu admitted during a hearing at the Tokyo District Court on Dec. 12 that she used other persons' names and family registers illegally.

She is suspected of obtaining a forged passport around November 1997 and another around March this year, and of using them to travel between Japan and other countries between December 1997 and September this year.

Shigenobu has been indicted for her roles in the 1974 seizure of the French Embassy in The Hague.

She was arrested in Osaka on Nov. 8, after 30 years on the run from the Japanese police, on suspicion of conspiring with three comrades to confine the ambassador and 10 members of staff at the embassy, as well as attempted murder during the 1974 incident, in which two policemen suffered gunshot wounds.
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Publication:Japan Policy & Politics
Date:Dec 25, 2000
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