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Police have found part of the gun that may have killed Kuciak.

Police officers searched the sites indicated by Miroslav Marek, who confessed his guilt in Kuciak's murder.The firearms that may be linked to the murders carried out by Miroslav Marek have been discovered by the police near Kolarovo (Nitra Region), the Tvnoviny.

sk news website reported.Marek is one of the suspects in the case of the investigative journalist Jan Kuciak's murder.

He recently confessed to murdering the journalist and his fiancee.Marek is also suspected of murdering businessman Peter Molnar three years ago, Tvnoviny.

sk reported. Guns in two riversThe suspect took police investigators to the sites where he got rid of the weapons.

The gun, which is believed to have killed Molnar, was reportedly found in the Little Danube River on April 16. It was manufactured in Germany, wrote.

On the same day, the police also found a gun barrel, which may be related to Kuciak's case, in the Vah River near Kolarovo.The police will continue searching on April 17, despite strong currents and a sandy riverbed.

In the meantime, the firearms will be examined, wrote.

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Publication:Slovak Spectator (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Date:Apr 17, 2019
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