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Police guard for anti-racism group; Threats to meeting from fascists.


ANTI-racist campaigners will today receive police protection after far right extremists threatened to disrupt their annual meeting.

Threats were made on two fascist web sites to disturb the AGM of the Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism.

Police have also advised the meeting's guest speaker not to attend after he was named on the racist websites.

The speaker, who the Daily Post has agreed not to identify, is a reporter for anti-fascist magazine Searchlight.

The two web sites carry links to Combat 18, Order of White Knights and an internet site called Red Watch, which lists personal details and photos of anti-racist campaigners.

In the past, extremists have held violent demonstrations after the details of the meetings were posted on the websites. A spokesman for Merseyside Police said officers would be on standby during the AGM at the Friends Meeting House on Paradise Street in Liverpool city centre.

``We are aware of the meeting and have made appropriate arrangements for an event of this kind.

``We have carried out the relevant pre-event research and police will meet the organisers immediately before the meeting.

``It (the meeting) will be monitored through officers on patrol in the area. ''

The Coalition's chairman, Alec McFadden, said: ``The meeting will go ahead because we have important work to do. We are going about our legal business to make sure Merseyside is a fascist and racist-free region.

``We are as confident as we can be about our safety, given the lunatics out there. ''

Mr McFadden, who is also president of Merseyside TUC, was last year placed under police protection after photos were posted on another fascist website.

The single father-of-two and two other Merseyside union leaders were described as ``freaks'' and ``scumbags''.

Emails were also sent to Mr McFadden with photos of his house and car.

A spokesman for Searchlight said last night: ``Details were put on the web sites of where the meeting was and who the individuals are who are organising it.

``In the past, it has led to people coming along and trying to wreck the meetings.

``They put a camera in your face and then put your picture on Red Watch.

``We have decided not to attend -- not because we are scared, because we are not, we are just not stupid. ''
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 2, 2004
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