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Police chief's 'fee'.

I RECENTLY read that Cleveland Police Chief Constable Sean Price (pictured right) receives a pounds 50,000 retention package, honorarium of pounds 24,000 and pounds 74,000 salary, raising his income to pounds 200,000.

The North-east has massive issues of crime from drugs, theft and prostitution, but this is ridiculous. The officers are paid peanuts for putting themselves in the line of fire while the top brass receive outrageous salaries.

No doubt there will be responses to my letter about statistics on the reduction in crime, but the reality is pounds 200,000 is outrageous.

SAJAAD KHAN, Middlesbrough * * * * * * HOW generous that the Chief Constable be given an honorarium, which is described in my dictionary as "a fee for professional services rendered". I thought that would have been his not inconsiderable wages.

Isn't it telling that opposite the word honorarium is the word hoodwink?

PERCY POTTS, Marton * * * * * * WITH the Chief Constable of Cleveland receiving over pounds 200,000 per year, which is ten times more than the average wage in Teesside, it just goes to show how much public spending is spiralling out of control when Government officials can award themselves pay rises out of all proportion to what they do.

We are told crime in Teesside has dropped 17% under police chief Sean Price's watch, but for that you have to allow for the fact that Middlesbrough was the car crime capital of Britain, so to go up would have been nigh on impossible, with more police officers and more back up staff than ever before.

It would have caused a lot of concern if these extra police did not have some affect. Also does one imagine if Sean Price was to disappear tomorrow, crime would soar out of proportion? No, he would just be replaced by the next guy in line for the job.

Also, if he is doing such a great job, why are there stories featured in the Gazette (07.07.09) about three schools being vandalised and a man in Grangetown having to have his leg amputated after being attacked by men with machetes.

No, crime is not beaten in Teesside, far from it, which means this Chief Constable does not deserve his pounds 200,000, which I for one resent paying towards.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jul 11, 2009
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