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Police advised residents to hire security guards.

Islamabad -- The capital police have advised Islamabad residents to hire private security guards to protect their homes against thieves and robbers during Eid holidays.Police said as a majority of the residents leave the capital to celebrate Eid in their hometowns; leaving their unattended homes vulnerable to thieves and robbers.

Similar to previous years, the capital police have issued a public awareness pamphlet giving residents some tips on ensuring the safety of their homes during the Eid vacation. However, many locals have expressed surprise at the police suggestion that residents and communities hire private security guards to look after their property.

'Make arrangement for guarding the streets through your mohalla committee. Many companies provide security guards on daily-wage basis. Some security firms also install home security gadgets like alarms, cameras etc,' the police pamphlet said.

The police also told the citizens to ensure that the interior and exterior of their houses are well lit in their absence, and if possible leave behind a servant to look after the home. Moreover, the police also warned the public to tell their hawkers not to deliver the newspaper in their absence 'since newspapers lying in the doors betray that residents are away.' In one of the two pamphlets, the police also directed the residents to inform their local police station if they were leaving their homes unattended during the holidays.

Furthermore, while many residents welcomed the police effort to raise awareness, some laughed and criticised the suggestion about hiring private security.

A police official said that while they will make all possible arrangements to ensure the security of unattended houses, it is still not possible for them to patrol every street.


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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Aug 20, 2018
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