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Police Release Body Camera Footage From Florida Shooting Rampage.

Police released body camera footage Monday capturing scenes from a Florida shooting in which two people were killed and another four were injured. Officers were called to a home in Sanford, a town north of Orlando, in March to respond to the ( shooting.

Allen Cashe, 31, allegedly shot and killed Latina Herring and her 8-year-old son Branden, before randomly shooting at other people on a nearby street, police said. The body camera video showed officers pursuing and capturing the suspect and returning to the scene to assist the victims.

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Sanford Police Officer Ivan Ivanov could be seen in the video initially pursuing Cashe in his police car with both the lights and the sirens off while he called other officers to assist him. The officer followed Cashe to a nearby apartment complex where Cashe exited the car with a gun.

"He's got a rifle on him! Rifle!" Ivanov said into his radio, warning other officers who were headed to the scene.

Ivanov then chased the suspect before losing him and running into another officer, Matthew Thornton. The two glimpsed Cashe again and pursued him.

"Come out with your hands up!" Thorton can be heard yelling on the video. "Let me see your hands! Now! I'm not gonna shoot you, but come out! Keep your hands up!"

The officers yelled at Cashe to get on the ground and keep his hands visible.

"I'm not moving," Cashe said in response as he got on the ground. "I'm not resisting. I take mine like a man."

Cashe was put inside the police car and taken into custody. Meanwhile, other officers responded to the house where the shooting took place. Outside, 61-year-old Bertis Herring was bleeding from a number of bullet wounds in his stomach.

"I'm gonna die," he could be heard saying. 

Other victims remained inside the house, though body camera footage from indoors was not released as per Florida law, according to the ( Orlando Sentinel.

Police said before the shooting took place, they had responded to an altercation between Cashe and a woman at a gas station involving stolen property. The situation appeared to be resolved when police left, though they received the call about the shooting just a short time later.

Cashe pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder, according ( to local WESH-TV . In other video released by police, he could be seen denying any involvement in the shooting.

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"You were involved in a shooting today?" an investigator asked him.

"I don't know nothing about a shooting," he said. "All I wanted was what was mine. My intention wasn't to harm nobody."

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