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Police Officer Pleads Not Guilty For Shooting Death Of Off-Duty Officer.

A St. Louis police officer pleaded not guilty Monday for the killing of an off-duty police officer.

Nathaniel Hendren, 29, was with Katlyn Alix, 24, and a third off-duty officer, Hendren's partner Patrick Riordan, ( on Jan. 24 at Hendren's apartment when the trio decided to start playing a game. The game ended up being an alternate take on Russian roulette as each of them took turns with a revolver loaded with a single bullet.

But instead of pointing the gun at themselves, they pointed the gun at each other.

The three kept passing the gun around and around, pulling the trigger with nothing happening. After passing it around several times, the gun finally went off in Hendren's hand while it was pointed at Alix.

Hendren was arrested not long after it happened and was charged with involuntary manslaughter for an officer. During his first hearing, his bail was first set at $50,000 but was eventually raised to $100,000.

The most recent hearing where Hendren reaffirmed his not guilty plea was due to his attorney's request for a new judge. The request was made due to comments made by the original judge that appeared bias against Hendren. Judge David Rothier, the original presiding judge, ended up recusing himself.

( According to reports , a woman stood up during the short hearing and screamed, "Lock him up!"  Alix's family and friends were in courthouse wearing "Justice for Alix" shirts. 

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:May 1, 2019
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