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Poland resists Dutch abortionists.

Warsaw -- Abortion rights activists from the group Women on Waves left Poland to sail home to the Netherlands on their abortion boat, the Langenort, after two weeks of international media fanfare and a visit to the Polish Parliament at the invitation of the Parliamentary Women's Group during the early summer.

The boat visit was highlighted by glowing international coverage that trumpeted the abortion rights activists while ignoring the pro-life organizations that represent the overwhelming majority of the Polish people. Lech Kowalewski, of the Polish Federation of Pro-life Movements, exhibited frustration at the media's biased coverage, explaining that Women on Waves' "main goal was not to give access to abortion. Its goal was to get access to the media." The glowing endorsements from the international media, in particular the BBC, helped give the group this fundraising support which it needed to further its attack on Poland's pro-life law.

It was unlikely that the boat could give the free abortions for which it was praised by the media, he said, because it could not provide the medical follow-ups required after the first use of RU-486. Lech rebuked Women on Waves, saying, "They want to trigger a propaganda campaign. They want to poison the minds of the people."

After the ship left, over seven hundred people from the small ocean-side town participated in a prayerful candlelight procession to the port. The people recognized that prayer was going to be needed because, as Lech explained, "This is just the beginning of the struggle."
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Title Annotation:Poland
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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