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Byline: By Fred Done

IF you fancy yourself as a bit of a bluffer, then no limit Texas Hold 'Em is the poker game for you.

In a no limit game it's easier to bluff because you can push many more chips into the pot than in a limit game.

This allows a player to bet a maximum of all the chips they have on the table. The majority of poker is no limit, including the biggest of them all - the World Series of Poker.

When playing no limit the philosophy behind winning the pots by bluffing is straightforward. The amount of chips that you obtain when winning a pot must be more than the amount of chips that you lose when you get caught bluffing.

In order to be a successful bluffer you need to consider your table image and play accordingly.

If other players at the table believe you are a tight player you should be able to bluff occasionally against your opponents.

However, if your table image is that you are a loose and aggressive player then you should not bluff because you will be called as an opponent will believe that you are always bluffing.

It's not only important to consider your own image but also take note of how others are playing round the table as this can give you an advantage.

Once you've got your table image and are going up against a player who also pays attention the question is, when should you make a bluff?

If you think you know how your opponent is playing then you can bet with nothing and push him out of the pot. However, there will be times when it is difficult to read the competition. This is when a semi bluff can be effective.

Asemi bluff is when you are pretty sure you don't have the best hand but could have should your opponent call.

It's so called because you don't want your opponent to call as it's likely that he or she has a better hand than your own. But if you are called you have a chance of your hand becoming the best.

Successful bluffing in No Limit Texas Holdem is very difficult. It's crucial to understand the competition, what cards they hold, how they are thinking and what they think of you.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a bluffer then why not try your hand at one of Betfred Poker's many No Limit tables. Here you can experiment with different techniques and hopefully make yourself atidy profit.

With plenty of practice you gain a better understanding about bluffing and it will become a natural part of your game.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 10, 2006
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