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Pokemon X and Y News: Free Celebi and More Pokemon Bank Details; TCG Collection X and Y Revealed.

Nintendo Direct has yielded another find for Pokemon X and Y, and ( this time, it's for a special Pokemon once the Pokemon Bank debuts.

According to ( Bulbanews , accessing the Pokemon Bank before Sept 30, 2014 will give you the special Celebi. This means that you have almost three quarters of a year to decide whether you want to avail of the Pokemon Bank--and in doing so, land yourself a special limited-offer Celebi.

Some details of the free Celebi have been revealed, such as its Level 10 bearing when downloaded, as well as Recover and Heal Bell moves. This Celebi for Pokemon X and Y also has a new move titled Hold Back, which is like a False Swipe, as well as Safeguard.

You can easily spot Celebi one you download the Pokemon Bank. It's on the main menu tagged as the Mystery Gift. You can also avail of the 30-day free trial for the Pokemon Bank, which will be available up until Jan 31, 2013, so you need to download it when it comes out on Dec 27 for Europe, North America, and Australia.

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More details on the Pokemon Bank

The ( official website for the Pokemon Bank has also been ( updated to include a few more details that you may want to know, in case you're planning to get the Pokemon Bank and grab that free Celebi at the same time.

First is that the developer and host of Pokemon Bank is Brigette. Pokemon Bank describes her as the brilliant mind behind it--and with good reason, since she is the older sister of Lanette, the computer technician who has appeared in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

In fact, this has spurned quite a lot of speculations, with the most obvious being that Hoenn is finally confirmed in Pokemon X and Y due to the connection of the sisters.

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The Pokemon Bank will also let you deposit lots of Pokemons from Pokemon X and Y and other games, and in doing so, will give you Poke Miles, depending on the length of time that they are deposited in the bank. The good thing about Poke Miles is that you can exchange them for items in Pokemon X and Y or use them in the Pokemon Global Link web site.

Brigette will also be in charge of rewarding you with Battle Points instead of Poke Miles. These can also be used in Pokemon X and Y by having them exchanged for TMS and items.

You will need to use an in-game option, the Pokemon Link, when transferring both the Poke Miles and Battle Points to Pokemon X and Y. The Pokemon Link can also be used to collect your Pokemons and deliver them to Pokemon X and Y, as it is located in the main menu of the games.

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Pokemon X and Y trading card collections revealed

Moving away from the Pokemon X and Y game (but not completely), ( Serebii has also mentioned that the Pokemon X and Y TCG - Wild Blaze has been announced via a retailer listing.

Touted to be Wild Blaze, this TCG will hit Japan stores on March 15, 2014. The details of the cards, however, are still left unknown. The Pokemon X and Y TCG will also be released at the same time as a Mega Battle Deck 60: Mega Charizard EX, though again, no details have been revealed as of writing.

In the area of released TCGs, the Pokemon TCG Collection X and Collection Y are already available in Japan, and are obviously, based on Pokemon X and Y.
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