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Dog owner hopes to warn others of adder bite threats while out on walk. FLAMINIA LUCK Reporter May 18, 2022 1199
Woman urges dog walkers to carry 'adder packs' after snake bite costs her £1,000; Owner Paula is urging dog walkers to carry 'adder packs' on countryside walks after it helped keep her precious pooch, Koda, safe following a poisonous snake bite at Northumberland National Park. By, Flaminia Luck & Nia Dalton May 16, 2022 887
Dog owner issues warning as beloved pet is bitten by a venomous snake in the North East countryside; Koda needed urgent veterinary treatment at a cost of £1,000. By, Flaminia Luck & Annette Belcher-BM & Flaminia Luck May 15, 2022 1293
Dog owner issues warning as beloved pet is bitten by a venomous snake in the North East countryside; Koda needed urgent veterinary treatment at a cost of £1,000. By, Flaminia Luck & Annette Belcher-BM & Flaminia Luck May 15, 2022 1293
British tourists warned of venomous snake threat in Spain this summer; Spain is home to five types of poisonous snakes and about 10 non-poisonous snakes. By, Leigh McManus & Elliot Ball May 5, 2022 467
Puppy 'floppy and unresponsive' after adder bite to face during walk on moors left owner 'petrified'; Cockerdor Rocco's owners thought they were going to lose him -but a £1.8k vet bill later, he's thankfully recovering at home. By, Joanne Welford May 3, 2022 808
North East dog owner 'petrified' puppy was going to die after being bitten on the face by poisonous snake; Hollie Serginson thought her 16-week-old puppy was going to die after an adder snake bit his face. By, Nia Dalton & Joanne Welford & Sophie Brownson May 3, 2022 520
Man dies after being bitten by rattlesnake as he showed it off to crowd at festival; Eugene De Leon Sr died in hospital eight hours after being airlifted from his hometown of Freer, Texas, in the US -where he was performing at the annual snake show. By, Sam Ormiston May 3, 2022 487
Owner 'petrified' after puppy bitten in face by poisonous snake is unresponsive; Hollie Serginson, from Lingdale, thought her 16-week-old puppy was going to die after an adder snake bit his face and cost her £1.8k in vet bills -now she's warning other dog owners. By, Joanne Welford & Nia Dalton May 3, 2022 536
Venomous 3ft-long snake spotted slithering along UK beach as sightings lead to warning; Britain's only venomous snake was spotted on a beach in Dorset as the warm weather is increasing the number of times the reptiles are spotted throughout the year. By, Sarah Ping & Liam Buckler Apr 28, 2022 626
Adders spotted in beauty spots -what to do if you or your pet are bitten; Sightings reported of the UK's only venomous snake. By, Imogen McGuckin & Phil Norris Apr 26, 2022 613
Adders spotted in beauty spots -what to do if you or your pet are bitten; Sightings reported of the UK's only venomous snake. By, Imogen McGuckin & Phil Norris Apr 26, 2022 613
Adders spotted in beauty spots -what to do if you or your pet are bitten; Sightings reported of the UK's only venomous snake. By, Imogen McGuckin & Phil Norris Apr 26, 2022 613
Dog nearly dies after adder bite. CATHY OWEN Reporter Apr 25, 2022 581
Dog owners spend £3,500 to save their pet's life after he was bitten by an adder; Sam the Staffie spent three days fighting for his life after being bitten on the nose by an adder while out for a walk on the Gower, in south west Wales. By, Cathy Owen Apr 25, 2022 898
Princess Bride actor Cary Elwes airlifted to hospital after bitten by a rattlesnake; Cary Elwes was airlifted to hospital after bitten by a rattlesnake at his home in California. The 59-year-old was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre in LA. By, Christopher Bucktin Apr 25, 2022 273
Holidaymakers warned after deadly adder spotted at popular UK coastal beauty spot; A local came across Britain's only venomous snake while walking near Woodbury Castle near Exeter as the warm weather means they are more likely to be seen. By, Anita Merritt & Cameron Jenkins & Alahna Kindred Apr 25, 2022 487
The shocking facts you never knew about Harrods: From poisonous snakes guarding diamond jewels to selling cocaine; Yet the store comes from remarkably humble origins. By, Bea Isaacson Apr 23, 2022 578
Dog lucky to be alive after being bitten by adder on regular walk; A dog is lucky to be alive after being bitten by an adder on a walk in Tonyrefail, Wales, it takes four times a week. By, Cathy Owen Apr 23, 2022 584
'My dog nearly died after being bitten by an adder'; Ollie's concerned owner wants to raise awareness of the dangers. By, Cathy Owen Apr 23, 2022 625
Pet owners on high alert after venomous snake bites dog while out walking; Multiple sightings of venomous adder snakes have been made on the Llyn Peninsula in Wales, after a two-year-old spaniel named Willow was bitten and rushed to the vets for emergency treatment. By, Andrew Forgrave & Nia Dalton Apr 22, 2022 462
Girl rushed to hospital after picnic adder bite. BEN PERRIN News Reporter Apr 19, 2022 416
Schoolgirl taken to hospital after 'rare' venomous snakebite at family picnic; The eight-year-old was bitten by an adder at the Kinver Edge beauty spot over Easter weekend. By, Paul Suart & Ben Perrin Apr 19, 2022 406
Girl, 8, rushed to hospital after being bitten by venomous snake during Easter picnic; The youngster was injured at Kinver Edge, on the border of Worcestershire and Staffordshire, on Saturday before she was rushed to hospital for an urgent anti-venom injection. By, Ben Perrin & Ryan Fahey Apr 17, 2022 445
Public asked to keep their distance from adders. Apr 13, 2022 341
Warning for walkers as 'huge, scary' but 'awesome' snakes spotted in woodland; Admirers have described them as 'awesome' but be careful if you're out and about over Easter -they're the UK's only venomous snake. By, Kelley Price Apr 12, 2022 410
North London boy, 8, nearly died after being bitten by adder and hand swelled to '5 times the normal size'; Jake Closier, from North London, was playing in the sand dunes on holiday in Norfolk when the poisonous snake launched at him. By, Bradley Stokes & Hannah Kane Apr 12, 2022 789
Brit boy, 8, bitten by ADDER snake causing hand to swell up to five times normal size; Eight-year-old Jake Closier from London was on a day trip to a Norfolk beach when he was attacked by England's only venomous native snake in the sand dunes. By, Bradley Stokes & Charlie Duffield Apr 11, 2022 789
Boy, eight, rushed to hospital after poisonous snake bite on trip to UK beach; Jake Closier was with his family at Hemsby beach in Norfolk when he was bitten by an adder. By, Bradley Stokes & Elaine Blackburne Apr 11, 2022 716
Boy, eight, rushed to hospital after poisonous snake bite on trip to UK beach; Jake Closier was with his family at Hemsby beach in Norfolk when he was bitten by an adder. By, Bradley Stokes & Elaine Blackburne Apr 11, 2022 716
"Today, over 60 million mines around the world as sleeping viper are waiting for their prey. Apr 2, 2022 685
Spatiotemporal Patterns of Snake Captures and Activity in Upland Pine Forests. Schalk, Christopher M.; Weng, Yuhui H.; Adams, Connor S.; Saenz, Daniel Apr 1, 2022 7121
Snakebites: First aid tips for livestock. Mar 29, 2022 879
Venomous snake spotted in Welsh park; The RSPCA said people should enjoy watching these secretive animals from a distance and never try to pick one up. By, Jonathon Hill Mar 24, 2022 534
Metre-long venomous snakes have been spotted in Hounslow and people are sharing their stories of 'almost dying'; It's the first major spotting since the adders incident of 2017. By, Lea Dzifa Seeberg Mar 4, 2022 387
Crotalid Polyvalent F(ab)2 Antivenom Treatment in a Red-Tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis). Masri, Acacia; Berg, Kyra J.; Paul-Murphy, Joanne; Guzman, David Sanchez-Migallon Report Mar 1, 2022 3737
Rats destroy rice fields in Cotabato town. Feb 26, 2022 290
Inside eerie 'alien-like' eggs that contain the most venomous snakes in the world; Images show the veins and a dark mass seen through the shell, resembling an alien-like form -which will hatch into eastern brown snakes, some of the most deadly in the world. By, Alahna Kindred Feb 9, 2022 451
Personal Experience of Daboia siamensis Envenomation. Tsai, Tein-Shun; Liu, Chun-Chieh; Chuang, Po-Chun Dec 24, 2021 1738
British family discover deadly snake behind bauble while decorating Christmas tree; Rob and Marcela Wild were admiring their festive fir when they spotted a four-foot boomslang between the branches at their home in Cape Town, South Africa. By, Jamie Pyatt & Laura Sharman Dec 13, 2021 846
Man jailed for life after killing wife by setting hungry venomous cobra on her; Sooraj Kumar was found guilty of the murder of wife Uthra after experts told the court that deadly cobras do not climb into homes and prefer to live on the ground. By, Sam Elliott-Gibbs Nov 23, 2021 463
Taiwan hiker bitten by Thai spitting cobra. Nov 22, 2021 438
Man's penis rots after getting bitten by snake while he sat on toilet; A 47-year-old man from the Netherlands was left needing reconstructive surgery on his penis after it started rotting when a cobra struck while on a safari holiday in South Africa. By, Claire Gilbody-Dickerson Nov 5, 2021 385
27 Cobra eggs artificially hatched at Sylhet Agricultural University. Oct 26, 2021 168
The Borough of London which holds 20 venomous snakes inside residents' homes, including the deadly Saw Scaled Viper and Montpellier snake; Your neighbour could be hiding a deadly pet in their property. By, Finn Byrne Oct 18, 2021 385
Young Palestinian makes living from giant, dangerous snakes. Oct 5, 2021 707
Rattlesnakes on the Homestead: How can I keep my family, farm, and animals safe from snakes? Ludlam, Kat Oct 1, 2021 560
Diagnosing Snakebite Symptoms in Horses and Livestock. Thomas, Heather Smith Sep 22, 2021 1502
Brazilian viper venom may become tool in fight against Covid, study shows. Reuters News Service Sep 11, 2021 312
Brazilian viper venom may become tool in fight against Covid, study shows. Sep 11, 2021 302
Brazilian viper venom may become tool against Covid-19, study shows. Aug 31, 2021 302
Brazilian viper venom may become tool against Covid-19, study shows. Reuters News Service Aug 31, 2021 312
Horrifying moment girl, 5, bitten on the face by venomous snake at petting zoo; WARNING DISTRESSING FOOTAGE: Little Viktoria looked nervous as the reptile was put on her neck. By, Will Stewart & Lucy Skoulding Aug 30, 2021 388
A Study of Complications of Poisonous Snake Bites. Mohale, Sandip Ashok; Varma, Anuj Ramesh; Bharadiya, Gopikishan Ramkishan; Acharya, Sourya; Bawankul Clinical report Aug 9, 2021 4354
Police rush to attend 999 call claiming up to 70 venomous snakes escaped from flat; Dramatic video from the scene shows dozens of officers and police vehicles outside a building near Finsbury Park in North London. By, John James & Alahna Kindred Aug 7, 2021 311
Girl's foot swells to three times normal size after being bitten by venomous snake; Grace Roys, 11, from Middlesbrough, stepped on what is believed to be an adder, while at popular beauty spot Cod Beck Reservoir, in Osmotherley -leaving her foot in a "shocking condition". By, Katie Anderson Jul 19, 2021 502
Adder bite scares dog and his owner. KIERAN MURRAY @KIERANPMURRAY Jul 5, 2021 432
Brit dad blinded by King Cobra bite in India has now 'completely lost use of his legs'; Charity boss Ian Jones, 49, from the Isle of Wight, almost died when a deadly snake bit his hand and lower arm in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, in November last year. By, Matthew Dresch Jun 5, 2021 533
Keep snakes out of your chicken coop. May 1, 2021 777
Spiders (Arachnida: Araneae) feeding on snakes (Reptilia: Squamata). Nyffeler, Martin; Gibbons, J. Whitfield May 1, 2021 16345
Two dogs bitten by poisonous snakes. Apr 20, 2021 201
Adders warning as the venomous snake is spotted slithering on path in Gower, Swansea; Deaths from adder bites are incredibly rare but it remains the UK's only venomous snake. By, Robert Dalling Apr 19, 2021 477
Role of Neostigmine in Neurotoxic Snake Bite. V.S., Irshad; Godhiwala, Parth; Kumar, Sunil; Bagga, Charan Singh; Gupta, Anusha Apr 12, 2021 1208
Adder warning issued for Scotland as snakes emerge from hibernation; The UKs only venomous snake has started to emerge from hibernation prompting a warning from police and an animal charity. Katharine Hay Apr 7, 2021 315
US FDA Approves New Expanded Indication for Antivenom Anavip for Treatment of North American Pit Viper Envenomation. Apr 5, 2021 333
Cobra Resources encouraged by strike extensions identified at Wudinna. Apr 2, 2021 301
Cypriot bitten by pet cobra in Greece receives medication from Cyprus. Gina Agapiou Mar 20, 2021 172
Cypriot bitten by pet cobra in Greece receives medication from Cyprus. Mar 20, 2021 162
The Development of Mucosal Immunization as an Alternative Approach for Production of Antisera Against Saw Scale Viper from Sindh. Ahmed, Zameer; Zameera, Sambreen; Sharafat, Shaheen; Khanani, Muhammad Rafiq Mar 1, 2021 3457
Anti-5[sup.?]-Nucleotidases (5[sup.?]-ND) and Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) Activities of Medicinal Plants to Combat Echis carinatus Venom-Induced Toxicities. Aslam, Nazia; Fatima, Syeda; Khalid, Sofia; Hussain, Shahzad; Qayum, Mughal; Afzal, Khurram; Asad, M Report Feb 4, 2021 6948
Msambweni residents alarmed by marauding snakes. Jan 29, 2021 362
Fangs, but no fangs: Cobra has lost its bite. Stevie on the TV Jan 17, 2021 245
Anti-5[sup.?]-Nucleotidases (5[sup.?]-ND) and Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) Activities of Medicinal Plants to Combat Echis carinatus Venom-Induced Toxicities. Aslam, Nazia; Fatima, Syeda; Khalid, Sofia; Hussain, Shahzad; Qayum, Mughal; Afzal, Khurram; Asad, M Report Jan 1, 2021 6948
Cobra has bite to be a menace. MIKE WALTERS Dec 15, 2020 161
Power utility worker in Eastern Samar dead after cobra bite. Dec 3, 2020 215
200 people killed by snakebites EVERY DAY. Nov 27, 2020 985
Bonis face starvation as snakes invade hunting grounds. Nov 24, 2020 409
Brit charity worker bitten by cobra in India was '30 minutes from death'; Ian Jones is in intensive care after being bitten by a black king cobra between his lower arm and hand while he was already battling coronavirus. By, Aine Fox & Danya Bazaraa Nov 21, 2020 490
Brit dad bitten by cobra while battling coronavirus in India left blind and paralysed; Charity worker Ian Jones is in intensive care after the snake bite made his battle against the potentially deadly disease even tougher -and he's already experienced malaria and dengue fever too. By, Aine Fox Nov 20, 2020 545
Experience of Snakebite Envenomation by a Desert Viper in Qatar. Elmoheen, Amr; Salem, Waleed Awad; Haddad, Mahmoud; Bashir, Khalid; Thomas, Stephen H Medical condition overview Oct 12, 2020 4004
Boomslang (Dispholidus typus) envenomation in a patient on warfarin therapy. Corbett, C.; Lorente, V.Pillay-Fuentes; Muller, G.J.; van Rensburg, R. Clinical report Oct 1, 2020 2378
ADDER ALERT; Dog owners warned to keep look out for venomous snakes. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Jul 16, 2020 487
Man 'bitten by venomous adder snake' in his Great Coates garden; 'WITHOUT WANTING TO ALARM ANYBODY, AS THEY ARE VERY, VERY RARE, ESPECIALLY AROUND HERE, IT MAY BE WISE TO BE VIGILANT JUST IN CASE'. PAIGE FRESHWATER @PaigeFreshwater Jun 23, 2020 611
Colin Tizzard's Copperhead can strike gold; CHELTENHAM TIPS. DERRY ALLDRITT Mar 11, 2020 331
4-year-old dies from cobra bite. Mar 10, 2020 176
Maweni residents protest against snake infestation. Mar 6, 2020 278
Clinical Profile of Snake Envenomation with Complications and Outcome in a Tertiary Health Care Centre, Kalburgi. Shoukat, A.R.; Indikar, Muddasir Ahmed Medical condition overview Mar 2, 2020 2750
Snake charmer killed by savage king cobra bite while showing off 'magic skills'; WARNING -GRAPHIC IMAGE: The shaman, from Indonesia, repeatedly spun the cobra round and laughed as it became increasingly angry until he was bitten by the reptile. By, Neil Murphy Jan 29, 2020 517
Woman farmer dies after being bitten by cobra in Abra. Jan 23, 2020 137
Symptoms of snake bites. Jan 23, 2020 584
Protein structure of the venom in nine species of snake: from bio-compounds to possible healing agents. Cristina, R.T.; Kocsis, R.; Tulcan, C.; Alexa, E.; Boldura, O.M.; Hulea, C.I.; Dumitrescu, E.; Radul Jan 1, 2020 3835
Diagnosis and Management of Cardiac and Hepatic Toxicity due to Viper Envenomation in a Dog. Varshney, J.P.; Monapara, H.D. Jan 1, 2020 1073
Therapeutic Management of Snake Envenomation - A Report of Two Canines. Chandrasekar, M.; Logasri, T.S.; Thilagar, M.B. Jan 1, 2020 1006
Brazil milks deadly snakes for their life-saving venom. Compiled by Dona Cherian, Web News Editor Dec 10, 2019 866
Crotalus durissus ruruima Snake Venom and a Phospholipase [A.sub.2] Isolated from This Venom Elicit Macrophages to Form Lipid Droplets and Synthesize Inflammatory Lipid Mediators. de Carvalho, Ana Eduarda Zulim; Giannotti, Karina; Junior, Elbio Leiguez; Matsubara, Marcio; Dos San Nov 30, 2019 7427
Backpacker asked 'am I going to be all right?' just before dying from snakebite; Harry Evans, 23, was inspecting a net on a prawn trawler when he was bitten in the Gulf of Carpentaria. He became the second person in Australian history to die from a sea snake bite. By, Matthew Dresch Nov 27, 2019 390
Dubai community residents on high alert after repeated snake sightings. Saman Haziq Nov 7, 2019 836
Alibaba Cloud, Viper Technology strike business deal. Nov 4, 2019 208
Uncovered testimony shows the horror of attack on SS Athenia during Battle of the Atlantic. Oct 25, 2019 1259
MAGIC OND; Czech Cobra puts the bite on sloppy England. JOHN CROSS Oct 12, 2019 711
New viper sighting: UAE's deadliest land snake spotted in Dubailand. Anjana Kumar, Web Reporter Oct 10, 2019 822
Rabi wants to gift Modi poisonous snakes. Sep 5, 2019 246
Cardiogenic Shock due to Kounis Syndrome following Cobra Bite. Priyankara, W.D.D.; Manoj, E.M.; Gunapala, A.; Ranaweera, A.G.R.M.A.; Vithanage, K.S.; Sivasubramani Aug 31, 2019 1463
Clinical, Laboratory, and Therapeutic Aspects of Crotalus durissus (South American Rattlesnake) Victims: A Literature Review. Frare, Bruno Tumang; Resende, Yann Keller Silva; de Carvalho Dornelas, Bruno; Jorge, Miguel Tannus; Medical condition overview Aug 31, 2019 5671
Mike Posner bitten by rattlesnake, gets airlifted. Aug 11, 2019 182
King cobra kills Davao Sur farmer. Aug 7, 2019 312
SNAKE BITE! A rattlesnake vaccine offers protection against some bites, but more importantly is an extra step to ease your mind. Nixon, Lance Aug 1, 2019 1100
Adder bite alert after spaniel's brave fight. Aug 1, 2019 649
Toddler recovering from viper bite. Aug 1, 2019 133
Venomous snake slithered up children's pushchair as family strolled on beach; The incident was horrifying for the panicking parents. Jul 13, 2019 422
Adder strikes in Acklam; spaniel alfie bitten in head. Jul 9, 2019 619
Snakebite Do's and Don'ts. Jul 9, 2019 656
Mamba! Thailand needsStephff's biting satire. Jun 25, 2019 265
Locals believe that snakebites are due to witchcraft. Jun 24, 2019 995
Dog walkers warned of the risk of venomous snake attacks on pets; The warning follows reports of adder attacks in the UK. Jun 8, 2019 387
Odisha: Children rescue non-venomous snake. Jun 3, 2019 180
Optimization of [Tb.sup.3+]/[Gd.sup.3+] Molar Ratio for Rapid Detection of Naja Atra Cobra Venom by Immunoglobulin G-Conjugated GdP[O.sub.4] * n[H.sup.2]O:[Tb.sup.3+] Nanorods. Lien, Pham Thi; Huong, Nguyen Thanh; Huong, Tran Thu; Khuyen, Hoang Thi; Anh, Nguyen Thi Ngoc; Van, May 31, 2019 5199
Venomous snakes: Genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship in Big Four. May 27, 2019 885
Lamu villagers live in fear as venomous snakes invade homes. May 22, 2019 487
SNAKE'S ALIVE! Warning to watch your step as weather warms up. May 19, 2019 895
The places in Wales where you're most likely to be bitten by a poisonous snake; One woman was hospitalised this week after being bitten in Gower. May 18, 2019 853
Long-grass warning after surfer bitten by adder near car park. May 16, 2019 251
Alarm raised as dozens of king cobras killed. Apr 9, 2019 369
IN THE KNOW: The king cobra. Apr 9, 2019 324
FLING COBRA; 'Snakebite' Wright's out to bury 'zombie' memory; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 16, 2018 475
FLING COBRA; 'Snakebite' Wright's out to bury 'zombie' memory; DARTS PDC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ALEXANDRA PALACE, LONDON. Dec 16, 2018 483
FLING COBRA; 'Snakebite' Wright's out to bury 'zombie' memory; DARTS; PDC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP alexandra palace, london. Dec 16, 2018 474
There's bad and there's the worst of everything; Food, film & frights to skip. Nov 23, 2018 795
There's bad and there's the worst of everything; Food, film & frights to skip. Nov 23, 2018 799
Beasts next door; Pet talk. Nov 18, 2018 398
Thousands of 'wild' animals being kept in people's HOMES across the UK; The Born Free Foundation have revealed the full extent of 'wild' creatures in Brit homes: including lions, tigers, and even crocodiles. Nov 17, 2018 475
Snake George discovers new Cyprus snake. Nov 5, 2018 822
1100 Venomous Snakes recovered from a vehicle in Badin. Oct 12, 2018 135
1100 Venomous Snakes recovered from a vehicle in Badin. Oct 12, 2018 129
1,100 venomous snakes recovered from car in Badin. Oct 12, 2018 131
Sea snake tragedy: Grief-stricken mum of Harry Evans who was killed by deadly snake reveals moving final call from son moments before death; Brit backpacker Evans, 23, was killed by reptile pulling in a net while working on trawler off Australian coast. Oct 7, 2018 497
Green mamba snake found after biting 'owner' in Prague. Oct 6, 2018 313
Brit bitten by sea snake in Australia dies on backpacking trip; The 23-year-old man was pulling up a fishing net off Groote Eylandt, an island in Northern Territory, when he was bitten. Oct 5, 2018 443
British man dies from sea snake bite in Australia; Northern Territory Police said the man was bitten while pulling up a net. Oct 5, 2018 464
Over 6,500 bitten by insects, reptiles in Oman last year: Ministry. Aug 28, 2018 704
Five bitten by venomous snakes. Aug 26, 2018 168
Pet Labrador dies after adder bite; NEWS IN BRIEF. Aug 2, 2018 113
Boy bitten by venomous snake. Aug 2, 2018 188
Dog killed after bite from poisonous snake; 'SHE WAS SUCH A STRONG LABRADOR ...IT SHOWS YOU HOW VENOMOUS THE ADDER MUST HAVE BEEN'. Aug 1, 2018 529
Scientist finds new poisonous snake species. Jul 25, 2018 130
60 venomous snakes found in Maharashtra school's kitchen. Jul 15, 2018 149
Autonomic Dysfunction Manifesting as Severe Hypertension Following Cobra Envenomation: An Unusual Occurrence. Singh, Abhijeet; Balasubramanian, Viswesvaran; Gupta, Nitesh Case study Jul 1, 2018 2580
'I adder shock as I walked my dogs' WARNING OVER VENOMOUS SNAKES. Jun 12, 2018 588
Man survives after battle with rattlesnake. Jun 10, 2018 175
Man kills snake, get bitten by its severed head. Jun 8, 2018 390
A Texas man decapitated a rattlesnake. It bit him anyway and he nearly died, his wife says. Jun 8, 2018 897
Alert after three bitten by vipers on coastal path. Jun 7, 2018 504
Severed Rattlesnake Head Bites Man. Jun 7, 2018 355
Man bitten by adder spends three days in hospital after parts of his body start swelling up; He was one of three people reportedly bitten by snakes over the weekend on the Rhossili coastline. Jun 6, 2018 610
Three people have been bitten by adders in the space of two days at a Gower beauty spot; People are being warned to be extra careful. Jun 5, 2018 298
Two held with Tk 25cr cobra venom in city. May 26, 2018 192
Snake invades house in Antipolo, bites father of 2. May 3, 2018 223
Lamu residents complain of increased snake bites. Apr 20, 2018 404
Video Of Rattlesnake's Fight With Bobcat Goes Viral. Apr 6, 2018 353
Enjoy your local snakes - from a distance. Apr 4, 2018 354
Malaysian 'snake-handling celebrity' dies of cobra bite. Mar 16, 2018 141
Hidden Cobra Hackers Strike Turkish Financial Sector With Bankshot Malware. Mar 13, 2018 552
Could mesenchymal stem cell therapy help in the treatment of muscle damage caused by Bothrops alternatus venom?/Podem as celulas tronco mesenquimais auxiliarem no tratamento da lesao muscular causada pelo veneno de Bothrops alternatus? Telles, Thalita da Costa; Botelho, Ana Flavia Machado; de Miranda, Ana Luisa Soares; Soto-Blanco, Be Mar 1, 2018 1977
Dramatic Photo Shows King Cobra, Giant Python Strangle Each Other. Feb 3, 2018 439
Delicious Azerbaijani dish named after poisonous snake. Jan 17, 2018 508
A STUDY ON POISONOUS SNAKEBITES FROM NORTHERN KERALA. Prabhakaran, K.; Mukandan, P.K.; Surag, M.K. Report Jan 8, 2018 1364
Angler dies from cobra bite. Jan 8, 2018 311
Mysterious Eggs Found In School Yard May Belong To Poisonous Snake. Jan 2, 2018 476
Quantitative Characterization of the Hemorrhagic, Necrotic, Coagulation-Altering Properties and Edema-Forming Effects of Zebra Snake (Naja nigricincta nigricincta) Venom. Kandiwa, Erick; Mushonga, Borden; Samkange, Alaster; Fabiano, Ezequiel Jan 1, 2018 5574
The Venom of Spectacled Cobra (Elapidae: Naja naja): In Vitro Study from Distinct Geographical Origins in Sri Lanka. Dissanayake, Duminda S.B.; Thewarage, Lasanthika D.; Waduge, Roshitha N.; Ranasinghe, J.G.S.; Kulara Report Jan 1, 2018 7867
Crotoxin Isolated from Crotalus durissus terrificus Venom Modulates the Functional Activity of Dendritic Cells via Formyl Peptide Receptors. Freitas, A.P.; Favoretto, B.C.; Clissa, P.B.; Sampaio, S.C.; Faquim-Mauro, E.L. Jan 1, 2018 9647
Ninia hudsoni (SERPIENTE: DIPSADIDAE) COMO PRESA DE LA SERPIENTE CORAL Micrurus hemprichii ortonii (SERPIENTE: ELAPIDAE) EN EL NOROESTE DE LA AMAZONIA. Rojas-Morales, Julian Andres; Cabrera-Vargas, Fabian Andres; Ruiz-Valderrama, Diego Huseth Jan 1, 2018 1190
Diagnosing and Treating Snakebite in Horses and Livestock. Thomas, Heather Smith Medical condition overview Dec 22, 2017 1556
Berg adder (Bitis atropos): An unusual case of acute poisoning. Wium, C.A.; Marks, C.J.; du Plessis, C.E.; Muller, G.J. Clinical report Dec 1, 2017 1927
Cobras lose their bite as Hall prevail in derby clash; TYNESIDE AMATEUR LG. Nov 14, 2017 183
Man Live Streams Apparent Suicide By Snake, 'Allows' Black Mamba To Bite Him. Sep 26, 2017 546
WHO strikes back at with antivenom initiatives. Sep 24, 2017 716
Man Bitten Twice By Rattlesnake After He Tries To Catch It. Sep 20, 2017 575
Watch: Rooster Kills And Eats King Cobra. Sep 1, 2017 332
Dog's poison agony after being bitten by an adder. Aug 8, 2017 310
Adder bite terrier dies. Aug 6, 2017 147
SALT & SNAKE; NASTY SURPRISE FOR CUSTOMS OFFICIALS Man charged with trying to smuggle lethal king cobras in tubs of crisps. Jul 27, 2017 194
The snake charmers of the German army. Jul 11, 2017 676
Paralysed for seven hours by adder bite. May 11, 2017 139
Sss-surprising sight on Arran hike. May 10, 2017 269
8-bit kogge stone adder design for FIR filter applications. Jayakumar, S.; Sumathi, A.; Saranraj, S. Report Apr 30, 2017 1674
Design of a low power multimode adder for 32-bit pipelined MIPS processor. Sangeetha, P.; Thiruppathi, M. Report Apr 30, 2017 2873
'Be vigilant' alert after adder bites dog walker. Apr 29, 2017 281
Villagers Help Drought-Stricken King Cobra. Mar 30, 2017 379
Preclinical efficacy against toxic activities of medically relevant Bothrops sp. (Serpentes: Viperidae) snake venoms by a polyspecific antivenom produced in Mexico. Segura, Alvaro; Herrera, Maria; Vargas, Mariangela; Villalta, Mauren; Uscanga-Reynell, Alfredo; Leon Report Mar 1, 2017 2992
A clinico-epidemiological study on snake bite in a tertiary care hospital of West Bengal. Mondal, Tushar Kanti; Das, Munmun; Sarkar, Aditya Prasad; Dudhe, Ashish P.; Ghosh, Somnath Report Feb 1, 2017 2314
Pituitary apoplexy--a rare and unusual complication following viper bite. Majumdar, Ritwika; Mukherjee, Lina; Biswas, Uttam; Jana, Chanchal Kumar Clinical report Feb 1, 2017 1363
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I've adder bit of bad luck; Snake bite turns lad's leg black as families are alerted to danger. Jul 23, 2016 163
Loyal dog saves family from 4 venomous snakes. Jul 18, 2016 183
Cobra's bite takes life of eminent Kerala snake-handler. Jun 29, 2016 292
SNAKE FRIGHTS; Warning of adder bites surge after 3-year-old ends up on heart monitor after venom puts him in hospital for five days. Jun 3, 2016 493
The biggest threat from wildlife: their bite wounds can result in serious infection, crushed tissues, organ damage and the potential for deadly rabies. Jun 1, 2016 1337
The biggest threat from wildlife: their bite wounds can result in serious infection, crushed tissues, organ damage and the potential for deadly rabies. May 1, 2016 1486
Man comatose after being bitten by alleged King Cobra in Kidapawan City. Mar 1, 2016 208
It adder be a snake bite that killed my whippet; Owner left distraught at death of her show dog. Jan 21, 2016 302
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Working with wild animals provides some unique risks to employees. Aug 31, 2015 1188
Turkish man lives with poisonous snakes. Aug 5, 2015 129
Don't use first aid on snakebites: the outdated techniques are useless at best, and at worst they can cause severe injury. Aug 1, 2015 759
Miraculous survival for Kerala infant after cobra bite. Jul 25, 2015 243
100ft fall then bitten by an adder... and he's fine; Lucky escape for boy in cliff plunge terror. Jul 23, 2015 432
SUICIDE BY SERPENT; Police theory over snake-bite teen. Jul 21, 2015 313
Suicide by snake; Pet-loving teen 'let deadly cobra sink fangs into his wrist'. Jul 21, 2015 250
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Man dies after killing and eating snake. Nov 30, 2014 313
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Unwelcome Surprise in Bathtub - A Lethal Viper. Apr 1, 2014 178
Snake handlers don't lose the faith; 3 days after pastor died from rattlesnake bite, mourners handle snakes. Loller, Travis Feb 27, 2014 799
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Preacher won't be charged for snake-handling. Jan 10, 2014 378
Arrests, 16 drug raids, 23 vehicles seized ... Criminals hit as Operation Viper bites in Kirklees. Dec 16, 2013 393
Boffins reveal secrets of King Cobra venom; Known for its growling hiss and ability to detect prey from 100m away, a bite from the King Cobra can kill within half an hour. But Welsh scientists have sequenced the entire genome of the creature in the hope the deadly venom it uses to paralyse its prey may produce treatments for some of our biggest killers. Darren Devine reports. Dec 5, 2013 720
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Escaped python kills 2 young boys in Canada. Aug 6, 2013 380
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Snake caused panic at Limassol hospital. Jul 15, 2013 185
'Hearing the song Circle of Life from the Lion King still makes me sad' The Congo, with its poisonous snakes and threat of malaria, is a long way from Tonyrefail. But for Margaret Maund, her time spent on missionary work there was worth the sacrifices. As she publishes her second book chronicling her adventures, RACHEL MAINWARING learns more about her colourful exploits. Jul 9, 2013 1118
Snake Charmer Dieter Zorn Dies from Viper Bite During Lesson on Beating Reptile Phobia. Jun 20, 2013 249
Porocephalus crotali (Pentastomida) parasitizing the Yucatan neotropical rattlesnake (Crotalus tzabcan) in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. GonzAlez-Solis, David; TerAn-JuArez, Sergio A. Report Jun 1, 2013 2013
Cobra bares fangs to sting 23 banks & insurance firms. May 7, 2013 284
Pit viper envenomation in a military working dog. Cline, Curtis R.; Goodnight, Michelle E. Clinical report Jan 1, 2013 3433
Snakes spark calls for help to poison line. Dec 22, 2012 185
How to hunt a snake in the jungle. Nov 26, 2012 182
US teen survives six rattlesnake bites. Nov 10, 2012 444
Oz teen survives world's most venomous snake's bite. Sep 27, 2012 200
Teenager survives world's most venomous snake bite. Sep 27, 2012 180
TV snake charmer in 'lucky escape'. Aug 23, 2012 272
Snake man bitten by deadly cobra; InBrief. Aug 21, 2012 212
TV SNAKE EXPERT BITTEN BY A DEADLY KING COBRA; Anti-venom jab saves his life. Aug 21, 2012 189
TV'S SNAKE MAN HOSPITALISED BY DEADLY COBRA; Safari park probe after venomous serpent bite. Aug 21, 2012 398
How One Snake's Venom Turns Your Blood To Jell-O And Reverses Puberty. Jul 24, 2012 446
I WAS NEARLY HISSTORY; Hiker's hand balloons after she's bitten by adder she PICKED UP. Jul 5, 2012 245
Poisonous snakes cause panic on bus in Vietnam. Jun 14, 2012 193
Poisons service advises fam milies to beware our only venomous snake, the adder r, in the warmer weather. Jun 5, 2012 650
Watch your step, as warning goes out about snake bites; WARMER WEATHER BRINGS OUT POISONOUS ADDERS. May 24, 2012 672
SCHEME DOESN'T ADDER UP; Snakebite fear for tree planting plan. Apr 12, 2012 195
Snake smarts; Mass. has 14 native species. Mar 16, 2012 476
Snake bite put dog's life in grave danger. Oct 27, 2011 415
No deadly bites here. Aug 2, 2011 754
Snakes also use venom for defense, not just to feed themselves. Jul 19, 2011 187
I'll be fine, they never bite me.. SNAKE BREEDER LUKE ON COBRA THAT KILLED HIM. Jun 30, 2011 643
BREEDER KILLED BY KING COBRA; Snake fan Luke claimed 'they will never bite me'. Jun 30, 2011 640
Brit 'snake lover' killed by pet cobra. Jun 30, 2011 140
A snake story. Herald, Lethbridge Jun 22, 2011 403
Effects of deprivation of vomeronasal chemoreception on prey discrimination in rattlesnakes. Stark, C. Patrick; Tiernan, Chelsea; Chiszar, David Report Jun 22, 2011 2912
Cobra ready to strike; RESULT! Jun 4, 2011 150
Venomous snakes found on Vietnam train; WORLDBULLETINS. May 31, 2011 102
Narrow escape from a poisonous snake. May 11, 2011 460
Narrow escape from a snake's wrath. May 11, 2011 482
Ghostly guests and venomous snakes: traces of civil war in Horace, Satires 2.8. Sharland, Suzanne Jan 1, 2011 10311
Early Weale strike just not enough for Adders. Dec 13, 2010 205
Blood biochemical parameters from captivity rattlesnake (Caudisona durissa LINNAEUS, 1758)/Bioquimica plasmatica de cascaveis (Caudisona durissa LINNAEUS, 1758) em cativeiro. da Silva, Wellington Bandeira; Soares, Rodrigo Machado; Machado, Claudio; Freire, Isabel Maria Alexa Dec 1, 2010 3036
Venom is unleashed; Cobra's victory over King Arthur. Nov 29, 2010 676
Brit man's world record dream crushed after 121 days with deadly snakes. Sep 18, 2010 212
HORSE PLAY. Aug 22, 2010 325
Walkers warned to watch out for adders; MAN BITTEN ON ANKLE AT A GOWER CARAVAN PARK. Jul 23, 2010 453
Admiral and Cobra in striking distance of top European Awards. Jul 20, 2010 413

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