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David P. Wagner's Murder Most Unfortunate (9781464204340, $26.95) provides a Rick Montoya Italian mystery and centers upon a sojourn in Italy which turns deadly. Rick's looking forward to examining the history of some missing paintings while sampling local cuisine and culture, but his sojourn is interrupted when one of the seminar professors is killed, drawing Rick into a murder investigation and the uncertainties of the Italian police. An excellent story steeped in Italian sentiments evolves. Donis Casey's All Men Fear Me (97814674204685, $26.95) provides an Alafair Tucker mystery set in World War I times when the first draft lottery is scheduled and pro-war and anti-conscription socialist clash. Alafair's brother visits her as her oldest sun enlists and a group of vigilantes trash the form of her son-in-law. As tensions rise, Alafair's family is torn by patriotism on both sides, but when murder enters the picture, overseas involvements may not be the culprit in this fantastic historical murder mystery, steeped in the politics and action of its times.

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Title Annotation:"Murder Most Unfortunate" and "All Men Fear Me"
Publication:California Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:May 1, 2016
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