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Warren C. Easley's MATTER OF DOUBT (9781464201721, $24.95) is legal writing at its best, and provides a thriller that deftly revolves around one Cal Claxton, who is recovering from his wife's suicide. His move from being a L.A. prosecutor to a small town Oregon lawyer seems an easy one, but when he's called upon to help a kid solve his mother's murder, he becomes embroiled in a world of art, deception and danger. When the kid becomes charged with murder himself and faces a mountain of evidence, Cal is the only person who believes in his innocence - and he must call upon all of his skills to prove it. Solid action, characterization and courtroom drama mark a murder mystery that is hard to put down, and offers a focus out of the ordinary. Steven Axelrod's NANTUCKET SAWBUCK (9781464200878, $24.95) tells of a Nantucket homeowner killed in his mansion - making everyone on the island a suspect. Preston owed money to many and before he was killed many suspected he was planning to disappear. It's up to Henry Kennis, a California transplant and the new Chief of Police, to uncover the real perp and solve the case. And he does, quickly. Too quickly. Because scandals remain, possibilities remain, and a dangerous criminal may still be on the loose in this tense thriller, recommended for any mystery collection looking for something little different.

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Title Annotation:Matter of Doubt, Nantucket Sawbuck
Publication:The Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2014
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