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Poison-ivy preventative now available.

Poison-Ivy Preventative Now Available

An over-the-counter topical cream effectively protects against poison ivy and oak when applied prior to exposure, reports William Epstein, M.D. In a double-blind study of seven volunteers known to be sensitive to poison ivy, he compared three aerosol shields with a topical cream (Ivy Shield, Interpro Inc.) using coded patches on the forearms.

Four hours after application of the shields, each section of the forearm was exposed to tested dilutions of urushiol, the catechol allergen in poison ivy and oak. In seven of nine challenges and 13 of 16 cases overall, the topical cream was a more effective barrier than the aerosols, says Dr. Epstein. He said that topical shields are not for patients who are extremely sensitive to poison ivy or oak, but rather are most useful to give better protection outdoors for those who are moderately sensitive.

Dr. Epstein is professor of dermatology, University of California Medical School, San Francisco.
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Title Annotation:Interpro's Ivy Shield topical cream
Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1990
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