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Poison Pen.

Poison Pen

Sheila Lowe

Capital Crime Press

Box 272904, Fort Collins, Colorado.

0977627602 $14.95

Claudia Rose, handwriting expert and amateur detective does not believe her old friend Lindsey committed suicide. Lindsay was too self absorbed, too much in love with herself to take her own life. Lindsey's partner, Ivan hires Claudia to determine if the handwriting on the suicide note was Lindsey's or that of her murderer, however, as she investigates deeper and deeper into the case, two of her friends become suspects. In her efforts to prove her friends' innocence she becomes embroiled in the twisted life of sex, drugs and perversion that Lindsey inhabited. When Ivan is brutally attacked, Detective Joel Jovanic is assigned to the case.

Joel Jovanic is determined, pragmatic and handsome. Will the two of them overcome their caution and work together to solve the case? Is the attraction they feel for each other real? Does Claudia put herself in danger? You will have to read this intense mystery to find out. Sheila Lowe is a world--renowned handwriting expert and the author of two best selling books on the subject. Her expertise adds greatly to the reality of the settings. She lives in Ventura California. Poison Pen is her first mystery but not her last. We look forward to the entire Claudia Rose series and the next book, Written in Blood.

Sheila Lowe has a talent for suspense, intrigue and character development. Lowe's writing style feels like a conversation with a companion, easy and flowing. She makes the reader feel that they are part of the action being experienced by acquaintances rather than characters in a book. Ms. Lowe joins a host of talented mystery writers being published by Capital Crime Press. Well written, filled with action, excitement and romance, this one is highly recommended by reviewer.

Shirley Roe, Reviewer
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Author:Roe, Shirley
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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