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Poised for leadership.

There is a war coming. In fact, it's already here. It's a war for talent. But the weapons you'll need are not the usual kind. They are held in your ability to attract, retain and relate to a new wave of talent--the millennials. The companies that will win this war will be those that best understand this fresh, unique and powerful group.

Every day I think about how fortunate I am to work with these individuals, and I can say firsthand that we have the opportunity to tap into some incredibly brave thinking that comes from open and curious minds--with a real work ethic that stems from the heart. There's no faking the kind of commitment they offer. And if you try to be less than honest with them, they will see right through you. What's more, they won't wait around for you to figure that out.

Communication luminaries like John Smythe tell us that command and control is over and that senior leadership needs to become less like gods looking down at the masses and more like guides who share knowledge and have a deep appreciation for new thinking. There's never been a generation that has expected more collaboration, trust, flexibility and transparency, with zero Tolerance for useless lecturing and grandiose posturing. They are ready to seize the moment--and management needs to be ready to put those meaningful opportunities in front of them. Winning this war means stepping outside of what we've traditionally thought of as the modern workplace and connecting to what motivates, inspires and captivates our next generation of leaders. Read on to learn how.

--Natasha Nicholson

Executive Editor

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Author:Nicholson, Natasha
Publication:Communication World
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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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