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Points of Light shine brightly at White House.


A San Francisco-based designer and humanitarian, highlighted in a July 1990 issue of WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS, was recently honored, along with the story's author, at the White House by President George Bush in the American Business Press Points of Light Award contest.

Tony Torrice, designer and partner in Living & Learning Environments, was featured by Design Editor Barbara Garet in the story, "Tony Torrice - A Designer Making a Difference." The story triumphed Torrice's work in serving children, the physically handicapped and the homeless.

Torrice and Garet were honored Oct. 16 in a White House ceremony that Torrice called the most "poignant" moment in his career. The ceremony, the first under the ABP program, honored community volunteers and 20 trade publications that wrote about their activities. The 20 were picked from 120 nominations.

Torrice said the award acknowledges work done to help the less fortunate. "One outcome is that people will see the great value in elevating the quality of life of all people, including the physically challenged, the homeless, seniors and children," he said.

Addressing the award winners, President Bush said, "America's corporations are not just profit-making monoliths. American businesses and America's business press aren't just stocked with human resources, so many infinitesimal fractions of the GNP. They're filled with real people - men and women - neighbors, members of our communities - parents with kids to raise, people with something to give, gifts to give. And one glance into the pages of your publications shows businesses at its best - people producing goods and services we need; people devoting tens of thousands of hours to worthy causes."

W&WP Publisher Harry Urban said, "We are proud to have been nominated for a Points of Light Award. We fully support the Points of Light program. It shows that business publications can be more than just business and that the human element is equally important. We will continue to look at all sides of a story and deliver balanced journalism."

W&WP Editor Rich Christianson, commenting on the White House ceremony said, "To be one of only 20 publications recognized for this award is a great honor. There have been many satisfying days during my tenure with WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS, but few that hold a candle to going to the White House to receive recognition in the Points of Light competition."

Garet added, "I was honored to be recognized by the White House and invited to Washington, D.C., to participate in the Points of Light Award ceremonies. I have the highest respect and admiration for Tony Torrice, a man who gives freely and generously of his time and talents for the homeless and disabled."

Torrice's work for the community is wide ranging. He currently is co-chairman of the National Task Force on Day Care Interior Design. His work for the homeless included the renovation of a shelter that spawned similar work at 22 shelters from New York to Hawaii providing 3,000 bed spaces. He has been cited for his work with children and the physically handicapped.

"It was remarkable that the White House acknowledged interior design, and the work we do as something noteworthy for the rest of the nation," said Torrice. "So often designers are viewed as only providing service to those that can afford them."

Torrice has been honored for his work many times before. Other honors include: the 1990 Trailblazer Award from the International Furnishings & Design Assn.; the 1985 American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Human Environment Award for his innovative work designing a room in tandem with a profoundly deaf child; the Halo Contract Lighting Award for designing a solarium in the Children's Hospital of San Francisco; an ASID Presidential Citation in 1988 and J.C. Penney's Golden Rule Award in 1989.

In addition to President Bush, a number of dignitaries participated in the ceremony, including: Lynn Martin, Secretary of Labor; Michael Boskin, chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers; R. Nicholas Burns, director, Soviet Affairs - National National Security Council; and C. Gregg Petersmeyer, Office of National Service.

PHOTO : Tony Torrice and Barbara Garet share the limelight at the Points of Light Awards ceremony hosted by President Bush.

PHOTO : Torrice creates living space for and with children. Said Torrice, "When you try to view life from a child's vantage point, you must view it from her physical level as well."
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Title Annotation:holding of the American Business Press Points of Light Awards' program at the White House
Author:Adams, Larry
Publication:Wood & Wood Products
Date:Dec 1, 1991
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