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Pointing is 75.

Pointing is 75

Pointing Ltd is celebrating its seventyfifth birthday this year. The company was established way back in 1915 by Leonard John Pointing senior at Hexham in Northumberland. It began in one half of a stone warehouse in the shadow of Hexham Abbey. Today, it is situated on a two hectare site beneath the towers of Prudhoe Castle.

During the first half of this century, LJ Pointing traded in food colours and commercial dyestuffs. It became registered as a Limited company under the name LJ Pointing & Son Ltd in 1948 and was finally registered as Pointing Ltd in 1971.

Production of Hexacol colours began in 1953 and this trade name and Pointing soon became synonymous with food colours on a worldwide basis. Between 1974 and 1979 the company acquired three flavour companies - Edinburgh Essence, Whitehead Essence and Lucan Sweet Flavour division. This led on to the establishment of the Hexaflavour range, and flavours are now a major Pointing product. The company is unique in offering both colours and flavours to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

A policy of expansion was initiated by the present chairman and managing director, Hugh Charlton, and this has resulted in the following acquisitions:

in 1987, Thames Chemicals, Sheerness, well established in Aroma chemicals, contract drumming, blending and flaking;

in 1989, Dinoval Chemicals, Cheshire, trading in additives for the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries;

in 1990, the establishment of Pointing in the USA and in Canada.

1990 has also been notable for the completion of a new lake colour plant, offering a full range of lake colours for foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, together with a new concept - the application of food colours as a non toxic alternative to commercial colours in the packaging and plastics industries.

The new decade has also brought a heightened awareness of quality control, an application for BS 5750 approval and an overall awareness that in the 1990s any company manufacturing food additives is part of the food processing chain and the highest standards of hygiene and quality assurance must be applied.

PHOTO : Pointings' site at Prudhoe
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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