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Poets' corner.

Changing Times The Bedroom Tax is here, let's all play 'on the move', It's all the fault of Cameron, he's got a lot to prove. The benefits are changing, one type for all it seems, They're cracking down and punishing folk with little means.

Disabled all get out of doors, touch your knees and feet, You're not allowed a benefit, you're all thought of as cheats.

Stick the kids in one bedroom until one reaches ten, Even if their Christian names are Lucy and Big Ben. The clergy too are in a tizz, Archbishop's in a spin, They seem upset and angered by all at No. 10. So let's sit back and watch the fun, they haven't got a clue About the lower classes, all those twits in blue. The Liberals are nodding like little puppets do, Everyone seems scared to put their points of view.

Austerity, depression, all pull your belts in hard, Be a healthy nation, make sandwiches of lard. If Parliament's new measures succeed I'll eat my hat, Their policies aren't working and that is simply that.

Christine Stafford.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Mar 29, 2013
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