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Poets' corner.

It's a wonder THE BANDWAW GON I hurriedly jumped on the bandwagon, It seemed to be going my way.

But when I peered in, it was full to the brim With people who'd climbed on that day. I scrambled inside, keen for the ride, But there wasn't a place to relax. With so many people crammed in there It's a wonder it didn't collapse. "Where are we going?" asked one, "What are we going to do?" Some there made out they had answers, But no-one, in truth, had a clue.

"But at least we're aboard!" said another, "Although it's a bit of a crush!" Then it dawned, we were all in a wagon, Going nowhere at all, in a rush.

For the wagon just went round in circles Until, finally, the driver said "Stop!" We all looked around, quite embarrassed, And, sheepishly, slowly got off.

Martin Brown, Allesley Park, Coventry.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jun 23, 2010
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