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Poet's corner; Letters.

Another year of ups and downs, Grimace faces, many frowns. Pondering over what to do, Where to go, when, with who.

The answers I just can not find, To much confusion within my mind. Choices of which, to hard to make, The wrong one being the biggest mistake.

This time of year, pleasing but sad, Fondest memories of being a lad. Wiser now, I'm not so sure, Where to go, to whose front door.

That brave old grin upon my face, Heading onward, to any place. My pockets are empty, I walk for a while, From ear to ear I still manage that smile.

Whichever road I decide to take, Happiness and laughter I promise to make. Costing nothing, full of joy, Back like when a little boy.

Paul Quinton Simkiss, Holbrook Lane, Coventry.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 19, 2013
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