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Poems of the week.

Friendship is the best gift at Christmas

Friendship is an open door

Which is always open wide

One will find much peace within

If you take a walk inside.

Christmas bells ring out the news

Of glad tidings and great joy

Heavenly angels give out the news

Of the birth of a special baby boy.

Friendship is a loyal friend

With truly warm concern

It gives something one cannot buy

It's something one must earn.

Someone out there may need a friend

to provide love and comfort to

They may want someone to talk to

That friend, it may be you.

Friendship is a cheery smile

Mingled with some tears

And like a flower will grow

Through the passing years.

So if you see an open door

With a welcome sign inside

Remember, friendship is an open door

That's always open wide.

MAVIS DAVIDSON, North Shields.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 9, 2005
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