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Poems and stories of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop.

Published Short Stories of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop

In her Memories of Hawthorne (1897), Rose Hawthorne Lathrop recounts the circumstances of a parental injunction forbidding her to write stories and her reaction to it.

My father overheard some vainglorious boasts from my lips, one afternoon, when the windows of the little library where he sat were open; and the small girl who listened to me, wide-eyed, and I myself, proud and glad to have reached a thrilling denouement, were standing beside the sweet-clover bed, not dreaming of anything more severe than its white bloom. A few minutes afterwards, my father hung over me, dark as a prophetic flight of birds. 'Never let me hear of your writing stories!' he exclaimed, with as near an approach to anger as I had ever seen in him. 'I forbid you to write them!' But I believe this command only added a new attraction to authorship, agreeably haunting me as I beckoned imaginary scenes and souls out of chaos. (252, Dodo Press: Gloucester, GB, 6 July 2007)

Rose disobeyed the admonition, wrote, and published at least forty-five short stories while married to George Parsons Lathrop.

Her stories for children and adults of the Gilded Age reflect values and mores of post-Civil War American culture, giving Rose a significant position in American literary history as well as a distinguished place among nineteenth-century women writers. Without scholarly advantage of the formal education her male relatives received, Rose persevered in writing but wrote within the shadows of family writers and later under the criticism of her husband, a novelist and early Hawthorne scholar--author of A Study of Hawthorne (1876), editor (1883) of the Riverside works of Hawthorne, and later editor-in-chief of the Boston Courier (1877-1879).

I recovered short stories titles that, arranged in chronological order along with her poems, offer a framework of dates, works, and dry periods that correspond to events in her life--son's birth, trips, deaths, and marital separations. The chronology makes 1894 the end of Rose's fiction career, taking the reader to the turning point in her life when, in 1895, Rose left George, reevaluated her life, and entered nurses' training to live values she often described in her fiction.

After 1895 reality replaced imaginative prose as Rose wrote historical, autobiographical, and social non-fiction. With Memories of Hawthorne (1897), first published serially February through May as Some Memories of Hawthorne in the Atlantic Monthly (1896), Rose gained a place in scholarly American literature and Hawthorne criticism. From 1896 writing became an extension of her work with indigent cancer patients through essays, newspaper articles, letters to editors, and two publications. In 1899 Rose wrote the first of her Reports--summaries of expenses, statistics, and donations--since her work began in 1896; eight more followed until her death July 9, 1926. Rose also wrote, edited, and published a monthly report from August 1901--June1904 of twenty-one issues, similar to a journal, but which she called a monthly pamphlet (yearly subscription, fifty cents), Christ's Poor, that recorded work, expenditures and needs, thanked benefactors, encouraged virtuous giving, raised awareness about cancer, and often included historical accounts of her experiences with patients. When work increased, her periodicals became irregularly published but letters of appeal and gratitude continued. Her writings remain a testimony of her intrepid spirit.

Abbreviations for the three grids on Rose Hawthorne Lathrop's works

* Column three numbers after the journal title indicate volume, issue number, and pages respectively for each selection of the three chronologies.

** Electronic resources for periodical titles of poems and poetry of RHL

AM American Memory LOC: The Nineteenth Century in Print: Periodicals

AP American Periodicals Series Online (subscription). All material copyrighted even material available through AM or CA

AS Along the Shore

CA Chronicling America

CFPL Concord Free Public Library

HW Harpweek for Harper's Weekly (subscription)

LOC Library of Congress: Chronicling America, American Memory, and Ask a Librarian Service

NYTA New York Times Article Archives (abbreviated AA in chronologies)

OLBP Online Books Page Serial Archive Listings for Lippincott's Magazine

WC WorldCat: Bibliographic information only

A Note about Harper's Bazar and Harper's Bazaar

Two different spellings of the magazine's titles exist. Harper's Bazar established in 1867 by Fletcher Harper became Harper's Bazaar in 1913 when William Randolph Hearst purchased it, kept the name Harper's, but changed Bazar to Bazaar. See Horsford, Howard C., "Harper and Brothers," Dictionary of Literary Biography. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Company, Vol. 49, 1986.192-198.

The cataloguing process requires "a standard library convention of cataloging all issues of the same journal under a single title, even though the periodical may have undergone various title changes over the years. In conventional cataloging, these changes are recorded in the Notes field of the record but do not change the standardized title field of the overall record itself. 'Library cataloging' and 'bibliographic citation' are thus divergent on the way they record titles." (Library of Congress Response #5879167)

Previously Published Poems of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop Appearing in Along the Shore

When Rose Hawthorne Lathrop selected fifty-five poems for publication in Along the Shore (Ticknor & Co., 1888), she already had published twenty-four of these poems. Sensitive about her literary talent compared with that of her family and husband, Rose may have reprinted previously accepted poems because their publication in contemporary periodicals indicated merit and worth. Certainly, of the poems considered unpublished before their appearance in Along the Shore, some may exist elsewhere; recovery will occur as the Library of Congress and commercial retrievers place more nineteenth-century periodicals and newspapers into electronic format. Therefore, I consider the chronologies incomplete works in progress, welcoming additional information from scholarly searches or advice about retrieval processes. I consider the chronologies with their introductions my first step toward publication of the collected works of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop.

In my searches about Rose, the periodical offerings of Louisa May Alcott, Sarah Orne Jewett, R.W. Emerson, Walt Whitman, Bronson Alcott, Emily Dickinson, and other nineteenth-century authors whose names appeared in the table of contents of nineteenth-century periodicals, tempted me to pause awhile with them as well. Seeing these names gathered together in a single place make the opening pages of a journal a veritable garden of temptation with Rose Hawthorne Lathrop a respected contemporary. I encourage readers and scholars to pursue the works of their favored writer or poet in periodicals available through the Library of Congress's American Memory or newspapers in Chronicling America, draw on the search recovery systems that librarians at private and public institutions use to facilitate research, and explore possibilities for recovering heretofore forgotten literature.

In a review of AS, Harpers NMMM, "Editor's Study," (77.462, 966, November 1888), publishes "Francie," the first re-publication of that poem found so far.

A Library of America Literature (11 vols.1888-1890, ed. Edmund Clarence Steadman, XI, 42) re-published five poems from Along the Shore: "A Song Before Grief," "Dorothy," "The Clock's Song," "Give Me Not Tears," and "Twenty Bold Mariners."

Additional Published Poems of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop

In Along the Shore (1888) Ticknor and Company published fifty-five poems by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop. When the archivist at Rosary Hill told me a chronology did not exist for her prose or poetry, I formulated one with poems in Along the Shore as a starting point. Using Online Serial Archives, WorldCat, Library of Congress with its American Memory Series and Chronicling America, the New York Times Archives, and ProQuest, I discovered that Rose previously published twenty-four of the poems in Along the Shore in nineteenth-century journals.

In the search for Along the Shore poems, I found thirty-five additional titles published in newspapers and periodicals that appear chronologically in the chart below. More published poems may yet exist. The chronology indicates that Rose's poetic work continues into 1894, the year before she separated from George Parsons Lathrop. A companion chart documents publication dates for the twenty-four previously published poems in Along the Shore, revealing that her published poetry began in 1875.

Of several name variations that Rose used to identify herself, most frequently she chose to end her name in Lathrop. I found ads about forthcoming works that helped me trace poems and short stories and reviews of works that alerted me to unfamiliar journals such as The Cottage Hearth. I read her poem "Twenty Bold Mariners" set to music by August Mignon in 1882, noted her illustrations of flowers and farmyard animals in works by others, found bits of society gossip about her, saw her name listed in a poll--the "Immortelles"--by The Critic (September 1890) for the best of cultivated American women writers," recognized her silhouette among famous Americans (Harper's Bazar, November 1899), and even discovered that she endorsed "Vinol," a tonic (The Evening World, November 13, 1908). Indeed, Americans of the Gilded Age knew of, respected, and loved Rose Hawthorne Lathrop, revering the name Hawthorne as well.

Published Short Stories of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop

Year  Title              Periodical                       Date

1873  Toy Mysteries      The Independent 25.1276, 615 *   May 15, 1873
                         (AP) **

1876  Saagenfreed        Appletons Journal 741.XV, 377    June 10, 1876

      The Owl            St Nicholas Magazine 4,          November
      That Stared        737-739 (CFPL)                   1876

1878  Peter's Fight      The Independent 30.1544, 27      July 4, 1878
      Against Sticks     (AP)

1879  Lilian's Reward    Christian Union 20.12, 235       September 17,
                         (AP)                             1879

1880  One Cent           Out of School Series, D.         1880, 1886
                         Lothrop and Co., Boston
                         (LOC/WC). Re-published in The
                         New England Story-Book, D.
                         Lothrop and Co. (WC/Amherst)

1882  The Barbarians     Magna Charta Stories:            January, 1882
      Overthrow:         World-Famous Struggles for       1885, 1887,
      Defeat of Attila   Freedom in Former Times          1898
      at Chalons         Recounted for Youthful Readers
                         A. Gilman, (ed.), D. Lothrop
                         (WC) with three additional

      The Country        The Independent 34. 1739, 5      March 30,
      Cat-Show           (AP)                             1882

      The Giant of       Christian Union 25.22, 505       June 1, 1882
      the Corner         (AP)

      John Willow's      Harper's Bazar 15.34, 534 (AP)   August 26,
      Ghost                                               1882

      Huff and Tiff      Harper's Weekly XXVI.1841, 554   September 2,
                         (HW)                             1882

      The Roguish        Harper's Weekly XXVI.1852,       November 13,
      Lover              730-1 (HW)                       1882

      The Cruel          The Independent 32.1674, 27      December 30,
      Treatment of       (AP)                             1882
      Jacobus Phennig

1883  The Tender         Harper's Weekly XXVII.1881,      June 9, 1883
      Bachelor           358-9 (HW)

      The Good-          The Independent 35.1807, 26      July 19, 1883
      Natured Club       (AP)

      Prisoners!         Harpers NMM 67.400, 503-511
      Part I             (AM)

      Whitse-Headed      The Independent 35.1815, 26      September 13,
      Dashford           (AP)                             1883

      Prisoners!         Harpers NMM 67.401, 696-705      October 1883
      Part II            (AM, AP)

      Fun-Beams          St. Nicholas Magazine 11.3,      January 1884
                         226 (AP)

      For a Lord         Harper's Bazar 25.31, 613 (AP)   July 30, 1884

      Cloud Heroes       Christian Union 30.19, 446       November 6,
                         (AP)                             1884

      A Flash of         Harper's Bazar XXVIII.1460,      December 13,
      Good Feeling       829-830 (AP)                     1884

      A Barn to          Christian Union 32.5, 14 (AP)    July 30, 1885
      the Rescue

1886  Nick Woolson's     St. Nicholas Magazine 13.3,      January 1886
      Ride               184 (AP)

1887  Those Christmas    St. Nicholas Magazine 14.3,      January 1887
      Stockings          179 (AP)

      A Touch of         New Princeton Review 3, 386      May 1887
      Sublimity          (AP)

      Lindie's Portrait  St. Nicholas Magazine 14.7,      May 1887
                         512 (AP)

      The Bequeathed     The Independent 39.2020, 27      August 18,
      Tiara              (AP)                             1887

      Denham on          The American VI.5, 614-619       September
      the Vauflars       (LOC)                            1887

      Ole the Merry      Christian Union 36.16, 399       October 20,
                         (AP)                             1887

1888  Miss Cooing's      The Independent 40.2061, 27      May 31, 1888
      Little Darkie      (AP)

1889  The Economist's    The Independent 41.2094, 26      January 17,
      New York           (AP)                             1889

      Fearlessness       The Independent 41.2118, 26      July 4, 1889

1890  A Letter and       Harper's Bazar 23.11, 202 (AP)   March 15,
      a Face                                              1890

      The Dull           Christian Union 41.21, 751       May 22, 1890
      Jackknife, I       (AP)

      The Dull           Christian Union 41.23, 807       June 5, 1890
      Jackknife, II      (AP)

      His Engagement     Harper's Bazar 23.30, 585 (AP)   July 26, 1890

      A Snowy            Harpers Bazar 23.52, 1034 (AP)   December 27,
      Christmas                                           1890

1891  A Sea-Nymph        Harper's Bazar 24, 42, 794       October 17,
                         (AP)                             1891

1892  The Love of An     Ladies Home Journal IX.3, 1      February 1892
      American Girl      (AP)

      Troth              Harper's NMM 85.507,             August 1892
                         341-351(AM, AP)

      The Gift and       The Cottage Hearth XVIII.12,     December
      the Gratitude      367-372 (LOC/CA)                 1892

1893  Robinson's         Donahoe's Magazine 30.1, 13-25   July 1893
      Hidden Life        (LOC)

      How Love           Ladies Home Journal X, 12, 5     November
      Can Hide           (AP)                             1893

1894  Worth              California Illustrated M 5, 2,   January 1894
      An Actor           276 (AP) Godey's Magazine 128,   June 1894
                         768, 700 (AP)

Previously Published Poems Appearing in Along the Shore

Year  Title             Periodical                       Date

1875  A Wooing Song     Galaxy XX.6, 799 (AP, AM)        December
1876  First Bloom       The Independent 8. 1460, 11      November 23,
      of Love           (AP)                             1876

1878  Closing Chords    Atlantic Monthly 41. 248, 754    June 1878
                        (AM, AP)

1879  Gertrude          Scribners Monthly 17.4 (AM,      February 1879

1881  Song Before       Scribners Monthly 22.3 (AM,      July 1881
      Grief             AP)

1882  Dorothy           Harper's Weekly (HW)             February 16,
1883  A Ballad of       Century Illustrated (XXVI.1,19   May 1883
      the Mist          (AP, AM)

1883  Unloved           Atlantic Monthly 41.306,528      April 1883
                        (AM, AP)

1884  Hidden History    Harpers NMM 68.404, 281 (AM,     January 1884

      Power Against     Century Illustrated XXVIII.1,    May 1884
      Power             41 (AP, AM)

1885  The Lost Battle   Harper's NMM 70.418, 643 (AM,    March 1885

1886  For Others        Century Illustrated XXXI.4,      February 1886
                        558 (AP, AM)

      The Clock's Song  The Independent 38.1965, 25      July 29, 1886

      Love Now          MA Ploughman and N.E. Journal    August 21,
                        of Agriculture 45.47, 4 (AP)     1886

      The Shell and     Atlantic Monthly 58. 347, 317    September
      the World         (AM,AP)                          1886

1887  The Cynic's       The Independent 39.2013, 1       June 30, 1887
      Fealty            (AP)

      Broken-Hearted    The Independent 39.2028, 1       October 13,
                        (AP)                             1887

      Endless Resource  Century Illustrated XXXV.2,      November
                        243 (AP, AM)                     1887

      Looking           Lippincott's Monthly M 40, 926   December
      Backward          (OLBP)                           1887

      Zest              The Chautauquan 8.3, 152 (AP)    December

1888  Inlet and Shore   Century 35.3, 407 (AM, AP)       January 1888

      Lost Reality      The Chautauquan 8.6, 355 (AP)    March 1888

      The Roads         Century Illustrated XXV.5, 790   March 1888
      That Meet         (AP, AM)

      Impersonality     Christian Union 37.18,553 (AP)   May 3, 1888

Additional Published Poems of Rose Hawthorne Lathrop

Year  Title            Periodical                       Date

1878  The Lovers'      Appletons' Journal IV.1, 50 *    January 1878
      Fate             (MA) **

1880  Fancy's          Hapers NMM 62. 367, 45 (AP,      December
      Chances          MA}                              1880

1884  Cloud Heroes     Christian Union 30.19, 446       November 6,
                       (AP)                             1884

      The Fault-       Century Illustrated M XXVII.5,   March 1884
      Demon            798 (AP, AM)

1889  One of           Harper's Weekly XXXI.1728,       April 13, 1889
      "The Minstrels"  283 (HW)

      The Greater      Friends' Intelligencer 46.18,    May 4, 1889
      World            285 (AP)

      Out-Door Life    The Youth's Companion 62.22,     May 30, 1889
                       279 (AP)

      A Nursery        The Independent 41.2115, 28      June 13, 1889
      Rhyme For        (AP)

      Lovers' Lane     Harper's Weekly XXXIII.1696,     June 22, 1889
                       495 (HW)

      Friends          The Chautauquan 9.10, 579 (AP)   July 1889

      Just Bloomed     Century Illustrated XXXVIII.3,   July 1889
                       480 (AP, AM)

      Under the Sky    The Youth's Companion 62.33,     August 15,
                       408 (AP)                         1889

1890  At Heart         Helper's NMM 80.476 311 (MA)     January 1890

      The Cadet        Harper's NMM 80.478, 510 (MA)    March 1890

      Pure Hearts      Harper's Weekly XXXIV.1745,430   May 31, 1890

      Wait But A Day!  Lippincott's Monthly M 46,149    July 1890

      Beyond           Harper's Bazar 23.27, 530 (AP)   July 5, 1890
      Girls Singing

      The World        Harper's Weekly LXXXI.486, 77    November
      Runs On          (HW)                             1890

      At Five O'       Harper's Bazar 23.49, 958 (AP)   December 6,
      Clock                                             1890

1891  Our Engine-      Century Illustrated M, XLI. 4,   February 1891
      House            640 (AP, AM))

      Give Me          The Century Illustrated M 41.5,  March 1891
      Not Tears        732 (AM, AP)

                       Century Illustrated M, XLI.5,    March 1891
                       732 (AM, AP)

      Our Modern       Harper's Bazar, 24.28, 542       July 11, 1891
      Amazon           (AP)

      A Belle in       Harper's Bazar, 24.35, 654       August 21,
      Tears            (AP)                             1891

      To a Pictured    The Independent, 43.2233, 26     September 17,
      Rose             (AP)                             1891

      Only and Air     Belford's Monthly and            October, 1891
                       Democratic Review, 8.41, 175

1892  So It is True    Scribner's Monthly MXI.2, 219    February 1892

      In a Castle      Lippincott's Monthly M 50, 84    July 1892
      Hall             (OLBP)

      The Choice       The Catholic World 56.331,17     October 1892

      Winter,          The Independent 44. 2296, 29     December 1,
      Welcome!         (AP)                             1892

1893  Meeting          The Catholic World 57.539, 348   June, 1893
      the Spirit       (AP)

      A Bit of         Ladies' Home Journal X. 6, 13    June 8, 1893
      Sunshine         (AP)

1894  False Peace:     The Independent XLVI.2365, 1     March 29,
      Contents         (LOC)                            1894
      identical to
      poem following.
      Titles differ.

      A Life is        The New York Times 7 (AA)        March 31,
      Death, Alone                                      1894

      Yet, Am I Old    Ladies' Home Journal, XI.12, 8   November
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