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Poems: Second Edition.

Poems: Second Edition

J.H. Prynne

Dufour Editions

PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA, 19425

1852246561 $37.95

Poems is an inspired and inspirational collection of Britain's leading late Modernist poet J.H. Prynne. Prynne's highly acclaimed collection of poems, now expanded upon in this second edition of Poems, will alter the perceiving nature of the reader as the words manipulate the language to induce questioning on the minds of every reader. Poems is a highly recommended read for all dedicated poetry lovers as well as students of philosophy. Swallow Your Pride: At work on the potash table/reckoning up for a new song/put one, put one, from between the fingers/or at the checkout you are lost to view;/just a little better/making a fresh start/in promise to see all these signs/sit stable and by heart: so long/further to got, about to part.
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Date:May 1, 2006
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