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Poemes d'ete. (Noted).

Martine Broda. Poemes d'ete Paris. Flammarion. 2000. 157 pages 98 F. ISBN 2-08-067750-0

THERE ARE POEMS here that go back to the early days of Martine Broda's production, and there are others that seem in some ways to depart considerably from the elliptical sparseness, the bare implicitness of Double (1978), Tout ange est terrible (1983), and Passage (1985). If Broda is best known for her translations of Paul Celan, her 1986 essay on his work (Dans la main de personne), her 1982 book on Jouve, and, more recently, the fine study of lyricism, L'amour du nom (1997), the publication in 1994 of Grand jour more fully revealed her as a poet in her own right. Poemes d'ete confirms this vocation and shows that there is in her recent poetry at once continuity of vision and manner, and bold yet easeful deployment of the new voice welling up within her. That this voice may opt for narrative and fairly rounded autobiographical modes seems in keeping with certain other contemporary poetic adventures and would appear to offer a modest but telling liberation of energies at times risking otherwise overly tight formal or emotional compression.

There is, then, freshness, simplicity, eagerness, and relaxation in Poemes d'ete, stirred in with, or occasionally juxtaposed with, sharper, tauter articulation. Lacunae and discontinuities can, of course, persist, sometimes dramatically, but other manners by and large dominate and give us a poet in full fusion, "at the crossroads of self," of her various "faces," "voices," and "ages."
Michael Bishop
Dalhousie University
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Bishop, Michael
Publication:World Literature Today
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 2001
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