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Poe on the Go!

Bonjour (bon-ZHUR), my friends! Today Giselle and I are riding a bicycle, velo (VEH-loh), through the French countryside. Luckily, she had an extra helmet, casque (kusk), for me. We see a cow, vache (vahsh); a horse, cheval (shir-VAHL); a goat, chevre (shav); and a sheep, mouton (MUH-toi). I am getting thirsty. While we stop to have some cold juice, jus (zhee), and check our compass, compas (koy-puh), work the metric math problems on the next page.

In the problems below, pick the units of measure that make the most sense.

1. When Poe went fishing, he caught a fish that was:

-- 30 mm -- 30 cm -- 30 k

2. An "inchworm" is closer to what length?

-- 2.5 mm -- 2.5 cm -- 2.5 m

3. How much taller is Poe than his friend Giselle?

-- 6 cm -- 6 dm -- 6 m

4. A glass of juice might be how much?

-- 250 mL -- 250 dL -- 250 L

5. The curtains in Poe's bedroom measured:

-- 2 cm -- 2 m -- 2 km

Answers on page 35.

Study these new words longwith the French words from our last issue. Au revoir (ah-roo-vwah), good-bye, everyone!
French English

velo ~ bicycle
casque ~ helmet
vache ~ cow
cheval ~ horse
chevre ~ goat
mouton ~ sheep
jus ~ juice
compas ~ compass


1.30 cm, 2. 2.5 cm, 3. 6 cm, 4. 250 mL, 5. 2 m.
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Title Annotation:quiz about the metric system and teaching French words
Publication:Children's Playmate
Date:Mar 1, 2001
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