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Podpora vybranE'ch sociEilnE[degrees]ch slu eb na E[bar]zemE[degrees] Kraje Vysocina - individuEilnE[degrees] projekt III. (Support selected social services in the province Highlands - Individual Project III.).

Region : Highlands

Participants / ce project : workers / ce and bodies in the field of social services and integration

Target groups : Supported target groups will include: the homeless, victims of domestic violence, victims of crime,

people leaving prison sentence and persons with disabilities.

Project Description : The project focuses on the development of selected social services, social prevention services and their availability to socially excluded or at risk of social exclusion throughout the Shire Highlands.

The objective of providing social services, namely services Shelters and social rehabilitation is to provide support to persons for the purpose of social inclusion, thus helping these individuals to fully participate in the social, economic and cultural life of society and allow them to return to the labor market (or market entry work) and to remain on the labor market, since the job is an essential element of full integration into society. The project also avoid social exclusion target groups that provide assistance to vulnerable persons in resolving their adverse social situation. This can happen eg. Due to poor health, age, social crisis situation, or way of life that leads to conflict with society.

Objectives of the project : The main objective of the project is to ensure the provision of selected social services in the region and ensuring Highlands help target groups for the purpose of social inclusion and prevent social exclusion. The aim is to help these individuals to fully participate in the social, economic and cultural life of society, or allow their return to the labor market and remain on the labor market. Will prevent social exclusion of people by providing assistance in resolving their adverse social situace.Mezi other project objectives include promoting caused the network of services, support and cooperation of suppliers to ensure the sustainability created network of selected social services in the period after the project

The project implementer

Title: Kraj Vysocina

ID: 70890749

Street: i kova 57

City: Jihlava

ZIP code: 586 01

Project completion date : 2015-10-31 12:00:00


Address : i kova 57

Jihlava, 586 01

Country :Czech Republic

Email :

Url :

Financier : European Union (EU),

Financier address : European Union (EU)

Rue de la Loi 200/Wetstraat 200,

B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussels,


Website :

Tel: 32-2-2999696, 2993085

Fax: 32-2-2961749

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 24, 2015
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