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Pochet du Courval creates heavyweight flacon for Jour d'Hermes.

Pochet du Courval's route to creating the flacon for the new fragrance from Hermes was apparently a challenging one. According to Pochet, 42 blueprints and 21 sampling tests were required. The bottle was issued in five sizes (7.5-to 85ml). Pochet du Courval says they were able to adjust the bottles' weight so that the thickness of the glass balanced the proportion and the luxury of the fragrance throughout the range. The glassmaker further stated: "An exceptional weight of 450g for the 85ml version, coupled with a pure and flawless distribution made possible by a breakthrough glassmaking process, enabled a launch of over one million units. Inverse reading silkscreen printing, which plays with the optics of luminous and crystalline glass, adds a graceful final touch to the bottles."

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Title Annotation:DesignCENTER
Publication:Beauty Packaging
Date:Jun 1, 2013
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