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Pneumatic grease gun ETCS (SS) May.

Yes, those dreaded, monstrosities that we drag out periodically to grease the steering and diving system, torpedo tube system and other equipment. Too often they are broken out, used, and thrown back out of the way without being checked out correctly. Broken is the key. Our safety surveys reveal more than 90% of the pneumatic grease guns did not meet the requirements of the Submarine Greasing Handbook, NAVSEA T6350-AA-HBK-010. Gauges are smashed, regulators don't work, or they are not even installed.

Figure (1) from reference (a) shows the correct configuration for the grease gun. It is important to rig it correctly to ensure the safety of the operator and to prevent the grease lines from rupturing due to over pressurization. You can find guidance on setting up your pneumatic grease gun based on gun type and supply air pressure on page 2-7 of reference (b). Each component has a role in preventing injury or equipment damage.

OPNAVINST 5100.19E requires the labeling of all hand guns and oil cans to show the contents. Labeling helps control hazmat and prevent misuse of the wrong compound.


Ref(a) MIP 5661/ 908-87 Q-10, Q-11 (b) Submarine Greasing Handbook, NAVSEA T6350-AA-HBK-010 REV 4
Extract from Ref b

 Part Nomenclature NSNs

Gage 2.5", 0-5000 PSIG 9C 6685-01-330-6733

Hose 50 FT. (with 1/4" NPT
1/2"-27 NS taper double male
adapter) 9C 4720-00-066-4759
Pipe Nipple 1/4" X 6" 9C 4730-00-196-1541
Pipe Nipple 1/4" X 3" (2) ea 9C 4730-00-196-1487
Pipe Tee 1/4" (2) ea 9C 4730-00-263-5264

Regulator Low Pressure Air
(With 0-200 PSIG Gage) 9C 4820-01-250-8597
Relief Valve Low Pressure Air 9C 4820-00-454-7586
Pump 9C 4930-01-223-3730

Quick-disconnect type (Male) 9C 4730-00-766- (Female) 9C
fittings, service air 9028 4730-00-766-9029
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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