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Pneumatic actuators.

The Series 79P pneumatic actuator is a 90 degree (quarter-turn) rack and pinion design available in both double-acting (air-to-air) and single-acting (air-to-spring) models. When the actuator is energized, dual opposing pistons with graphite nitrile rolling O-rings and self-lubricating guide bands drive a single pinion gear connected to the final output drive shaft. This design provides for fewer moving parts and provides for a durable long-performing actuator. Air-to-spring models can be configured for spring clockwise or spring counterclockwise rotation, simply by reversing the internal pistons and rotating the pinion gear and output shaft. This allows for true fail open position indication and visual confirmation via the external position indicator and machined shaft flats on the top of the output shaft.


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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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