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Plummer, Jonathan (1761-1819).

preacher, pawnbroker, professional writer of love letters, balladist, peddler. Plummer, born in Newbury, Massachusetts, was appointed by the self-acclaimed <IR> TIMOTHY DEXTER </IR> as his poet laureate and responded by writing, among other pieces, The Author's Congratulatory Address to Citizen Timothy Dexter on His Attaining an Independent Fortune (1793). Another piece of his was called Parson Pidgin, or, Holy Kissing, Occasioned by a Report That Parson Pidgin Had Kissed a Young Woman (1807). He peddled in Newbury's Market Square an odd conglomeration of sermons, poems, and notions. His poems were the familiar broadsides of his time, providing both news and scandal. He wrote an autobiography in three successive pamphlets, A Sketch of the History of the Life of Jonathan Plummer (1797?). He is described in John P. Marquand's Lord Timothy Dexter (1925).

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