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Plenty of musical Joy left in Plant yet; REVIEW: Robert Plant, St David's Hall, Cardiff.

THERE'S not much chance of seeing Robert Plant fronting a certain legendary rock band in Cardiff anytime soon - especially at a venue as intimate as St David's Hall.

But the Led Zeppelin star appeared on stage at the centre this week with his new-line-up, Band of Joy, who take their name from his first blues band from the '60s.

Plant, whose voice can still do the business, has had many musical changes over the years, which have seen him adopt nearly as many styles as he can put his vocal talents to.

And Band of Joy is a mix of all styles - blues, rock, gospel, a large twang of country and a bit of folk to finish. But these guys can sure pull if off.

With some great crossover guitar from Buddy Miller in addition to deep vocals and "spoon work" from Patty Griffin alongside foot thumbing mandolin and a multitude of sublime guitar styles from Darrel Scott, who needs Zeppelin's cocksure rock? The songs from their self-titled album were played in great fashion alongside some fabulous blues covers.

The new stuff had a harder edge when performed live.

Plant may be a rock 'n' roll superstar, but on many occasions he simply let his band mates take centre stage, just providing a bit of harmonica from the darkness.

The current crop of songs, such as Silver Rider, show how Plant and Griffin complement each other perfectly, while another song of great note is the brilliant Monkey (incidentally, both songs are from indie band Low).

Of course, a few Zeppelin covers were added to the mix to keep the purists happy, but even they were given a slight twist.

Houses of the Holy and Rock & Roll, in particular, both displayed a great country feel.

But Plant still showed his rock god status, with much twirling of the mic stand and those high notes.

Plant has moved on (again), but the nicest man in rock looks like he's really enjoying himself.

That made two of us. Andrew Wilcox
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Oct 28, 2010
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