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Pleased to have cut off gas supply.

COMPLAINTS against unscrupulous gas salesmen have slumped by 40 per cent and nobody is more pleased than us.

The Sunday Mercury exposed the disgraceful behaviour of poorly trained sales reps who were being sent out armed with halruths and downright lies.

Once alerted by us the industry regulator Ofgas took swift action, disciplining one of the companies concerned.

The rest of the industry heard the message loud and clear, leading to a rapid tightening up of procedures.

The latest figures show a drop in complaints from 746 to 462 in the past two month, confirming the effectiveness of the new code.

Without our intervention many more innocent consumers would have fallen victim to an increasingly ruthless struggle for a share of the lucrative gas market.

We are proud to have played our part and pledge to keep on fighting for the rights of our readers.

Sword loophole will lead to disaster

A TRADITIONAL Samurai sword consists of 30 inches of finely honed steel with a razor-sharp edge that can take off a man's head.

Would you want to see such a fearsome weapon placed in the hands of a 16 year-old?

As we reveal today there is nothing to stop such swords being sold to teenagers.

Yet the law forbids shopkeepers to sell them pocket knives and even nail scissors.

It is another example of how a good law can be fatally flawed by unforeseen loopholes.

The Government must move quickly to end this ridiculous anomaly.

Those who oppose controls on weapons say that it is people who kill, not guns and knives.

But it is the availability of potentially lethal weapons that makes terrible atrocities not only possible but more likely.

Anyone who doubts it only has to look across the Atlantic where another teenager armed to the teeth has brought death and tragedy to a school.

Schmeichel plays

pig in the middle

PETER Schmeichel's decision to appear in ads for Danish bacon could prove to be one of his rasher decisions.

Because an animal welfare storm has blown up over how the Danes treat their pigs.

The Manchester United goalkeeper may disagree but British farmers insist that they have a safer pair of hands.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:May 24, 1998
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