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Please don't go.

Please Don't Go

Another of the remaining proposals for the health clinic is the Arkansas Systems building on Kanis Road in west Little Rock. We wondered where Arkansas Systems would go if this proposal happened to be the one accepted.

"We're entertaining several options," says David Payne, comptroller. One of the options being considered is not good news. It calls for a move to the Dallas area.

Payne said this would make sense for the company because 95 percent of its business is conducted out of state and around the world; proximity to DFW Airport would be nice. Arkansas Systems was approached with the offer, says Payne.

Three years ago the company doubled the size of its building to more than 36,000 SF, and it's currently using more than 90 percent of that space and the company is growing at a 25 percent/year clip.

While there is land for expansion at the present site, Payne says that would be a short-term solution. The company is also considering a couple of lease options.

Arkansas Systems, started in 1975, currently has about 120 employees and did more than $8 million in 1990.
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Title Annotation:proposed public county clinic building construction by Arkansas System Building
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Feb 25, 1991
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