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Please don't Sox it to them Geri!

Byline: lowri turner

Geri Halliwell attended the children's Baftas this week and had a bit of a dodgy underwear moment.

She whipped round in a frilly red dress and the fabric was thin enough to flash her naked buttocks.

Mothers of small children in the crowd must surely have panicked, leapt forward and shrieked: "Quick, kids, shield your eyes from last year's knicker fashion."

Geri Halliwell, left, must be the only woman in the country still wearing a G-string.

Every other female has abandoned the lapdancer look and is now wearing big pants. OK, some big pants are about as sexy as a supermarket Bag For Life, but they do at least allow you to tuck in that awkward below-belly button flub.

Perhaps Geri was worried about her skirt sticking to her pants, but VPL fear is also terribly last season.

Give most blokes the option of a bit of thong at the back of jeans or a line of elastic around the bum, and the elastic will win every time. Just don't take it too far, Geri. No-one has yet come up with a way to make a peek of Pop Sox sexy.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 5, 2008
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