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Pleasant weather adds to Eid shopping spree in Shangla.

SHANGLA -- Eid shoppers, particularly women and children, have been flocking the markets in Shangla district, buying clothes, shoes, jewellery and other necessities for the religious festival.

Bisham city bazaars are jam packed in the run up to the Eid festival.

The markets are also decorated with lights because most people prefer shopping at night.

However, women complained about sky rocketing prices. 'Rates of Eid related items are touching the sky,' said Sadia Bibi. She said shoes and clothes were the most expensive items.

'Despite price spiral we have to buy our children clothes and shoes and other items for the auspicious occasion,' said Tahira Bano. She said the government should keep check on the price hike so people could celebrate the occasion with happiness.

Aqsa Sikanar, another woman shopper, complained about frequent traffic jams on the Karakoram Highway, troubling people coming for Eid shopping in the markets.

Mohammad Saleem said pleasant weather added to the charm of Eid shopping, which went late into the night.

CRACKDOWN: The police arrested several shopkeepers for selling toy weapons and firecrackers despite ban.

District police officer Syed Rasool Shah said the crackdown was launched on the directives of Malakand IGP Mohammad Naeem Khan.

He said the shopkeepers were arrested in Puran, Martung, Makhozay, Alpuri, Belkanai, Shahpur, Damorai, Olandar and Bisham.

The DPO appealed to the citizens to give pen in the hands of their children instead of toy weapons.

EARTHQUAKE: Earthquake jolted Shangla district on Monday.

The people in Bisham city and other areas came out of their houses, offices and markets while reciting Quranic verses.

People in Lelonai, Alpuri, Chakesar and Puran also felt the tremors, which struck the region second time during the last seven days.

The jolts were also felt in neighbouring Kohistan, Battagram and Torghar districts.

However, the intensity, depth and epicentre of the quake could not be known immediately, and no human loss or injury was reported.

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Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 4, 2019
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