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Playing lesbian on TV.

TV portrayals of lesbians have come a long way in the decade or so leading up to the premiere of Showtime's lesbian drama The L Word. In 1992, Sandra Bernhard helped pave the way when Nancy, her character on ABC's Roseanne, left her failed marriage to a man and found love with a makeover specialist played by Morgan Fairchild.

In a cover story for The Advocate, Bernhard downplayed the significance of playing the first regular TV character to come out. "It'll never really look like a real relationship," she said. "It's just kind of dealing with the superficiality of it. I come out on the show, but it's very funny. We're not going to get real serious together."

When asked about her own sexuality, Bernhard used the interview to officially come out. "I've had long-term sexual relationships with both men and women," she said. "If that classifies me as a bisexual, then I'm bisexual. I'm very committed to people."
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Title Annotation:December 15, 1992
Author:Romesburg, Don
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:Feb 17, 2004
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