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Playing Time.

 Look at Jesus, who tells adulteresses whom he loves to go and sin
no more. Or Joseph, who will not succumb to the pretty wife of Potiphar.
They're the ones on God's first team.
 But Sampson, Adam, and that lot, who lose their power to women-- second
stringers, water boys.
D. H. Lawrence got it right. You want a deeper bond? Stand up to one
Get into God's line of sight. Stand up an inch or two taller-- if
you want some playing time on next year's squad. 

JIM RALSTON lives on Rocky Cap Creek outside of Cumberland, Maryland, the setting of Come Live Alone with Me, a collection of poems for which he is seeking a publisher. Ralston's publications and productions include The Choice of Emptiness (Nightsun Books), Appalachian Grammar Shop (WhiteFire), and five stage plays.

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Title Annotation:four poems
Author:Ralston, Jim
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:May 1, 2017
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