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Playground poets.

Leave your jackets on children. I have a special treat for you!

I bet it's a field trip.

You've learned a lot about poetry this month. Now it's time to create your own poems.

Find a quiet spot, pick your favorite kind of poem, and start writing!

A little while later ...

Would anyone like to read his or her poem to the class?

I like poems that rhyme, so I wrote a pair of couplets like the famous writer, Shakespeare!

The sun shines far and wide, Asking me to come outside. "Play with me," it seems to say. "Enjoy the warm and bright new day!"

Very good, Humpty!

Butch, you can go next.

I like music and beat, so I wrote a sound poem.

Smack, crack, blam, wham! Oogaa, moogaa, boooom!

Very original, Butch!

Your turn, Kylie.

I like Japanese haiku poems because they're often about nature. I wrote one about spring.

Ever-changing spring. One minute sunshine, but then shower clown rain.

What a beautiful poem, Kylie. And very accurate!

Now back inside, my playground poets. You all did a wonderful job!


Bugged Out!

April is National Poetry Month!

by Heather Kauffman-Peters Illustrated by Chad Thompson

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Title Annotation:Comic
Author:Kauffman-Peters, Heather
Publication:Humpty Dumpty's Magazine
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Date:Mar 1, 2013
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