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Playboy Coming to Israel.

By IsraelWire

"Playboy" is planning its entrance into the Israeli market, through a satellite-broadcasted nightly television show, an Israeli Internet site, videocassette distribution, and merchandising.

Playboy's plans will make its material more available to Israelis than ever before. Until now, the Israeli cable TV viewer had to wait for the weekend to watch "blue movies" on the German and Luxembourg satellite stations. The monthly charge for the Playboy station will be NIS 20, comparably cheaper than the US $9.99 or the Japanese $25. They hope that at least 200,000 Israeli households will subscribe, based on surveys undertaken in Israel in recent months.

The Playboy station will broadcast from 10 p.m.-8 a.m. each day, but the plan is to increase broadcast hours up to 24 hours a day. The broadcasts will include local, Israeli productions.

Playboy is being brought to Israel by a company headed by several investors, including businessman Yair Hasson, head of "Burger King" in Israel. Hasson confirmed that negotiations with Playboy are in the final stages, and that broadcasting is planned for April 2000.

The Playboy station will broadcast films from its considerable library, but to give the station an Israeli flavor, an Israeli hostess will be chosen to man the studio. The investors hope to find an experienced broadcaster for the job, but realize that not every woman wants Playboy as part of her professional resume.

As for the first Israeli Playboy bunny, anyone interested in the title would have to undergo the same course as American bunnies, first being chosen for exposure in Playboy magazine, and then progressing to television. The competition is tough.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Oct 22, 1999
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