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Play structure grows and changes as the children do.

Play structure grows and changes as the children do

A weekend's work, $110 worth of standardlumber, some paint, some rope, and a bit of hardware were all it took to make this play structure. Architect Bouje Bernkopf designed and built it for his three-year-old daughter, Karin, in his Canoga Park, California, back yard.

One of the most impressive features ofthis 8- by 8- by 16-foot structure is its flexibility; only the basic frame and two platforms are stationary--everything else is adjustable. The frame is composed of fir 2-by-4s; angled supports at the ends and 1/2-inch-thick plywood panels add stiffness and stability.

Study the drawing and photographs andyou'll see all the different activity stations: a rope ladder and a chinning bar at one end; an adjustable slide and an overhead horizontal ladder between the platforms; and a clip-on trapeze, rings, swings, climbing poles, and ropes hung from the framework.

The bottom edges wall in a 3-inch layer ofsand that forms the structure's soft floor and provides an additional play area.

Rungs made of fir closet rod lead to oneplatform; a ladder made of rope threaded through holes in angled 2-by-4 uprights climbs up to the other.

Most of the structure's joints are securedwith 4-inch machine bolts. But for more rigidity at the platform corners, 6-inch bolts run through each upright and horizontal support and into a crosspiece; predrilled holes allowed insertion of nuts and washers, which are tightened against semicircular shims. Bernkopf ripped a 1/2- by 3/4-inch rabbet along the inside edge of each upright, then screwed the plywood panels in place.

Gloss enamel paint in primary colorsbrightens the structure. A wax finish makes the slide more slippery.

Heights for all the stations are adjustable,and clip-on pieces can change and grow with Bernkopf's daughter. The whole structure can be easily disassembled.

Photo: Plywood and 2-by-4s bolt together to form play structure with a dozen changeable activity stations. Bolted crosspiece strengthens platform

Photo: Six verticalplywood panels give structure strength

Photo: Porthole framesswinging ladder bar and trapeze over slide. All hanging pieces unhook, are easy to replace with climbing rope, swing, rings. Fiberglass top keeps structure and sandbox dry

Photo: Span between platforms can be lowered atone end to form slide. Side-rail notches fit over low bar or second platform edge
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Date:Apr 1, 1987
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