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Platforms International To Use LPE Engines in ARC System.

MoJAVE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 12, 1998--Platforms International Corp., a major developer of unmanned systems, Monday announced a strategic alliance with LPE Corp. in further development of Platform International's proprietary Airborne Relay Communications (ARC) Systems.

The ARC System includes state-of-the-art high altitude aircraft, a command and control ground station, and software developed by PLFM's System Software Development Facility.

LPE Corp. will make the special high-altitude engines required for operation of the three ARC system aircraft, which will rotate operations every 40 hours to provide year-round uninterrupted service.

According to Howard Foote, PLFM president and CEO, LPE is an experienced producer of engines with high altitude variants and also makes full drive trains for high altitude aircraft.

LPE will therefore be able to deliver a fully integrated propulsion system to meet the performance requirements for ARC aircraft; keeping a 1000 lb. payload airborne for over 40 hours. Moreover, LPE engines -- designed by Darus Zehrbach, LPE president -- cost only one-third the price of alternative engines.

ARC aircraft will use LPE's 196 cubic inch 4 cylinder engine derated to 115 hp from the 225 hp capability of some design variants. Full power can be maintained to over 65,000 feet. The liquid-cooled compound-staged turbocharged engine uses dual electronic ignition and fuel injection, internal ceramic coatings, and a roller valve train.

LPE's unusual engine bed mount enables quick engine replacement when necessary, assuring uninterrupted service. The mean time between overhauls (TBO) is 2200 hours.

The jointly-produced ARC System will cut costs and improve system performance in widely diverse areas of the economy through use of a simpler, more elegant design. ARC's streamlined design will reduce the cost of equipment and maintenance and enable universal system coverage to replace existing regional coverages.

Areas of the economy that will be directly affected include telecommunications, drug interdiction and other law enforcement, early warning weather surveillance, agriculture, forest fire fighting, oil and mineral exploration, and a long list of military applications.

CONTACT: The Genesis 550 Corp.

Todd Violette, 800/238-7199
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 12, 1998
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